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  1. agree totally. cat fighting aside, no need to argue which forums is saying what and flaming or banning who. Hope this thread does not turn sour. i like Ca for it's information and general acceptance of others. So it would be nice to keep things civil. Though to go on record and accuse other manufacturers of having a flaw in their design where as it your own design that is flawed does not inspire confidence in people. Screws ups happen all the time and we all make them as much as the other guy but then to not admit it and blame others is hard to stomach. I do feel sorry for those who have paid as their lps is worthless a lot less than what they paid for at the initial discount. Put it another way, given the screaming 70% off deals has any backer of a geek product actually sold their product for a profit however small ?
  2. Personally, I would just go all out with the 104 model. It is damm annoying the memory cant be upgraded. The 4GB of ram should be sufficient and bootcamp is a nice bonus (though PITA to update/install).
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    Audio Critic

    I like Scott too - and Darko's style is good too.
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    Audio Critic

    I just did - as your box was full.
  5. LPS - Do you want fries with that (Laptop)? I appreciate and empathise with Larry Ho who is designing the LH gear all by his lonesome. This cannot be an easy task and you are to be commended (you know who loves a trier). We should also applaud the fact that you simply did something you felt was a good idea at the time. It worked with your "beat the snot out of all other mega buck dacs out there" Geek products and one or two others tried, so it is fine to go into production. But, it seems you were hasty as you did so without referencing the relevant online documents and considering the consequences and without sufficient testing. This is disconcerting. Then, in your video you point at other manufacturers’ designs (which are in fact in full compliance with USB standards) as the ones who made bad designs. Whereas in fact, it is your own design which is fundamentally flawed. This factual flaw is just plain unsporting. Publically available online documentation: WARNING to all readers: please read and understand for yourself as I learnt this the hard way when I messed with some USB cables I built and tried cutting grounds and had to look it up. I am sure other manufacturers like Audioquest, Ayre, Nuforce, Audioengine, HRT and many others are aware of this documentation and refer to it when designing their gear. So kids, do not try this at home or you may fry your gear. The following standardised information is not new and is something other manufacturers are already well aware of. The document "Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0" released by the USB Implementers Forum (USBIF) is the absolute reference standard for the USB 2 Bus. It can be downloaded freely from USB.org - Welcome. Yes, this is the organisation behind the USB standards/protocols so everyone from Hewlett-Packard to Samsung work to their documentation. Section 7 of this document clearly specifies the electrical requirements for the USB Bus to work. When reviewing this document, especially pages 141 and 142, it becomes clear that it is not permissible under USB Standards to simply break the ground connection from the Computer. Identification and handshake signals are ground referenced and not differential and needed before most devices will be able to initialise. If you cut the ground the reference between computer and dac is removed and you are likely to have non-working system. It goes without saying that the speed of data transmission has nothing to do with this. So it is clear that the LPS does not comply with the relevant USB standards and that it will simply not work with a wide range of USB peripherals. Which is why there are reports of failure to work as intended. If enough voltage is developed between computer ground and DAC ground not only will the handshake and identification signal fail, but so will the data transfer. Worse still, by simply removing the ground it is possible that in some systems enough voltage will be developed between the computer ground and the ground of the device attached to the LPS to damage either the computer USB port or the USB port of the attached device. How do I know? I dug deep to replace my fried laptop after an ill advised "USB Ground Lift" experiment (I hope the wife is not reading this...is that a new PC honey? No my love, it is the same one that I have had for the last couple of years). My advice to Larry Ho - you need to quickly re-design your LPS or you will get not just blown headphones but PCs that are fried landing back on your desk. I suggest strongly that if you are not sure, you listen to Gavin Fish whose recommendation to his customers who bought the LPS in the video is very sound (all joking aside) and is best observed by all LPS users: "I would recommend just not using LPS at all." This is not funny as it can be costly, just don’t do risk it as you may fry something and then mutter to yourself ”*&[email protected]~{. So Chartwell85, it is not your fault as you are not expected to know but on the contrary, the LPS is broken by design.
  6. Stereolab42, That seems quite a severe observation. I'm not au fait with Head-Fi and there are quite a few pages. Are you able to point out the quotes where employees attacked customers without revealing they are employees? I nearly pulled the trigger on the crowd-funding on the Pulse but had a sixth sense that it was too good to be true. I'm happy for them it hasnt quite turned out that way - I am just looking for new or used unit at the same price as the Funding.
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    Audio Critic

    Hi all. I meant HiFi Critic, not Audio Critic. Totally my bad.
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    Suggestions for Traditional Chinese Music

    Buddy - this is a great suggestion. Will check it out. Thank you. Not something I have come across before but what a great recommendation. Makes worth coming on CA - thank you.
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    Favorite Live Albums

    I have a few of these and can only recommend them highly.
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    Teac UD-501 DAC rebate $$$

    Nice deal! Quite an okay discount I guess.
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    Audio Critic

    Yes - used to subscribe. But cancelled. Over time (I mean I was a happy subscriber for 2-3 years), I found they only ever reviewed mainly $$$ expensive gear and it all came from a couple of the largest distributors in the UK - it looked too buddy for me. And they just love Chord, Naim and Roksan. Super fanboys. Even the Roksan designer's mega buck cables which were insanely expensive. But then they bashed other less expensive cables (though not cheap) for being expensive! Go figure. So I cancelled my subscription.
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    Favorite Live Albums

    Toni Bennet: Unplugged. Just bought it. Nice little gem.
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    Official OS X Yosemite Thread

    Too funny...too funny. On a more serious note, I just bought a MacBook Pro 15" with Retina. The one with 128SSD. Treating myself to a dedicated computer audio setup. Am looking for the audio playback software and will see where that takes me. In the meantime, has anyone encountered issues with Boot Camp Assistant? - when you download the Windows support software? Namely the flash drive - does it matter if it has been formatted to MS-DOS (FAT) or Fat32? I googled it and it seems it does cause issues. And is not as "smooth" as you like.
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    This I believe -

    Cute - really cute!