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  1. The true experimental tweak thread
    The true experimental tweak thread
    On 4/30/2019 at 4:07 PM, Cornan said:


    I was only explaining why I personally did’nt choose to buy the Hammond choke at the time. As far as I knew then and still understand it is DC filtrering.

    Remember the original post to use the Hammond choke as a power conditioner tweak.

    The choke is NOT just a simple filter. It is part of a complex tuned circuit containing the transformer impedance, the value of the two caps and inductor and the parasitics of all of them. The primary purpose is to recharge the final cap as quickly as possible. That particular circuit WITH the choke recharges the final cap 50 times faster than the circuit without the choke. When driving digital devices which contain lots of rapidly changing load current events this can be VERY important!


    It does other things as well: the load regulation is much better, The ripple is MUCH lower, and the diode conduction is almost the complete cycle, all very good things, but recharge time is the biggy.


    There is no way to come up with a "one size fits all" design of this. Every set of transformer, voltage and current has to be tweaked independantly. Since appropriate inductors are VERY few and far between, the inductor is chosen first (to match the output current requirement) then everything else is adjusted to get the best results with that inductor. I spend many hours with spice iteratively working out the design, then build it, measure and do some more tweaking.


    John S.

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