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  1. MQA is encoded into PCM, which is then put into binary compressed FLAC container.
  2. Looks like some actual proof… https://9to5mac.com/2021/05/01/ios-14-6-beta-1-hinted-at-apple-music-hifi-support-with-dolby-audio-references/
  3. And you only need the vpn to initially sign up after that it isn’t needed. They can’t expect you to be at home to use their service. Any free vpn client on an iphone would work for sign up. I used tunnel bear.
  4. I doubt it, it looks like it’s sourced from MQA at all tier levels. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/tidal-hifi-plus-mqa-damage-control/157461/16?u=drtone
  5. I did it with paypal last time, not sure if that isn’t an option anymore.
  6. Isn’t Bob married to ridiculous amounts of money? Not sure it would be a family member having to work.
  7. To be fair to the Roon forum mods that thread has rules in the first post to limit the discussion to why hardware manufacturers implement MQA and was full of the usual personal bickering and sound quality observations.
  8. I’m Canadian. I choose not to stream via Roon. You can use Roon/Tidal with the MQA core decoder turned off as Danny suggests.
  9. With the vision of MQA world dominance, I would think it’s more elaborate than Roon or any other player just counting and reporting. Those numbers could be fudged. My guess is the core decoder supplies the data encrypted with checks and validation that Roon needs to report. I still consider that MQA calling home.
  10. You would think the rest of the software decoders do as well. Worst yet it seems the software decoder phones home so MQA knows what you play so they can bill.
  11. Interesting content from Danny @ Roon, it turns out that MQA gets payed per track played using software decoding. Those still using Tidal and software decoding are continually feeding MQA money.
  12. Berkeley as mentioned by Amir himself in his review of a Alpha prototype.
  13. He's been an MQA fanboy for a while. He sells a few high dollar MQA pieces through his business, bashing MQA wouldn't be good for that business.
  14. The special facebook MQA advertising group is branching out and still spewing disinformation. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/comparison-of-pcm-and-mqa/149787/277?u=drtone
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