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  1. Sounds like the "lens" is marketing talk for dejitter, like having a built in Audiphilleo device.
  2. In a world where a true Audiophile would be concerned with a 100% half meter silver cable feeding a high-end USB/SPDIF converter into a uber expensive DAC into god-knows-what-high-end-downstream-gear, could anyone really care about an Apple Airplay? Sorry, that's just the only thought I can come up with here. I know it's not very constructive..
  3. I've got three data points for you. Musical Fidelity V-DAC II - SPDIF input via Audiophilleo sounded magnitudes better that straight USB input. No surprise. NAD M51 - SPDIF input via Audiophilleo sounded magnitudes better that straight USB input here as well. This was surprising given the M51 technical marketing. Metrum Octave - SPDIF input via Audiophilleo sounded much better than the TosLink in, using a short real glass cable. No native USB input on this one. For some reason, a Audiophilleo or Off Ramp type device is superior to straight USB input on nearly all devices. (a
  4. Chris, Great review. Call me old school, but for $7,000 I expect a product to be polished, complete and finished. Not have all these noise issues, need updated chips, etc. Also, if I understood this correctly, requiring a Lemo connector (that goes into a bluetooth antenna hole) is pretty weak. Who needs another full custom cable requirement. Also, lots of people have lots of money invested in costly USB cables already. Maybe I misunderstood the Lemo thing and if so I apologize. For me, it's a pass. I'd like to see you review the M51. It's a total unique approach in a uniq
  5. Looks awesome! I've gone through a few of these myself. Hang in there, it will settle down! It's usually quite worth it in the end.
  6. Hows' the M51 doing? I finally got the Metrum Octave and I'm on day 6 of the 24/7 continuos play burn in period. When it's completely burned in and I'm very familiar with it, I will go borrow the M51 (also burned in) from a local shop and do the ole Alpha-Bravo. The Metrum is really solid so far though, at least after about day 3.
  7. This whole story / topic / thread is just weird. Any decent speaker that can compare with the Maggies is going to be similarly sized, or at least take up the same general space. Little box speakers can shine sometimes (usually in the demo room) but always end up sounding like, well, little box speakers. Definitely don't get some little box speakers and A/B them with the Maggies. Then you WILL be mad. Sac up dood. If you like the Maggies, keep em.
  8. Take a look at JBL 6332. Or something from Tekton, like the Lore.
  9. JR, I'm not getting harsh out of the box but if it wants to smooth out even more, I'll take it. I've been sitting here for 2 hours and can't stop listening to it. No fatigue whatsoever. Gonna stop at 6pm, turn off the amp but keep continuously playing music through it for like 2 weeks. I'm just throwing all sorts of music at it. Most everything sounds so good I can't change the track until it's done. Even this 'ole timey Oscar Peterson.. Looks like Animals is next in line.
  10. Why would someone need to "cancel a membership?" You just never come back. Oh yeah, grandstanding. Almost forgot.
  11. Sounds as good as anything I've heard straight out of the box but will let it burn in before talking about it.
  12. Agreed on the FW. I've already ditched that idea with my purchase of the Audiophilleo2. You obvservarion of pre-upsampling has been echoed a lot here at CA and on other sites. I plan to do my own tests here. Would rather feed it the native rate of the recording, but hey if there's a lot to be gained by upsampling first and it does not add anything strange, weird, or made-up sounding, I'm all for it.
  13. I use iTunes + PM and Pure Music handles all the dedicated communication with the DAC, or in my case the AP2 specifically. I found a large SQ difference between bare iTunes and PM. People have yelled at me here about that statement but it is what it is. I like iTunes from a database management perspective, and I use the free Apple Remote App on all my iDevices to control a headless MacMini. If I'm also surfing the net on my MacBook PRO while listening to music, I will screen share into the mini and control it that way as well. I still don't understand why people buy dedicated m
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