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  1. Actually we remember a lot about the "feel" sound of a system over some time, especially if we have had the system for a long time. You get used to the way the system sounds. Kind of like how a pair of very comfortable old shoes feel. 😄
  2. I warm mine up for about 2 hours. I play a break in track in a continuous loop. IMO, that is sufficient since it reverts to "standby" mode after being on for sometime, The only reason I wait 2 hours is because my amplifier seems to need about that amount of time to sound best. YMMV
  3. I wish Aurender well and my N10 replacement will be an Aurender BUT there appears to be a lack of product focus and scatter shot approach to its plethora of very similar components (sound and price). I know of a few people that are interested in an Aurender unit but are very confused by the range of offerenings. Coupled with a low number of dealers... My suggestion is to take a hard look at the product line and trim/consolidate it a bit. Just my 2 cents.
  4. This may not help but sometimes powering down via the front switch, then turning the rear switch off and then removing the power cord for a few minutes helps. YMMV.
  5. Is a great single malt Scotch whiskey overrated? No, but it most often is not appreciated when first introduced to the palate.
  6. Aurender N10, Esoteric F-05 Integrated Amplifier, Synergistic Active USB, Oppo 203, Synergistic Atmosphere Level 3 UEF Speaker cables, Legacy Audio Focus SE, Rega Planar 10 turntable with Aphelion 2 cartridge.

  7. Which models have the "Critical Listening" mode?
  8. What DSD rate are you trying to play? If you exceed the maximum rate for either unit the connection may appear to be made but there is no playback. Also what file type are you using? I have found that XXX.dsd and XXX. dff will play. The XXX.ISO may or may not play. If you are not familiar about the DSD file formats visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_Stream_Digital.
  9. Now a days there is no practical aural difference between WAV and FLAC music files. I usually set FLAC compression to zero but that is a personal quibble.
  10. You really need something that runs a fairly current version of IOS. I use an iPad but there are a few folks that I know that are beginning to use an iPhone. Visit the Aurender site for more information or the Aurender Discussion thread on this site.
  11. My N10 has been doing this for about a few weeks now. A minor pain which I wish would go away. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. N30 Manual - https://aurender.com/page/manual-n30/
  13. Concerning the Conductor app. I think (conjecture here) Aurender and many other "streamer" manufacturers build apps that are purposely less complicated and powerful than JRiver and similar apps. Aurender equipment is not aimed at the person who wishes to finely control the software (meta data and such). Sure it would be nice to have more control within Conductor but with more control and power comes more complications. Sometimes I long for past versions of JRiver where it was simple to get things done and not have to revert to the "support" system and try to get it done.
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