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  1. Just curious here and assuming you are streaming over the internet. I don't know if you live in an area that has been affected by the Coronavirus and the increased numbers of home internet users. But have you noticed a change in your internet speeds? Some folks that live in a semi-rural area near me have noticed that streaming Netflix, etc. is problematic (lots of buffering).
  2. Has anyone had any extended listening experiences with the W20SE? If so, please give us an update.
  3. Any of the big Magico speakers, Boulder Electronics, the VPI direct drive TT (yeah, I know) and many others.
  4. You may be able to find tweeters that are a good match for what you have and change them out. There are probably lots of substitutions that will work well. Ditto the crossovers. Look at the later Revel models for which parts are still available.
  5. What and where is the latest version of SACD extract? Thanks
  6. I also have this update for my N10 BUT can't find a listing of what it contains at Aurender.com.
  7. Does anyone have information about the recent Conductor 4.18.125 update. It isn't posted on the web site or I am not looking in the correct place. Thanks
  8. Funny, I have always had that click through 3 iPads and two Aurender units. 😁
  9. What are all of the sort capabilities of the Conductor?
  10. If you have a good number of SACDs, then it might be advantageous to buy a player that can rip your SACDs. I've seen compatible players priced in the $100.00 - $1000.00 (or more range). Here is a list of compatible players from the very long thread that discusses the topic:
  11. Trust your ears. “Supposed to” isn’t the same as “does to my ears”. Get a free return option and listen in your room.
  12. 🤠 HAPPY HOLIDAYS and may your Aurenders’ cheer your spirits and please your ears. Auditory delight during long listening periods. ✌️
  13. A bit off topic but: http://www.hifi-tuning.com/index_de.html these folks make a demagnetizer that I bought back in my "search for the best tweak" days.
  14. I use dBpowerAmp on my computer and it seems fine. I make sure the CD is clean and I degauss before ripping. I also rip to uncompressed FLAC. I have done a few thousand CDs this way and the results are very good. I really don’t know if deguassing does much good but it is now part of the ritual and doesn’t appear to do any harm. 🖖🏽 YMMV.
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