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  1. Well after almost 15 years the unthinkable has happened, I have exceeded the 50,000 track limit of the Sonos. I knew it would happen at some point but didn't honestly think it would take this long. I also didn't think that when it did happen there wouldn't be a clear alternative. Interestingly, I am still using the Sonos but using JRiver and JRemote to control it. Just means that the Sonos library is not complete which is a but frustrating. So, although I am over the limit I can still pretty much use it. The kids mostly use streaming services on theirs so they haven't even notice that recent stuff isn't in the library on the Sonos. They can't be bothered to figure out JRemote. So, while I have hit the limit I am not in a big hurry to move on yet. Anyone else come up against this and what have you done? Bonus, anyone still have some now useless CR100 controllers? I was very sad when they made them useless.
  2. I ended up getting a Fiios FX7 Mk II. Hate the interface, hate android and I don't think it sounds as good as the Pono. But, it can hold a lot more music thanks to two microSD card slots and doesn't take as long to boot. I haven't been travelling as much as I was so haven't been using it as much as I was the Pono.
  3. I did this a couple years ago and bought a simple portable Tascam digital recorder (don't remember the model but it cost about $120) which I then connected the phono pre-amplifier to. I recorded everything at 192khz/24bit and then ran them through vinyl studio and was very happy with the result. As recommended above depending on the state of your albums a good cleaning routine is critical. The nice thing about using the Tascam was that I would switch out the cards and be processing one album while recording the next one. I then sold the digital recorded for 80% of what I paid for it new. The whole process was easy once I got the routine down. The main challenge was setting levels on the recorder. After doing it a while I got very good at it and when I brought the albums into Vinyl Studio had very little clipping. As I knew most of the albums quite well I would do sample needle drops in loud portions of the album to get an idea of the peaks on the album. I did most of the recording quietly, that is I didn't have any of the music playing which meant I had to keep an eye on the turntable to see when it was done. I did about 150 albums over a couple months.
  4. I am not hopeful for anything turning up and have replaced most stuff. Yes, the cables and do-dads that litter a briefcase these days do add up.
  5. I wonder too especially since it was an LE version as well. I have to wonder what the thieves will do with a lot of what was in the briefcase since the laptop was encrypted and password protected, the iPad was likewise locked down and the Ponoplayer is an LE version. The police have all the serial numbers and details so they are traceable. I'll take a look at the Sony but have been burned in the past with proprietary Sony formats so a bit hesitant with them.
  6. Wow, there are a lot out there and most of these I have never heard of. Thanks!
  7. You nailed the problems with the Pono. That load time to the internal memory drove me nuts and the solution to never power it down was a nightmare as well as the battery was not great. The display never bothered me much as I mostly put on a playlist and put it back in its case. I have been toying with the idea of buying another Pono on Ebay but was hoping the world had evolved since the Pono came out. Thanks!
  8. Recently had my Ponoplayer stolen as part of a car break-in on a business trip. While it wasn't my ideal player, I carry my Ponoplayer for music listening while travelling and now find myself in the position of having to replace it. I am looking for suggestions from the collective wisdom and experience out there. A new player needs to meet as many of the the following criteria as possible: Portable - obviously. Some sort of reasonable size or form factor to live in a briefcase. Also should be reasonably rugged or have a case as it will live in my briefcase. Able to play flac, alac and DSD files. I have a mix of these in my collection so it needs to be able to play them. ~$400-600 price range Expandable storage (preferably the more the better through SD, microSD or even internal SSD card) Easy simple operation (easy to load music onto the player with standard apps (i.e. JRiver), fast load time on start-up, this is a DAP not a smart phone so really just need music playing capabilities) Reasonably good sound. I mostly use it with Bose Quiet Comfort 20 earbuds on a plane. I did like the sound quality of the Ponoplayer as it was step up from my iPod classic I had before that. Thanks for any and all suggestions. Would be helpful if you provide pros/cons against my criteria when you suggest.
  9. A NUC is a great way to go and with a fanless design it keeps the noise down. I like the idea of keeping the NAS and music server separate so you can upgrade improve them separately. The NAS is focused on file serving and the NUC on the music. You will want a bit of horsepower to run Roon Core and the NUC can provide that without having to stress the NAS or buy a new one.
  10. Yes, using the Intel site is eventually that is how I got to the bare board at SimplyNUC as it is almost impossible to find it otherwise. They were the only people that actually had stock. I ended up getting the Akasa case on Amazon but had to wait a couple weeks. Not sure if it is because it is new or because of demand that it took a while but it did come from the UK apparently. My original Akasa case I bought directly from Akasa in Taiwan prior to its general release as a developer's prototype. Having my own company (not in the IT industry) can be useful. Akasa makes great fanless cases for the NUC which is why I went back to them. Good for them if the demand is increasing as it should. It was a very easy build and everything fit well. I have been watching the temps on the core and am hovering around 35C which is great. Granted with the work it is doing that processor is idling.
  11. I just did the same build and was planning to post some pics but your post covers everything. I just went with a Windows 10 and JRMC install but the hardware is almost identical. Had a bit of problems sourcing the Intel NUC7i7BDNE board but got one from a company called SimplyNUC. The want to sell it with RAM and SSD but you can get the bareboard. I had an SSD and only needed to buy the RAM which I got elsewhere. The case was ordered on Amazon and took two weeks to arrive. It was easier to build than my previous build I did a couple years ago using an i5 NUC board and the first Akasa fanless case. One thing I noted was that this does not have an IR receiver while my older one did. I used an IR remote for a while but haven't used it in a long time so not a major loss. My NUC does double duty as a home theatre player for which I have VLC installed. That first smoke test is always a bit of a pucker moment while you wait for it to boot up and come to life.
  12. The Synology DSM software will work as a Time Machine backup.
  13. Funny, just noticed the banner for the Superphonica features a cassette tape and a consumer grade reel to reel tape. Seems odd for this site.
  14. Just because you bought it on Amazon doesn't mean it isn't a fake or somehow otherwise not what it was advertised to be. There are a lot of fake cards on Amazon. Be very careful. I would suggest checking if very carefully before proceeding to use it.
  15. I rename the multiple sets like the previous posters to have the same title, cover art, etc. but I use the disc number feature in JRiver and number them accordingly. DBPoweramp usually gets this right as well but I do check as it isn't always perfect. In JRiver it usually sorts them properly i.e. by disc then track. In the digital era disc separations make less and less sense for a multi-set as the splits between discs were usually because of capacity issues of the media.
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