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  1. Melody Gardot, Norah Jones, Cecile McLorin Salvant, Concha Buika, Gillian Welch, Halie Loren, Jeanie Bryson, Katie Melua, Lhasa de Sela, Natalie Merchant, Mariza, Molly Johnson... C'mon!
  2. I'm running my tX-USBultra with UpTone LPS1.2 and I'm very pleased with the results!
  3. I'm using an UpTone JS-2 power supply with my e32 too and I'm very pleased with it!
  4. Great review and a long expected one, Austinpop! In a couple of words could you describe the differences between how each one (sNH-10G switch and then the tX-USBultra) reacted with the different PS? Was one of the SOtM's more susceptible than the other? Also, I understand that you have a tX-USBultra with a 12V input (as I do). Did you try to internally switch it to 9V? If so, does it sound better with the 9V or the 12V? Thanks!
  5. I use VNC and it works like a charm! P.S. It should be pretty bad although I've never tried!
  6. Any news, austinpop? I'm quite anxious to find out more about the Farad Super3... P.S. You can answer in any thread you like, of course. I don't want to start an OT discussion here!
  7. Any new info regarding the Farad PS? Any owners?
  8. I'm using an IsoTek Sigmas GII with an Optimum EVO3 cable and I'm very pleased with the results. And I'm using the power amp with it too - absolutely no loss in dynamics.
  9. I was wondering, has any of you tried to shorten the internal (and too long) MCX (male) to BNC (female) cable inside the tX-USBultra instead of replacing it? I have the 75ohm BNC clock input. Thanks!
  10. That's good to know. Can you be more specific about what Evox caps are we talking about? (value, link, etc.) Thanks! ☺️
  11. Can you tell us anything about the changes in sound?
  12. Can you be more specific about the sound improvement between the two versions?
  13. Is it a good idea that the original (and too long) MCX (male) to BNC (female) cable inside the tX-USBultra be shortened?
  14. Any suggestions for a shorter cable to replace the 40cm MCX (male) to BNC (female) cable inside a tX-USBultra that has a 75ohm clock input?
  15. Generally speaking what's the difference between Playpoint MkII and Sigma Streamer?
  16. Sorry but I can't check it. Can you be more descriptive? Thanks!
  17. I wonder what's on the mind of an exaSound Playpoint MkII owner when he sees that the streamer he has just bought a couple of months ago doesn't exist anymore - not even on a discontinued list on the official exaSound site. I also wonder when is the new e32 Mk III coming out... Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow... That means that in 6 days e32 Mk IV will be launched... So the e42 Mk I will be launched in about 3 weeks from now!
  18. I would definitely try an AQ Diamond if I were you...
  19. Any thoughts about ISORegen vs tX-USBUltra?
  20. My first DAC (not only a DAC but also a network music player) was the Slim Devices Squeezebox. After a while a decided to try a Weiss DAC 2 which I enjoyed for almost an year before jumping to a Lite DAC-83 (4xPCM1704K, fully balanced, totally discrete output stage, class A, Metal Can FET for LPR, non-negative feedback, separate power supply) used in conjunction with a Audiophilleo 2 USB2SPDIF convertor and an AQVox USB power supply. When opportunity arose I upgraded to an exaSound e20Mk III DAC that I've also used as a preamp too with my BAT VK-600SE power amp. Next was the exaSound e22, a small but worthwhile upgrade...
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