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  1. I can once again play hires and DSD music. Thanks to all the Aurender folks that fixed the problem with Esoteric DACs.
  2. I reported this earlier. I have an Esoteric F05 and you an N05. Seems the software developers broke something. A case study for software development course? Like you, high res and DSD playback are important to me. I hope that this is not a case of too many products and not enough staff.
  3. Well after the update I only get sound from 16/44 files. The front panel indicates the correct format (DSD, 24/192, etc) and the timing shows that the HDD is “playing” the music but the is no sound. I checked my Esoteric display and it only syncs to 16/44. The only change was the update. I recycled both Units but no joy. I noticed that the unit is now compatible with another DAC. I hope that this is a software error and will report it to Aurender.
  4. Also Aurender System Software goes to 4.18.125. Visit Aurender's site for details.
  5. Release History V 3.3.56 released on Nov 1st 2019 Fixed sometimes cannot scroll albums in album cover view V 3.3.55 released on October 31st 2019 Supports Spotify through Spotify Connect Fixed app doesn't start after "Rsset settings of the App" Fixed "Add to end" doesn't work for Track/Artist radio Other minor bug fixes
  6. i am using three under my N10. Two up front and one centered at the rear of the unit. I didn’t consider the ultra padz due to cost.
  7. I use Symposium Fat Padz and a multi-element Adona Audio shelf. Each improved the sound noticeably with the Fat Padz helping the most.
  8. Hardly ever a good word about Aurender from you. 😁 I guess a little bit of salt is needed to get the recipe right. Honestly, your solution may sound better to you BUT for many people it is just too much of a hassle. Mixing/matching components, wires, power cords, etc. can often lead to inferior sound (even when you know what you are doing). I've tried many different devices and combinations trying to get great sound from my digital files; for my money the Aurender N10 (and a few other costly devices) is well worth the expense.
  9. This is an issue that occurs with some DACs and various streamers. Visit here and repost. If anyone has experienced this problem, they will let you know.
  10. Conductor version 3.3 was pushed yesterday: V 3.3 - Rebased on October 11, 2019 New & Improved Qobuz support View liner notes for Qobuz content in Conductor (when available - not every album on Qobuz has liner notes) (Requires iOS 11 or later.) App now displays "E" icon indicating explicit content Improved stability Added support for TIDAL track & artist radio Long press on any track, artist or album to start track or artist radio. Other improvements VoiceOver prompts are now streamlined and less verbose Improved A100 volume control panel for direct output Added detailed error message in case of a failed connection Added Dutch and Turkish translations Improved French and Polish translation Improved other minor UI issues Added an option to prompt confirmation when clearing queue Long press to see extended Queue clearing options. Supports iPad iOS 13.x dark mode Bug Fixes Fixed Shoutcast genre browsing Fixed crash upon "Restore default settings" command with and without deleting content Fixed keyword is not maintained when change content source or view type in specific condition Fixed many other small bugs Ver.3.3.x will be the last major version to support iOS 9.3.
  11. rwwjr44

    UPS on A10?

    When the Aurender's first appeared a sudden loss of power was troublesome in that it was difficult to reboot. It sometimes took three or four reboot attempts to power on. That seems to have been fixed. We lose power (in our area) once in awhile and powering on is relatively painless and easy. I would be more worried about surge protection.
  12. This has been available for sometime on HDTracks or Prostudiomasters at 24/96. This is usually true of many Mack Avenue jazz items. Blue Coast gets them later. I don't know if they are separate masters. I do try to buy items from Blue Coast because of their efforts to consistently produce outstanding product.
  13. It seems that you may have more than one contributor to your problem. If vinyl is better and the MSB is better, than one of the problems may be in the chain of cables and equipment leading to and including the speaker. Since the chain of of cables and equipment to and through your DAC seems to be a big contributor to the problem this may be your area of emphasis. You can always swap your cables (free if you use the Cable Company's lending library) but that may be your last recourse. Best of luck. AND YES recording and reproducing the sound of a piano can be very difficult.
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