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  1. Wow the Sound-doctor's reading is very extensive. I had never seen that before so thanks for the heads up. Regards Cazzesman
  2. @baconbrain Hi BB, I have been researching the heck out of various subs to see what might work with the Kii's. The usual suspects that are easily accessible locally include REL, SVS, Rythmik and JL Audio. REL seem to get the consistent tick of approval when matched for music. I notice that most of the REL's in my price range the 7i (-6dB at 28 Hz) and the and 9i (-6dB at 30 Hz) are actually not going as low as the Kii's currently in my room. What sub are you using and do you find the sub actually goes lower than the Kii's? How have you matched it/them to the Kii's. Minidsp? Am I missing something with the REL specs. -6db at 30htz seems strange for a subwoofer. Regards Cazzesman
  3. I am thinking the past 15 pages has been summed very eloquently by one very intelligent man........ Ricky Gervais - “Everyone has the right to hold whatever beliefs they want. And everyone else has the right to find those beliefs f***ing ridiculous.” If you except that quote then what comes immediately after needs to be Civility, Understanding, Empathy and a degree of Politeness based on a simple premise - 'Converse with people the way you would like to be spoken to in return.' It's not rocket surgery. Regards Cazzesman
  4. How quickly some people forget whose bat and ball this is. Chris’s livelihood, Chris’s rules. He can run his business/hobby anyway he deams fit. Don’t like it? Shop up the road. Everyone has the total freedom to start their own version of AS or Headfi. Regards Cazzesman
  5. I feel for you Chris. Being Australian looking in, CA is symptomatic of the current state of the USA. The man at the top sets the agenda regarding what is exceptable in a polite, civil society. With your country being run by a narcissistic, petulant, lying, self absorbed 5 year old has provided everyone with the justification to act accordingly. Civility is in fee fall. Opinion becomes fact. “Many people say” is the go to phrase to justify a stance. Misinformation is king and finding which way is “up” is harder than ever. As was mentioned elsewhere..........if you wouldn’t say the things you write to a persons face, then you need to modify your level of respect. Just my 2 cents from afar. Regards Cazzesman
  6. Brilliant BB thanks for the link and thoughts. Regards Cazzesman
  7. Now the Kii’s have the high and low pass filters in the dsp, has anyone tried adding a quality sub or 2 into the mix. I’m wondering what a sub would do in freeing up the Kii’s where a crossover was set 60-80. It is not that the kii’s don’t go low enough as i get 20htz easily in my room, but I was just wondering about the advantages if any of taking some of the pressure off them. Any thoughts. I like the look of the SVS SB3000 with the new SVS App to tune it. Regards Cazzesman
  8. on 29/1 it was version 3.8 and 4.8 that I downloaded. Now This download of the update tool contains the most current firmware versions: Kii Control: 2.4 K3 PIC: 3.9 K3 DSP: 4.9 BXT: 0.6 I have no idea when this arrived. Maybe it is old news. Regards Cazzesman
  9. I'm told there are further round of new updates available for the Kii's but no details of what they do. Anyone any the wiser? Regards Cazzesman
  10. The recommended minidsp guideline is a setting of -10bd for the headroom required. I used that -10db on the minidsp plugin. My room is pretty well treated so I did not have any major issues whereby a boost was required except at 47kz. That was only +2db and I used the Kii 3 EQ to do that. Now that my curves are setup, I run the minidsp vol at 100% and use the vol control on the Kii 3 controller for sound vol. Regards Cazzesman
  11. Finally got some more me time today and spent the morning using DL 2.3.3. with the Minidsp22D. Software in a Dell Laptop with W10. As I have mentioned previously the 2.3.3. firmware worked fine (Unlike the 2.4 update). DL 2.0 is similar but different to 1.0. Probably more user friendly in some ways. The downloadable manual is pretty good so make that a first point of call. DL 2.0 is fussy about how it is started and used. Ran the 9 sweeps for the 'Sweet Spot' single Chair Mode. Nothing out of the ordinary in the room and the corrected curve needed little tweaking. I gradually rolled off the bottom end from around 22htz, boosted the mids very slightly and rolled off the highs over 1800htz. The Kii's responded stunningly. Within the Kii EQ, i bumped up 47htz 2.0db to cover a dip and that was it thus far. Switching between on and off with DL 2.0 there is not alot of difference between it and the standard Kii 3 presentation. The difference is a slightly more forward presentation in the vocals that I prefer, a general sense of more musical cohesion and an overall richness in the lower mid and bottom end. Loving what I am getting after running through my 12 'Go To' listening tracks. Richness, clarity, sound-stage and dynamics. Porcupine Tree - Blackest Eyes blasted from the Kii's. These past 10 years, since I have really started to hone in on my home audio experience, I have come to the belief that the best bang for your audio buck is............ Active Speakers Room Treatment Digital EQ Understanding Wife. 🥰 (did someone say Valentines day is upon us) Regards Cazzesman
  12. As an update I have reverted from version 2.3 back to 2.2.3 (based on minidsp forum advice) and the software work without issue immediately. Regards Cazzesman
  13. A Steven Wilson spin off. Haunting vocals from Tim Bowness. Regards Cazzesman
  14. I purchased my Kii 3's 12 months back and they were 2nd hand. I presume they retained the original firmware. This latest firmware upgrade is the first they have had hence why I believe there is some SQ change. Based on your thoughts that makes sense. Regards Cazzesman
  15. After some advice please folks. Spent 1 hr today trying to get DL 2.0 working. I have a minidsp 22D that is working fine with DL1.0. I recently got a new Dell Laptop with W10 so thought I would run DL 2.0 My system runs from Lagoon mini PC via usb to Mutec via AES to 22D via AES to Kii 3 speakers. I run 22d vol at max and use the Kii 3 controller to control overall Vol levels. I have the DL 2.0 manual with me and W10 is set up correctly as per the Manual. My 22d vol is set to 100% (tried it at about 80% as well) and I raise the pink noise via the Kii 3 controller vol. I have the minidsp 22D patch on my W10 Laptop. Installed DL 2.0 software as well. Created DL login. Plugged in the cable to the laptop/22D & Umik1/Laptop. Started 22D minidsp patch. All connected fine. Hit the Start DL button on the4 patch. Attunuation in the Patch set to -10 as advised. Master Vol set to -31.5 No probs, DL started and recognised 22D immediately. Loaded Umik1 files. Forward to set up 'Vol Calibration' and that's were the trouble was consistent. Eventually I could get a level reading on either L or R speaker but never on both. After setting one or the other 1st the 2nd speaker would keep coming up with 'Device Internal error'. I never pushed the Master Vol over the -31.5 or the Mic Gain over 100%. According to my DB metre on my iphone it was only pushing 80db vol pink noise. Each time I went to set the 2nd speaker (either L or R) the pink noise button will switch on but not off. and when I hit the off button I get the Internal Error message. I have to reset the software each time to turn the pink noise off. Any thoughts on why the DL software keeps throwing the Error message? Am I over driving something somewhere Regards Cazzesman
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