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  1. Hi Scott, first of all, thanks for your scripts, they are well designed and almost useful Indeed, V2.5 version does not work for me with my Asio device. I have tried leaving Wasapi on or off to no end. What's more, I would very like homegroup to work, as I use it to upload music on the server. Any idea what lines I should comment to achieve those goals ? Thanks in advance, Elprior
  2. Michal, not sure what you mean, and it's a bit off-topic as the Diverter is another usb/spdif interface. I don't quite speak audiophile language, sorry Let me state it as clearly as possible. The 3 Evo boxes are fine resolvers whereas the Diverter is what the music intends to be : more detailed, the flow is uninterrupted, unless it is what the music commands, but overall timbres are so natural. What's funny from a technical point of view, is that the Diverter is usb powered, and does not allow any use of external clocks. I'm nevertheless using it with a linear usb psu. Enoug
  3. Hi Michal, weird, I found it pretty good for the price tag, in my system. I did not keep it, as you need to manually change the clock source from 22Mhz to 24Mhz for 44.1/48khz families matching. Otherwise, in most cases, it was an improvement in terms of speed and details. The sound was (a bit) less liquid though. I was concurrently assessing the Sonicweld Diverter HR, which is a real monster compared to the Evo triples So in the end, the Evo gets out, but I found that the sound was decent with this little boxes and the clock an improvement, if you can live with the ergonomic pi
  4. I have Keith I was using it with the Evo and a dCS combo, with the Evo battery psu for the Evo and the clock. Results were pretty good, although not consistent, and what you gain in speed and details you loose a bit in fluidity. The deal breaker for me was that you need to switch the crystal selection manually in the back (or front if you revert it) of the clock depending on whether you need a 22Mhz or 24Mhz clock. Too bad... Elp
  5. Hi Blaine78, >>here's another good tweak for registry, it increases the USB CPU >>polling to 5ms (200hz) instead of 1ms (1000hz), which means less CPU >>activity on USB. i have used this one for many years and works for >>both firewire AND USB audio. a very nice tweak. How does that affect SQ ? Elp
  6. Hi Priaptor, nice to read you are trying the thing I suspect caps v2 is nowhere enough to play with Jplay. As opposed to Jriver, it's rather the more powerful side that is required here. Once it's done, with all dreadful options on, you can get 95% of hibernate sound in non-hibernate and really sing compared to Jriver (which is still a good player in my book). And make sure you don't stick with Wasapi... Elp
  7. Hi, you should try KS instead, as I used to get the same results with Wasapi in v3.4. It's pretty much system dependent. You should also try hibernate in your prefered mode (Wasapi or KS), as it gives a hint of what you can expect from Jplay. And finally, a dedicated computer is definitely the best option. I too am using it for browsing, right now for instance , but I have stopped all services that seemed useless to me, and I have customized startup with autoruns so as to remove all crappy drivers. Hth, Elp
  8. Hi Kevin, from my own experience, there is no way to get decent operating mode of firewire under Windows 7. Windows stupid firewire driver just consumes cpu, because it is events based, whatever the version you might have. Sp1 has reduced cpu usage by two here, but in the end, I just sent the Int202 back because this was a) not very satisfying, and b) not sounding right. I've tried many different chipsets, including dedicated cards with dual-ti chipsets, and external psu. The chipset ain't the main issue in this case. I doubt the Dac202 is a different animal regarding these issues,
  9. Hi Priaptor, please do and let me know Elp
  10. Hi Dummy, you're welcome. I guess system synergy is the key. Hopefully, this is better than JRiver, otherwise the trade-off is a bit harsh Regards, Elp
  11. Hi Priaptor, you can choose the bitstream length in jplay settings. Have you tried to play with that ? Anyway, you really should contact jplay support, they are very very responsive. Hth, Elp
  12. He Dummy, I moved the mouse, I hit escape, I talked to the pc... No can't do. Lol. I can see what you mean. At this point, this is rarely polite speaking That's a shame you can't use it that way. I'm sure Marcin and Josef will sort this out if you contact them directly (see previous post from Marcin). Anyway, do you like the sound in non-hibernation mode ? In my system, this is already a revelation, so I guess it gives a good taste of what Jplay is able to achieve. Let me know how it ends up. Cheers, Elp PS : just one last word, you need to set the arcam as th
  13. He dummy, are you using KS or Wasapi ? Have you tried the other way ? What I don't understand is that you get sound before the screen goes black. In my case, Hibernate does load the playlist, and then is entering hibernation and plays music. Yes, the pc should be back from hibernation. If you have set short delays before the screen is powered off in windows, you might need to move the mouse to trigger the screen again. Have you tried with a usb stick ? If you plug one and select this option in settings, then unplugging the stick should bring windows back too. Elp
  14. Hi Priaptor, have you tried to make you dac the default sound device under windows ? If you are trying to use Wasapi, you need to do so. Elp
  15. He Dummy, try increasing the buffer size. I had this issue previously, with an old usb/spdif interface. Nevertheless, since v3.3, whatever the interface I'm using, DirectLink always works here. Hth, Elp
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