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  1. Have the DT880 (600R) and the AD700. Firstly, the AD700 only comes in metallic purple. Secondly, I recommend that you select you system, which will probably include a headphone amp, based on the headphone first. Choose the one you like the sound and price of, and then work backwards. The amp will be different for each headphone. I find the DT880 very detailed, crisp and analytical. I find the AD700 a little more 'mushy', but more musical. It isn't as revealing. Can't say about the others. If you can find one within your price range, I'd recommend the HD650, as it is (to my ears) a perfectly we
  2. Have wondered about the same question. But also considered, in that price range, Mytek DSD-DAC Preamp for less money and even more features.
  3. Hi all, this is my first posting to this forum, but have been following various threads for some time. A little bit of an introduction. I am primarily a headphone centric user, and currently using (and enjoying) the Earsonics EM4 customs. Beyond that, my other main headphones (not with me) are the HD650 and DT880. These have been powered by kit and DIY tube headphone amps of various designs (see signature below). I recently relocated to Hong Kong for work and have a young family. So time for music is limited; but an important part of my routine to unwind from work and relax. Currently, I a
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