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  1. rwwjr44

    UPS on A10?

    When the Aurender's first appeared a sudden loss of power was troublesome in that it was difficult to reboot. It sometimes took three or four reboot attempts to power on. That seems to have been fixed. We lose power (in our area) once in awhile and powering on is relatively painless and easy. I would be more worried about surge protection.
  2. This has been available for sometime on HDTracks or Prostudiomasters at 24/96. This is usually true of many Mack Avenue jazz items. Blue Coast gets them later. I don't know if they are separate masters. I do try to buy items from Blue Coast because of their efforts to consistently produce outstanding product.
  3. It seems that you may have more than one contributor to your problem. If vinyl is better and the MSB is better, than one of the problems may be in the chain of cables and equipment leading to and including the speaker. Since the chain of of cables and equipment to and through your DAC seems to be a big contributor to the problem this may be your area of emphasis. You can always swap your cables (free if you use the Cable Company's lending library) but that may be your last recourse. Best of luck. AND YES recording and reproducing the sound of a piano can be very difficult.
  4. When you select an album or construct a playlist the individual tracks are listed in the queue when “Consume On “ is selected each track is played and then removed from the queue. You only see the track that is playing and the remaining tracks. I use it all of the time.
  5. Just noticed that there have been two updates to the conductor- 3.01 minor fixes and 3.1 seems to be mostly for W 20 SE compatibility.
  6. In their present configuration, Aurender devices don't seem to be compatible with Roon. You may be able to kludge a Roon/Aurender configuration but...
  7. I didn't search Aurender's site very well but couldn't find a mention as to what versions of ios are not supported. @honeymustardsteve You now have a very good reason to upgrade your iPad. 😁
  8. I don't know about lyrics BUT I do know that, IMHO, the W20 sounds better than any ROON server I have heard. I love the ROON interface but somehow the sound isn't quite up to the standards set by Aurender. YMMV. 🖖
  9. Neal, If you don't have an Aurender, the Conductor app won't be of any use to you. I was told that it is Aurender specific. Bob
  10. Thanks. Just now playing with it. So far, it looks very good.
  11. Is this version better than Mr. Wicked's last version? I do all of my ripping using my venerable but slow PS3.
  12. I know but I am just a bit impatient. 😁
  13. Sounds like a network synchronization problem. If you can control the buffer on the player's (I think JRiver will let you do that) side, make it larger. Is there an appreciable difference in sound between the NAS and the SSD?
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