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  1. What are all of the sort capabilities of the Conductor?
  2. If you have a good number of SACDs, then it might be advantageous to buy a player that can rip your SACDs. I've seen compatible players priced in the $100.00 - $1000.00 (or more range). Here is a list of compatible players from the very long thread that discusses the topic:
  3. Trust your ears. “Supposed to” isn’t the same as “does to my ears”. Get a free return option and listen in your room.
  4. 🤠 HAPPY HOLIDAYS and may your Aurenders’ cheer your spirits and please your ears. Auditory delight during long listening periods. ✌️
  5. A bit off topic but: http://www.hifi-tuning.com/index_de.html these folks make a demagnetizer that I bought back in my "search for the best tweak" days.
  6. I use dBpowerAmp on my computer and it seems fine. I make sure the CD is clean and I degauss before ripping. I also rip to uncompressed FLAC. I have done a few thousand CDs this way and the results are very good. I really don’t know if deguassing does much good but it is now part of the ritual and doesn’t appear to do any harm. 🖖🏽 YMMV.
  7. Found a reasonably priced Oppo 103D in excellent condition and was ripping in 5 minutes after setup in my office. It replaces my PS 3 which began to run hot (even with the modded fan on high speed).
  8. I can once again play hires and DSD music. Thanks to all the Aurender folks that fixed the problem with Esoteric DACs.
  9. I reported this earlier. I have an Esoteric F05 and you an N05. Seems the software developers broke something. A case study for software development course? Like you, high res and DSD playback are important to me. I hope that this is not a case of too many products and not enough staff.
  10. Well after the update I only get sound from 16/44 files. The front panel indicates the correct format (DSD, 24/192, etc) and the timing shows that the HDD is “playing” the music but the is no sound. I checked my Esoteric display and it only syncs to 16/44. The only change was the update. I recycled both Units but no joy. I noticed that the unit is now compatible with another DAC. I hope that this is a software error and will report it to Aurender.
  11. Also Aurender System Software goes to 4.18.125. Visit Aurender's site for details.
  12. Release History V 3.3.56 released on Nov 1st 2019 Fixed sometimes cannot scroll albums in album cover view V 3.3.55 released on October 31st 2019 Supports Spotify through Spotify Connect Fixed app doesn't start after "Rsset settings of the App" Fixed "Add to end" doesn't work for Track/Artist radio Other minor bug fixes
  13. i am using three under my N10. Two up front and one centered at the rear of the unit. I didn’t consider the ultra padz due to cost.
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