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  1. Words of wisdom 4est. How do the learned know the difference? That is the $64 question. I guess the 'Ears' will have it. Regards Cazzesman
  2. Well I have to say I am truly amazed. Not one person will admit to every attempting to power a Sotm USB card with 5vlt 1amp power supply. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Where's your adventurous spirit you lot??? Call yourselves visionaries of our Audio future. 😛 Guess I will have to try it and see what goes 'Bang' when my Keces p8 arrives. Regards Cazzesman 😛
  3. Is or has anyone powered a Sotm PCIe USB 3.0 Card with a 5 vlt 1amp external LPS. The reason I ask is because I am getting mixed messages. Sotm tell me 5 vlt is not enough to do it. The Specs on the Card state. External power input Input voltage : +6.5V ~ +9Vdc Input current : 2A max A consistent builder of Music servers, who is abit of IT Guru, tells me he has driven many Sotm USB card with 5vlt 1amp power supplies, without incident. I am just about to purchase a Keces p8 LPS and it has a USB output of 5vlt 1 amp that I was hoping to use on my Sotm PCIe. I know I can just try it when it arrives but curiosity has got me in the leadup. Regards Cazzesman
  4. Like every part of this hobby it is just a hypothetical Work in Progress. The idea is to free up the bottom end of the Kii 3's. Provide them some head room and at the same time gain some further bottom end and great SPL overall. Is it all worth the $$$$. Yeah/Nah; I have no idea, if I'm honest. Plan B; is save the money and maybe buy a JCat XE USB card and replace the Sotm PCIe card I have. Is that worth it? Who knows??? Plan C is to leave the money in the bank and listen to the music. What do we do along the way to the grave? Take advice, take a chance, give it a go. Do we reach for audio nirvana or save our money and die a rich corpse. #$%^ if I know to be honest. 🙂 It is a strange life. I could go and buy a Taiko Extreme tomorrow and a pair of BXT's to go with my Kii 3's and yet I do not. Why is that? If I did, would I be happy with result? Probably, maybe. could be, don't no. I'm thinking 75% of us all are just kicking Tyre's along the street, day dreaming about a lot of maybes, from one audio store to the next. What say you all?????? Regards Cazzesman
  5. Circling back to chat about mating 2 subs with the Kii 3's. I have probably narrowed my research down to SVS SB200pro, Rythmik F12 SE and JL Audio E110. At Australian price points the SVS is the cheapest. I also love the idea of the SVS DSP app to control the sub. Rythmik gets great reviews and the Direct Servo control peaks my interest. Their is a local supplier near me. Their large range of Amp plates with various EQ is a bonus. Their prices are manageable. Abit more expenive than the SVS. JL Audio is pretty expensive compare to the rest hence the 10" vs the other 12" possibles. The dilemma I have is that I do not have enough room to fit 2 subs behind or beside my Kii 3's in my listening room. I have come up with a cunning plan that I think will work well (If done professionally of course) My plan was to replace the Kii Stands with a purpose built stands for a Sub/Kii 3 'In Line' combo. I can get a frame welded up and powder-coated whereby it would provide the following. Total height of my Kii 3 Speaker stand is currently 27.5" (700mm) Height is the main measurement I'm concerned with on all 3 subs. SVS 14.6” (372mm) Rythmick 15-3/4" (401mm) JL E110 14.24" (362 mm) Even with the Rythmik at 401mm I still have roughly 300mm to play with. My stand would have a box base. The box would be fitted with 4 spiked feet (as my Kii 3 stands are). Roughly 250mm in height (give or take) and slightly bigger depth/width wise than the selected sub. The box would become the platform the sub would sit on. This would mean the sub is isolated from the floor. The box lid would be removable so the box could be filled with sand/shot etc. From the box there would be 4 tube supports rising from each corner that would go to the 700 mm height. The supports would then have a top plate upon which the Kii 3's would sit. The tubes would also be filled with sand/shot. I'm thinking it would be better to isolate the Kii 3's from the sub with a separate stand plate, rather than just sit the Kkii 3's on top of the sub. But I am open to suggestions with this idea. Obviously it would be a cheaper exercise to just have a box platform for the sub and plonk the Kii 3's on top. I was thinking about flexibility in the design so that different subs could be used if desired. To have that flexibility, it makes sense to have the dimensions between the tube corner supports big enough to fit most 12 inch subs. Having the base plate fixed at 700mm means a change of sub size below does not effect the Kii 3 height placement. With this 'Inline' Sub/Kii 3 combo, logically it should make easier to Time align and phase the two together. Is my logic right in this instance? Being able to move the Kii 3 back and forward on the top plate should make time alignment easier. A Kii 3 owner I chat with has a single sub incorporated in his system. He also uses Dirac Live 3.0. The initial problem he had was with the Kii 3's latency in Exact mode. He is now using a Minidsp product that provides up to 1000ms Latency. I think his is set to around 99.5ms. Overall it could be a $5000 (aus) exercise but alot cheaper than the $20,000 BXT's. All and any recommendations on the above thought process is welcome. Regards Cazzesman Covid ISO gives us all to much time to think 🙂
  6. For the uninformed here, I was wondering if this comes naturally or do you need to do the hard yards and actually practice? Regards Cazzesman
  7. Terrific Chris, You and your original Site turned me on to Digital Music, so for that I am eternally great-full. My Music System took off in 2010 as a result of your input and encouragement. As a 2010 CAPS Lagoon builder it is wonderful to see the 10 year update. 6 months ago I gave my Lagoon a Makeover with the WS2019 install and a new 2tb ssd internal storage for the tunes, but the MB, Ram and Sotm USB card are all still working well from day 1. I love the look of the new case. Appreciate all the time you spend and the professionalism of this site. Kudos. Regards Cazzesman
  8. Those lovely Kii 3's are pushed wwwaaaaayyyyy back in the corner bobfa. Taking full advantage of the tech on offer. 🙂 I'm only a tad jealous about the BXT's 😜 Regards Cazzesman
  9. Brilliant Bobfa. Can't thank you enough. Inspiring post full of great information. I can see here my work has just begun. And he's me thinking my eventual retirement might be boring 🙂 Regards Cazzesman
  10. I have been pondering various upgrades and replacements that could also be reused and future proof to some extent in a new PC build down the track. Based on what I have read (correct me if I am wrong) I would think an improved USB card and LPS to power MB and USB card would be a good step forward. My current set up is System - CAPS (Lagoon) - WS2019 - Audiophile Optimizer v3.0 - Fidelizer 8.4pro -128 gig & 2tb SSD (Music storage) + Sotm USB exp card - Synology NAS DS416 Slim (Backup) - JRiver Ver 25 - USB Curious Cable (Aqvox LNPS each end) into Mutec USB 3+ reclocker into MiniDsp 22D (Dirac Live) via Canare 110 AES into Kii 3 speakers via Ortofon 110 AES, with Kii Controller. All powered from 2000 VA IsoTran. I currently have a Sotm PCIe exp USB Card in my CAPS Lagoon. Is the replacement of the Sotm with the JCat XE usb card as easy as swapping one in and out of the MB. (with software tweaks)? Also the Keces 8P looks like a good start. With the USB signal currently being reclocked by the Mutec where do you expect the improvement to come from if the Sotm USB was changed out for the Jcat XE. Is the Mutec just doing the same thing at the XE? Any thoughts about a slow rebuild whereby the improvements can be carried on into a major rebuild? Regards Cazzesman
  11. Brilliantly done Nenon. You are true gent on this forum. Being use to the lowly Australian $ that would make the Top of the Range Unit (4C with Mundorf) anywhere from Aust $18,000 to $20,000 with assort postage etc. That's a very interesting price for what you are getting. It is well under half the price of the famous Taiko Extreme but we are taking about comparing apples and oranges. Thanks again for the detailed costings (as best you could) Regards Cazzesman
  12. I spent the entire late afternoon and evening reading this thread and the highly informative one started by Neon. Kudos to you all. My lonely CAPS Lagoon was sadly feeling like the 'hillbilly stepchild' in this field of very heavy hitters. One thing I have not read in any of the threads is costings. I'm fairly certain us budding DIY PC builders would like to see some prices attached to the various components you have been discussing. Cases Power supplies USB cards Ram i9 Motherboards CPU's, Heat sinks. They all come at a price along the way. Please include the RRP of these items where possible. Whether it be in US $ or the Euro. I'm presuming these PC's are pushing $10,000 US$. I'm just trying to get my head around what is possible for the $$$ as a DIY build. Thanks again for all your brilliant posting and ideas. Regards Cazzesman
  13. My future hopefully holds a large inheritance that will be duly spent extravagantly on the BXT 🙂 Happy listening. Regards Cazzesman
  14. You going back to the dark and muddy side? 😀 Regards Cazzesman
  15. Hi Greg, Nice post, The only thing that got me to move on from Stuarts wonderful SGR's was a chance to move onto the Kii 3's. Wonderful Family to deal with a SGR. The Lunch time demo is to die for. I haven't looked back with the 3's but the SGR's will always have a place in my heart because they led me to Actives.. Once you go Active (with DSP) you never go back 🙂 Regards Cazzesman
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