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  1. Stax SRS-3100 Electrostatic Headphone System By George Graves Stax SRS-3100 Electrostatic Headphone System By George Graves Electrostatic headphones systems are generally very pricy. It’s just a fact of life. One can pay many thousands of dollars for just the 'phones alone, and whether one buys a budget pair, such as the excellent Stax SR-L300 (see my earlier review of February 21, 2020) which list for four-hundred and thirty US dollars or the flagship SR-009S which sell for a healthy $4500, it’s only half the system. One still has to posses a suitable amplifier/energizer for
  2. I made the battery supply. No regulators on my home-made supply. The car starting “brick” that I used in my review of the Qutest, of course, did use a regulator (as it was 12 volt). That’s why, later, I built a high current battery supply. And I compared them using the line outputs of the Hugo2. Hope that clears some things up.
  3. Good Question. Of course the USB “wall-wart” that comes with the Qutest is less than ideal. But I have a very large battery USB supply which is extremely quiet, and can source about 5 Amperes. Using that to power the Qutest improves it immensely. But it still doesn’t sound like the Hugo2, nor does it sound as good. Neither does my bench supply make it sound like, nor as good as the Hugo2. It just doesn’t, and I don’t know why.
  4. I have extensively compared (along with some of my audio buddies) the Pontus with not only the Hugo2 but with the Benchmark DAC3, and the latest Schiit Yggdrasil. Sound wise, the Denafrips Pontus trounces all of them soundly and embarrassingly! BTW, the Cutest is supposed to be exactly the same DAC section as in the Hugo2, and they should sound the same. They do not. Not even close! The Hugo2 sounds much better than the Cutest.
  5. We’ve discussed this. Yes, I compared the Oppo 105 and 205 against several cheap Sony Blu-ray players with SACD playback. The Sonys aren’tverygood.
  6. You just asked the $64,000 question! The answer is anything but simple. I have regular CDs that sound infinitely better than SACDs of the exact, same material, and I also have SACDs of older analog masters that make them sound like the best modern digital masters. It seems that how carefully a release is produced is just as important, or possibly even more important than the format. Same is true with LP vs CD! But, given the best source material, the Pontus makes the best SACDs show the original promise of the format, and show that CDs can sound much better than they rightly shou
  7. First of all, your player does not need to have a dedicated audio-only HDMI output connector to output DSD over HDMI but the Blu-ray player itself must support playback of SACD to either rip or play (through an outboard DAC) an SACD disc. My experience is that those “cheap” Sony Blu-ray/SACD players don’t make very good sounding rips (stands to reason, they don’t sound very good as transports to play SACDs through outboard DACs via I2S, so why would a rip from these players sound any better?).
  8. I believe that it does. As I understand it, there is more to the SACD standard than just a DSD audio file.
  9. I hear you. The SCD-777ES is so well built, sounds so good, and is so elegant, that it’s a crying shame to have to have to relegate it to a closet, throw it away, or sell it on EBay for parts.
  10. I don’t see how a “wire” can introduce jitter, anyway, I’m not sure that would matter in this case. Anybody know for sure?
  11. I don’t see how a “wire” can introduce jitter, anyway, I’m not sure that would matter in this case. Anybody know for sure?
  12. That’s next. I have a friend’s Oppo 105 (from which SACDs can be ripped with the proper software). Just bought a new Windows laptop and am waiting for it’s delivery. When it arrives, I will install the needed software, and rip some SACDs for comparison.
  13. Can’t say for certain. The differences in presentation between the transports I’ve tried seem to be pretty much across the board; bass, mids, treble, image specificity, overall sound-stage etc.
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