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  1. For anyone who is also obsessed with Blu-ray for movies (like myself) and wants to squeeze the highest quality out of the disc and into a file, I reccomend you check out MakeMKV MakeMKV - Make MKV from Blu-ray and DVD. This program is free (find the beta key in their forum) and it allows you to rip a movie from Blu-ray or DVD to a playable MKV file with no loss in quality. It also allows you to select which audio formats and subtitle tracks to include in the mkv file. Cheers
  2. Sorry for chiming in late on this ongoing conversation. But I just wanted to say that its sad that in this tech advanced world that studios are recording in 24/44.1. I too am on an ongoing search for hifi copies of pop music but I simply can't find any. I love jazz and classical and HDTracks does a great job in supplying hifi music there. It just stinks that all the studios care about is the iPod users and making the most profit. Sorry if I didn't add any insight to the conversation, just wanted to chime in as well.
  3. So I have powered audio engine A5+ speakers and a powered AS8B subwoofer. Both have stereo RCA inputs. Currently I have my main line out go into the main speakers then out the speakers and into the Subwoofer. I am about to get a M2Tech Young DAC. This DAC like most has only one stereo RCA output. Whats the best way to set this system up? My thought is to put a cable on both the left and right outs of the DAC and send both stereo to the speakers and the sub. I'm fairly new to all of this so is there a better way?
  4. Hello all, I am looking for a DAC thats under or near 1000 US dollars. My current setup consists of the Audioengine A5+ speakers and the AS8B subwoofer. I am running this from my macbook pro's headphone out (shameful, I know) directly to the subwoofer, then take the sub out into the speakers. I know this is not how it should be done but I have no external DAC and am looking for a good one. I know that this market is really subjective and that asking for an opinion on the "best sub 1000" DAC is pointless. My Music collection is all 16/44 uncompressed AIFF files. I would be using USB as the DAC interface and i would like it to be asynchronous with no up sampling filters, but whatever you can recommend me as a really superb DAC would be great. Thanks in advance, Nick Silverman P.S. I have been looking at the MDHT Stockholm DAC as an option
  5. Hello all, I'm completely new to this forum so I don't know if it has been mentioned before, but I was wondering what peoples opinions on the MDHT Stockholm DAC are. I am interested in buying it but if there is another DAC in the 1,000 dollar range that superior. Thanks in advance, Nick Silverman
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