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  1. My N10 has been doing this for about a few weeks now. A minor pain which I wish would go away. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. N30 Manual - https://aurender.com/page/manual-n30/
  3. Concerning the Conductor app. I think (conjecture here) Aurender and many other "streamer" manufacturers build apps that are purposely less complicated and powerful than JRiver and similar apps. Aurender equipment is not aimed at the person who wishes to finely control the software (meta data and such). Sure it would be nice to have more control within Conductor but with more control and power comes more complications. Sometimes I long for past versions of JRiver where it was simple to get things done and not have to revert to the "support" system and try to get it done.
  4. You can sort by "Sort by album year" Find the line that contains the number of albums (just under the list to select format "All DSD Etc. FLAC Misc") to the right of that is a small widget that allows you to sort by album, artist or album year. Probably gleaned from meta-data.
  5. For some of these apps you have to exit/close and then restart for the change to be reflected. Just a thought.
  6. Silly question here: Have you actually tried playing your FLAC files through a thumb drive? Sometimes the manuals are misleading.
  7. If I was new to Aurender, I would consider a N20. But I feel my N10 is working for me...
  8. Anyone have any advanced information about the N20/A20?
  9. I bought one of their early models shortly after it was released. I enjoyed the sound but my interface with company people wasn't very good and often sporadic. I sold the unit for a good price and moved on.
  10. Chris wasn't shilling for Aurender. He was simple stating facts for a very broad spectrum of audiophile brands. I have been associated with a few dealers and know that there is most often a healthy markup of these products. Companies need to make some profit above their expenses AND dealers need to make some profit to continue to exist. Hopefully the final price is fair. If it isn't fair (or deemed as such to the buyers), the companies tend not to survive. Since Aurender is a Korean company, few of us are privy to internal business/manufacturing affairs. If you want to explain them to us, do s
  11. Duplicate. Sorry the system was very slow and I repeatedly depressed the save button.
  12. I also use AWS Deep Glacier. It is inexpensive and reliable. The only problem is that retrievals can be slow.
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