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  1. Yes playlists will work. They are a bit clumsy to use until you get the hang of it.
  2. Do you normally "stream" your music from an external HDD/NAS (as opposed to storing all of your music on the internal HDD)? If so, where is a "Playlist" stored and will it serve you as a "Favorite" group.
  3. It would be nice if we knew the present configuration of your system 😊. DCS makes a nice system as does Rendu/Sotm (dependent upon configuration). Don't get too carried away about the size of the HDD unless you have a very large collection or plan to expand it. If I was looking at Aurender, I would get the newest model available that had the features I needed. Since my collection is already in digital format I don't need a internal burner, YMMV. From what I can glean from the somewhat obtuse Aurender statements, the N10 and W20 are better sounding than the newest Axx units although there may be some aspects of the respective units where this is not true. The ACS10 is certainly more convenient and includes DACs. If I were buying and had a great DAC, I would look for a very good used N10 or W20. We do know that major upgrades to the W20 will be available soon. What we don't know if these upgrades are applicable to the present models. IIRC we also don't know the status of the N10 which would be a bit worrisome to me. I would hate to sink that much money into a unit only to see it superseded shortly afterward (It has happened to me with other products 😖).
  4. Really nice album with very good sound. This can be found at HDTracks as well. I don't know if the Blue Coast version is different.
  5. Anyone having problems displaying the back cover (back.jpg) when playing an album?
  6. Any word when the new app will be available?
  7. I don't stream so this isn't a problem for me but for those who do, there should be a permanent fix for this. These types on niggling problems not being resolved are bad for Aurender's reputation.
  8. For jazz fans -> Joe Henderson's "State of the Tenor Vol 2" (96/24) is available at HDTracks for around $10.00 (get an additional 20% off with HDMAYFLOWERS ). CD versions are expensive. The price may be a mistake so if you are interested, get over there and... 🙂
  9. "New" update - Listed on web site as April 11, 2019 but listed in the App store as April 26, 2019 Conductor 2.9.21 Released on April 11 2019 Improved the positioning of the Aurender name and IP of the connected Aurender server Fixed overlapped menu panes in UI Selected playlist can now be loaded to “Playlist Editor” Scanning will now start after changing resolution setting of album cover “Show albums with cover only” fixed
  10. Interesting information about file size: https://dsd-guide.com/does-your-hardware-or-software-device-have-size-limitations-for-music-playback
  11. Okay then. Can your ASC-10 see your hard disk files and have you used AMM? If so, can you see the files on the ASC-10 from your computer (on a windows based machine you have to do this from the Network icon found under Desktop in your browser? If not, you will need to log the ASC-10 into your computer (should be the same process as with your N10)
  12. This isn’t too difficult but requires some explanation as you are actually at your computer. My suggestion is to call your dealer and he/she should be able to walk you through it in a few minutes.
  13. DSD 128 is the maximum that Aurender allows on USB and DSD 64 is the maximum for SPDIF. So your DSD 256 files/tracks won't work regardless of size. For other sample rates if your files are too large, they won't play. This seems to be a Linux problem. Roon had similar problems but fixed them but they (AFAIK) sling their own code.
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