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  1. Not daft-accurate . I just figured... Oh well, I will give it a shot.
  2. I have a question, but need to begin by telling you I am a novice in digital music. *But I have found lots of help on this site and really appreciate it. I purchased Audirvana Plus so I could better use my Mac mini as a music server. *I have been extremely happy. * Here's my dilemma: I have a Yamaha A S2000. *It is a remarkable integrated, but there is one problem--the max voltage input for the XLR is 2.8v. *I picked up a PS Audio Nuwave and have really enjoyed it. *But I have only connected it through an RCA connection because the Nuwave 's XLR output is 5.6v. *Part of the advantage of the Yammie is the fully balanced design, but can't use it with he Nuwave because the balanced connection is too hot. Here's my question (s): Can I use Audivana Plus to turn down the volume on the Nuwave so the XLR outputs won't be too hot for the Yammie? *If I do, how much would I have to turn it back? *(It's presently showing "0" which is the max) If I can do this, will it degrade the sound? * Thanks, Chip
  3. Sorry to be a pest but I would love to hear additional comments on this dac.
  4. If I burn a cd from a lossless file, what quality would it be? How would it stack up against a retail cd?
  5. Thanks 4est, I noticed you are in Ada. I live in Holland.
  6. I am a novice with digital music, but it is the direction I want to head. I presently have a Mac mini 2009 with 8 gb of ram. My HD is 360 gb. I use Audirvan Plus to a W4S Dac 2. Here's my problem. I am just beginning to download my CDs and I know I will need more HD space. With that, I have a few questions: Is there a substantial reason to get a new Mac? Can I just purchase a stand alone HD and connect it by USB? (I realize I "can" do that, but will there be a serious degradation of the sound?) Also, I have read on this site that some guys prefer SSD. Is that a subtantial upgrade? And what % of the drive can be filled with music before you need to expand? Also, I will want to backup my files. This is probably a really stupid question, but I have Carbonite as a backup now, will that backup lossless files? If someone could point me in the right direction I would be grateful. As I said, I want to move in an all digital direction, but when I read through this site, often I find the discussions over my head. Thanks, Chip
  7. This is a great thread. I have wondering the same thing. As a novice, it is hard to understand how the dedicated music servers will substantively improve the sound over a Mac mini. So could be a profitable discussion.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I didn't realize the Bel Canto's have a digital pre. BTW, how does the Wadia 121 compare to the Wyred 4 Sound Dac 2?
  9. Just digital. One other thing, I do need two sets of outputs and they have to both be hot. This way I can connect to my subs.
  10. I am thinking seriously about getting rid of a separate pre. I would like the best dac/pre I can get to feed into monoblocks. (within my budget, of course). I have an M2Tech Young and I don't want to sacrifice any SQ. I have considered the W4S Dac 2. It seems to fit the bill, but I am willing to go a bit higher end for something seriously better. But $2500 is my max. Thanks, Chip BTW, this site has been an awesome help as I have moved exclusively to digital.
  11. Thanks jtwrace, I might consider extending my budget for an outstanding dac. But I looked at the specs and I couldn't find the output voltage for XLR. As I mentioned, though, I am technologically challenged. Thanks, Chip
  12. I am looking for a fully balanced dac that has a maximum output of 2.8v. I want a fully balanced dac because Yamaha's flagship integrated (A S2000) is fully balanced. I need the dac to have a maximum output of 2.8v because those are the requirements of the Yammie. I have looked at lots of dacs, and they all have 4 - 5v outputs for XLR. I know others have tried some of these with the A S2000 and it produced audible distortion. So... My budget is up to $1500.00 And 2.8v max output through XLR. And for the record, I am technologically challenged. Thanks for the help and suggestions, Chip
  13. Thanks burnspbesq, I did. Jason responded promptly and he seemed helpful. Yamaha, on the other hand, NOT SO MUCH. It's really ashamed, too. The A-S 2000 represented their re-entrance into higher end two channel. It is has a spectacular sound that's based on a completely balanced design. But almost every balanced source you would connect to it has an output of 4v. I am not an engineer (shoot, I've never even played one on tv), but that seems like a major snafu.
  14. Hello, I want to begin by stating I am a novice where computer audio is concerned. *But I am hearing great things about the*Gungnir. *I am wondering how it would stack up against the M2Tech Young? Anyway...*I have a Yamaha A-S 2000 integrated amp that is quite nice, but it does present a problem. *The max input voltage for single ended and XLR is 2.8v. *Can someone tell me the output of the*Gungnir? *Is it the same for single ended and XLR? Thanks for the help, Chip
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