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  1. Hi Kal & Paul, Thanks for the correction. I knew that usb could do multi-channel into multi-channel dacs, I should have included that in my reply. Regards, Mario
  2. Hi Gellie, As far as I know the the advantage of using HDMI vs USB is that HDMI can carry multi-channel music which I don't think usb can for most dacs. If usb performs better and doesn't sound any worse, unless you're doing multi-channel, I don't think you'll be missing anything by using usb. Regards, Mario
  3. Hi Chris, Thanks for the change. I'm sure some will be unhappy with it but overall I'll be optimistic that it will improve civility. While I don't post often, I do read and keep up with many of the threads. There have been a couple of instances recently where I wanted to add some of my thoughts to a few threads but didn't because of the threads had descended into the same old arguments. Regards, Mario
  4. Maybe I missed it but I was surprised no one mentioned Donald "Duck" Dunn.
  5. Hi TJ, Great, let us know how it goes. What software are you going to use? Regards, Mario
  6. Hi TJ, Thanks for the tip on your band, I'll check it out. If you do decide to give the ART device a try you might want to see if using usb power or an external power supply makes a difference. In general with this type of device I've found using external power seems to work better. Regards, Mario
  7. Hi TJ, I mentioned in an earlier post the Well Tempered Computer site listed some spdif to usb convertors. This one, http://artproaudio.com/product/usb-phono-plus-project-series/ , seems to be readily available, https://www.amazon.com/ART-USB-Phono-Plus-PS/dp/B000BBGCCI/ref=sr_1_2?crid=28I45C3VIRYNP&keywords=art+usb+phono+plus&qid=1558574662&s=gateway&sprefix=Art+USB%2Caps%2C132&sr=8-2 . It has both a toslink & coax spdif digital in and has usb out to your computer and appears to be compatible with Mac's . It's not too expensive and might be just what you need. Since your dat's are boards I don't think copy protection would be a problem. If the Art usb phono plus works I don't think you'll find doing the transfers will be that bad. Splitting the files into tracks can be a PITA but when you get to that point there some tips I can pass on. Regards, Mario
  8. Hi TJ, I had remembered reading something about spdif to usb convertors somewhere and found it, http://thewelltemperedcomputer.com/HW/SPDIF-USB.htm .The last two may be what your looking for. Regards, Mario
  9. Hi TJ, I just pulled up a spec sheet on your DAT and it does appear to have a digital coax out like mansr said. You can use that and keep the signal path all digital. The UA-25 EX has both toslink in & out but not coax. It looks like you could use either a used UA-25 or the new Native Instruments interface if the UA-25 works with your OS. Regards, Mario
  10. Hi TJ, I used a Cakewalk UA-25 EX audio interface, it's the same thing as a Roland UA-25 EX. They are no longer made but show up on e-bay pretty often. I believe it works with MAC OS but that's something you would want to double check. Something along the lines of the device new media has would probably be the most economical. For new audio interfaces, this one from Native Instruments, https://www.guitarcenter.com/Native-Instruments/KOMPLETE-AUDIO-6.gc , has spdif coax inputs. You'd have to get a toslink to coax adapter and it's a bit overkill for what you want to do. Regards, Mario
  11. Hi TJ, Yep that's the right place. If the Recording Device selection isn't showing anything other than Built-in Microphone then new media may be correct. You'll need something to convert the toslink from the DAT to usb. You don't need or really want anything with a dac built in, if possible you want everything to stay digital. One other thing to check, if you go into your sound settings on your computer see if you can select line in or digital in for recording. I use a pc and know how to do that on a pc but I'm not sure of the exact procedures on mac's. Regards, Mario
  12. If your DAT is still connected to the computer via spdif you should see that as one of your options in Recording devices.
  13. Hi TJ, If your still using Audacity, use the Edit drop down menu & select Preferences. In Devices it should show your Host, Playback & Recording Interfaces. In the Recording part there should be a drop down menu to select which device you want to use. Regards, Mario
  14. Thanks mansr I'd completely forgotten that. TJ, yep set the rate and record. Regards, Mario
  15. Hi TJ, Have you used Audacity before? Do you need help getting it setup? Like mansr said record the entire tape as one big file, save that and then go back and manually split into tracks if you want to. Unless you're planning to monitor your input sound levels throughout the entire transfer I'd suggest finding a particularly loud section on each tape and set the input levels for that with a little safety margin so you're not red lining the input levels and clipping. Regards, Mario
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