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  1. For those interested, I got a reply from Mutec re my Driver question for WS2019. You should use the currently available driver from our website. That should work. For Info. Regards Cazzesman
  2. 'Extraordinary Claim's' 😀😀 You're a funny fella. I'm pretty sure they are just simple, throwaway opinions and perceptions based on nothing more than a 15 minute listen. You can challenge until the cows come home but you are wasting your breath on me. I think you need to chill out a little by re-reading your 'science monthly' and take a nanna nap. I'm off to listen to my Kii 3's with the new improved 'Quadruple shielded, silcon injected, 28 gauge platinum coated' Cat9b cable. Superb imaging. Regards Cazzesman
  3. You first paragraph I except and you are possibly/probably right but I guess posters here live a large proportion of their audio lives on perception, otherwise the threads here would be blowing tumbleweeds. Your 2nd - Not what I was discussing here and I wasn't chasing a bigger SS etc etc It was about being curious about having Unshielded Cat6 cable supplied with my Kii 3 speakers vs trying out a double shielded Cat 6e version for minimal dollars. Your 3rd - I really have/had no idea if changing Cat cables can alter the sound hence my desire to trial. Perhaps you can replenish your bank balance with the use of some cables from Sotm or some other cable 'Specialist's who are charging $$$$$ for a Cat7 cable. Alas those Cat Cables have the reverse effect you are after. The money flows out not in.😮 As I mentioned above my Cat6e testers cost about $24 US. Regards Cazzesman
  4. Evening all, I'm alittle bit late to the Euphony party, having only just been made aware of it. This knowledge has just come at the right time because I was about to embark on the 'Upgrade trail'. In the next few weeks I will be updating my purpose built DIY Audio PC. Currently System - CAPS (Lagoon - WS2012 R2 Essentials OS with Audiophile Optimizer v2.20 in Ultimate Core mode - Fidelizer 8.1pro -128g SS HD + Sotm USB exp card) - Synology NAS DS416 Slim - JRiver 18. Curious USB out of Sotm into Mutec MC3+ USB. AES 110 ohm out of Mutec into Kii3's I was looking at Updating to WS2019, AO 3.0 and Fidelizer 8.4 and Jriver Ver 24. Also replacing the 128gig SSD with a 2TB to have the music stored 'in house'. I have some questions re the Euphony - Stilus setup. 1. The mutec requires a driver to be installed on WS2012 and 2019. Do you need to install the Mutec driver in the Euphony and if so is that simply done the normal way. 2. I take it Euphony can still send the signal via the Sotm PCIe USB card to the Mutec? 3. I looked but couldn't find any, has anyone compared a similar system to mine using WS2019, AO3.0 and Fidleizer to the Euphony? Results??? Regards Cazzesman
  5. Hi Emlin, Please don't go down that road. If you have an issue with fas42 then take it off line. I'm pretty sure posters on this particular thread really have no interest in the merits of ABX test results. Contribute in a meaningful way or please don't bother. Regards Cazzesman
  6. New cat6e double shielded cables finally arrived. Nothing special price wise. Purchased from CableChick as listed above. Probably did 1/2 hour of initial testing once Kii3’s had been running for a few hours. Tried 4 or 5 tunes, alternating b/t Kii’s original cat 6 unshielded and cat6e double shielded. Finally settled on 1 track that was fairly dynamic. Toto’s - I will Remember - Tambu CD. Big rolling drum sound left to right and clean vocals from Lukather up front. My 1st thought is there is some difference. Cat6 is a tad larger in overall scale across the soundstage and a tad more forward in the vocal presentation. Cat6e is possibly slightly cleaner in presentation with a fractionally smaller soundstage. I am only talking small degrees of sound stage and 3d imaging. Cat 6e presents like focusing a camera. 6e is just marginally more infocus that the Cat6 but the Cat6 looms marginally bigger in scope and imaging front to back. Intriguing on first listen. I know zero about any possible Lan cable burn in so I won’t go there. I will get another set of ears in for a listen on the weekend. I will try some different tunes this evening and see where we are at. This is just one mans sensory perception so take it for what it is after a mere 30 min snap shot. Regards Cazzesman
  7. Thanks for the prompt reply as always Phil. Regards Cazzesman
  8. Hi Phil or anyone else using a Mutec MC3+ USB with WS2019 and AO 3.0. I am just about to undertake a new load of WS2019 to my CAPS Lagoon. I plan on using a 2tb SSD and partition it for OS and Music. 2 questions) 1. What Mutec Driver is best to download and use on WS2019? 2. With WS2019, AO3.0, Jriver 24 and Fidelizer 8.4, would a 60 or 80gig partition be enough for this lot? Regards Cazzesman
  9. Thanks Mazza. I spent a grand total of about $25 US for 2 cables as per above from CableChick. Won't break the bank so I will let you know. Regards Cazzesman.
  10. The cable that came with my Kii 3 is an unshielded cat6. Because both cables are 6+ metres long and my kiis are only 2 metres apart I was thinking about getting some replacements that are shorter and shielded. And no I won’t be spending big bucks on the likes of Sotm cat7. I struggle with that concept of $$$, for something that in its most basic form is $3 per metre. I’m guessing the shielded cat6 can’t do any harm vs the unshielded. https://www.cablechick.com.au/cables/1m-cat6a-professional-rj45-shielded-ethernet-cable-black.html Regards Cazzesman
  11. Contact the Fidelizer owner/creator direct and I am sure he will help you. He is support supportive and a pleasure to deal with. Regards Cazzesman
  12. As the Actress said to the Vicar........................'it's amazing what a few centimeters can do." I have been tweaking the set up of my Kii's. Got the tap measure out and was checking equal distance from the wall to the rear, from side walls and adjusting the slight toe in. I thought I had it all spot on and yet the vocals were tracking slightly left of centre when I know they should be dead middle. Scratching my head, I took some more measurements, this time from the listening position. I found the dead centre between the speakers and located the same spot at the listening position. Once I was happy it was dead centre I got some decent non- stretch string and ran a line from the centre of the listening chair at floor level to the centre of the tweeter. Low and behold it turns out the right speaker was actually 10 mil further away then the left. Once I got them into an identical distance from the listening position the vocals popped back to the middle. Go figure. Those Kii's know when you are scamming them. Being an older style house obviously the rear wall I had been using to measure, runs out slightly. A trap for young players. Now that I think I have found the appropriate location for the speakers I have reset the eq back to 0 and will be starting over again. So far 0 eq is sounding pretty damn fine. I had a mate around today who is a professional muso. Sings and plays guitar. He came over to listen to the Kii's and left with his jaw on the ground. Said it was some of the best home audio he had ever heard. Nice to get that sort of feedback. Mind you he is probably deaf due to his career choice but it was encouraging 🙂 Regards Cazzesman
  13. Hi Rando, I wasn't aware there were remixes. I'm abit late to the LG music. Are you talking 'Remixes' or 'Remasters'. Has there previously been mutterings about the production of Reid's vocals? Or are you talking about Reid singing with assorted artist on extended 7" tracks? Regards Cazzesman
  14. Poured my dry sand into the Kii Stands today. Might be placebo effect but I'm thinking there is a more focused sound. The best way to describe it is there is no ringing in the air. I'm not sure I ever noticed ringing before but it just sounds somewhat quieter and on point. Some female vocals that occasionally hit a note that 'bit' now seems more controlled. A song by London Grammar called Rooting for You has a few of those notes from singer Hannah Reid that are now under control to my old ears. Regardless, I highly doubt adding the sand has hurt the sound in any way. The 20 kg bag, once dried, easily filled the columns. Probably had 2 or 3 kg leftover. $7 Australian dollars well spent. That will be about $1.50 in US Dollars. 🙁 Regards Cazzesman
  15. Bought a 20kg bag of fine white sand used for patio brick grout. Followed the instructions I found on the net to dry it out. 220 degree oven for 1 hour. I had some large BBQ foil meat trays to use. 3 rounds of 2 trays at a time, about 2 inches deep in each. Put the 2 trays in and after 30 mins gave each a sift and turnover. Kept the stove door slightly ajar during the 1 hour process as instructed. Worked a treat and will fill up the Kii stands tomorrow. What surprised me was how long the sand held the extreme heat, out of the oven. I had a 15 litre pot that I put the sand in once dry. Even after a few hours the outside of the pot was too hot to touch. I will let you know if the 20kg fills the barrel's. Regards Cazzesman
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