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  1. @AfterDark. Email sent again to '[email protected]' Please let me know if it doesn't arrive. Regards Cazzesman
  2. @AfterDark.Thank you Adrian, I have sent you some further questions about a purchase, to your email address at '[email protected]' Regards Cazzesman
  3. @AfterDark. Hello @AfterDark , I currently run a Mutec mc3 +usb which has the 75 ohm inputs. I believe the Mutec handles both square and sine waves. Others may confirm this fact or fiction. From your Master Clock range of Units, which ones are the most suitable to use with Mutec using the 75 ohm BNC. Also which Unit is most suitable for the Mutec re the Square vs Sine wave issue. I am interested in the Emperor Double Crown with the Afterdark LPS unit. Regards Cazzesman.
  4. Hello @AfterDark , I currently run a Mutec mc3 +usb which has the 75 ohm inputs. I believe the Mutec handles both square and sine waves. Others may confirm this fact or fiction. From your Master Clock range of Units, which ones are the most suitable to use with Mutec using the 75 ohm BNC. Also which Unit is most suitable for the Mutec re the Square vs Sine wave issue. I am interested in the Emperor Double Crown with the Afterdark LPS unit. Regards Cazzesman.
  5. Quick update. Took all of 5 mins the replace the Sotm with the XE. Running it with a Keces P8 LPS via it's 5v 1amp output. Put the Music PC back in the system and it worked a treat immediately. Played Bruce Springsteen - Letter to You (flac) . Great tone and richness to the voice and a noticeable heft in the bottom end. @Marcin_gpsis there a burn in period at all. Regards Cazzesman
  6. XE arrived today. Yet to install. Thanks Marcin. Best wishes for 2021. Regards Cazzesman
  7. Hi @Marcin_gps, Any update on the next batch of XE Cards. The last email suggested the end of October for shipping. Regards Cazzesman
  8. I know you lot are a tad distracted in the USA at the moment, but I am genuinely surprised more posters don't have any thoughts to input into this thread. For all the money spent on this hobby, I would have presumed more would have 'Their Take' on the topic. I guess it ultimately comes down to having the confidence and/or courage to take on a DIY build vs an off the shelf item for more money but less stress. Regards Cazzesman
  9. Friends of mine have often asked me whether it is worth the hassle building my own Music Server, rather than buying an 'off the shelf' version from a Name Brand Company (NBC). Without going into all the pro and cons, that are all over AS, If I was to ask.... At the following USA price ranges of...... $3,000 $7,000 $10,000 What NBC Servers would beat DIY versions for SQ? So would a $7,000 NBC outperform a $7,000 DIY? etc, etc. And if the answer is that a DIY would easily best an equivalent priced NBC, how much more would yo
  10. It worked a treat for both my 2012 and 2019 versions. Make sure you mark your calendar with a reminder for the end of each 180 day period so you can get in and re-arm. I normally set my reminder 2 or 3 days ahead of the due date. Make sure you count your 180 days off and not just say 'Oh yeah 6 months'. And count your re-arms. "Now was that 5 or 6?" A trap for young players :-) Regards Cazzesman
  11. Another aspect is 'Total Awe' in hearing a persons vocal gift. Each time I listen to DT I am put in 'Awe' at his stainless steel vocal cords. I have seen him live 10 times and he is easily able to replicate everything live, that he puts down on record. I have no idea how he goes from guttural scream to melodic whisper in the blink of an eye. I am constantly mesmerised by his vocal abilities. The emotions I feel watching DT live are not the mechanics I see n action, it is observing a rare talent on display. It is like watching a one off. I ask myself, who else ca
  12. Devin Townsend with a 5 Octave Range. Not many come close to what he can do. Bonnie Raitt in her younger days was pretty pure. Regards Cazzesman
  13. That's Mitchco, Greatly appreciate your hard work (is it really πŸ™‚ ? ) on these projects. As a result I found the Madonna CD and the Patricia Barber CD 24/192 SACD version. Patricia Barber’s, Regular Pleasures (DR15) is a torture test for amps/loudspeakers with its concussive bass drum and sliding bass line. I cranked Regular Pleasures on my Kii 3's and found they were able to sail through with ease. Bruno and Co obviously know what they are doing. I wonder if down the track Bruno will replace the amp modules in the Kii 3's with the new Purifi Amps.
  14. Words of wisdom 4est. How do the learned know the difference? That is the $64 question. I guess the 'Ears' will have it. Regards Cazzesman
  15. Well I have to say I am truly amazed. Not one person will admit to every attempting to power a Sotm USB card with 5vlt 1amp power supply. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Where's your adventurous spirit you lot??? Call yourselves visionaries of our Audio future. πŸ˜› Guess I will have to try it and see what goes 'Bang' when my Keces p8 arrives. Regards Cazzesman πŸ˜›
  16. Is or has anyone powered a Sotm PCIe USB 3.0 Card with a 5 vlt 1amp external LPS. The reason I ask is because I am getting mixed messages. Sotm tell me 5 vlt is not enough to do it. The Specs on the Card state. External power input Input voltage : +6.5V ~ +9Vdc Input current : 2A max A consistent builder of Music servers, who is abit of IT Guru, tells me he has driven many Sotm USB card with 5vlt 1amp power supplies, without incident. I am just about to purchase a Keces p8 LPS and it has a USB output of 5vlt 1 amp that I was hoping
  17. Like every part of this hobby it is just a hypothetical Work in Progress. The idea is to free up the bottom end of the Kii 3's. Provide them some head room and at the same time gain some further bottom end and great SPL overall. Is it all worth the $$$$. Yeah/Nah; I have no idea, if I'm honest. Plan B; is save the money and maybe buy a JCat XE USB card and replace the Sotm PCIe card I have. Is that worth it? Who knows??? Plan C is to leave the money in the bank and listen to the music. What do we do along the way to the grave? Ta
  18. Circling back to chat about mating 2 subs with the Kii 3's. I have probably narrowed my research down to SVS SB200pro, Rythmik F12 SE and JL Audio E110. At Australian price points the SVS is the cheapest. I also love the idea of the SVS DSP app to control the sub. Rythmik gets great reviews and the Direct Servo control peaks my interest. Their is a local supplier near me. Their large range of Amp plates with various EQ is a bonus. Their prices are manageable. Abit more expenive than the SVS. JL Audio is pretty expensive compare to t
  19. For the uninformed here, I was wondering if this comes naturally or do you need to do the hard yards and actually practice? Regards Cazzesman
  20. Terrific Chris, You and your original Site turned me on to Digital Music, so for that I am eternally great-full. My Music System took off in 2010 as a result of your input and encouragement. As a 2010 CAPS Lagoon builder it is wonderful to see the 10 year update. 6 months ago I gave my Lagoon a Makeover with the WS2019 install and a new 2tb ssd internal storage for the tunes, but the MB, Ram and Sotm USB card are all still working well from day 1. I love the look of the new case. Appreciate all the time you spend and the professionalism of
  21. Those lovely Kii 3's are pushed wwwaaaaayyyyy back in the corner bobfa. Taking full advantage of the tech on offer. πŸ™‚ I'm only a tad jealous about the BXT's 😜 Regards Cazzesman
  22. Brilliant Bobfa. Can't thank you enough. Inspiring post full of great information. I can see here my work has just begun. And he's me thinking my eventual retirement might be boring πŸ™‚ Regards Cazzesman
  23. I have been pondering various upgrades and replacements that could also be reused and future proof to some extent in a new PC build down the track. Based on what I have read (correct me if I am wrong) I would think an improved USB card and LPS to power MB and USB card would be a good step forward. My current set up is System - CAPS (Lagoon) - WS2019 - Audiophile Optimizer v3.0 - Fidelizer 8.4pro -128 gig & 2tb SSD (Music storage) + Sotm USB exp card - Synology NAS DS416 Slim (Backup) - JRiver Ver 25 - USB Curious Cable (Aqvox LNPS each end) into Mutec US
  24. Brilliantly done Nenon. You are true gent on this forum. Being use to the lowly Australian $ that would make the Top of the Range Unit (4C with Mundorf) anywhere from Aust $18,000 to $20,000 with assort postage etc. That's a very interesting price for what you are getting. It is well under half the price of the famous Taiko Extreme but we are taking about comparing apples and oranges. Thanks again for the detailed costings (as best you could) Regards Cazzesman
  25. I spent the entire late afternoon and evening reading this thread and the highly informative one started by Neon. Kudos to you all. My lonely CAPS Lagoon was sadly feeling like the 'hillbilly stepchild' in this field of very heavy hitters. One thing I have not read in any of the threads is costings. I'm fairly certain us budding DIY PC builders would like to see some prices attached to the various components you have been discussing. Cases Power supplies USB cards Ram i9 Motherboards CPU's, Heat sinks. They a
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