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  1. I am soon going to be in the market for a new DAC this summer. But first I wanted to post this to get some ideas going and get some thoughts out on the table from everyone regarding DSD capable DACs. So this is my question to you guys that are more familiar with this or just want to throw out their opinion. If you are looking to spend $1000 to $2000 on brand new DAC, do you think that it MUST be DSD capable? Do you think buying a DAC not being DSD capable in that price range is not getting the "entire" package? What is your opinion on this subject?
  2. Ive never tried them but im sure he wouldnt like them. He went nuts when we put a sock on him once when he had a small wound. I live in texas so i dont have to worry about snow. There is this cream they sell for the paws. It protects them from snow and heat and keeps their paws at temperature, so you wouldnt need to use booties all the time. You should check it out!
  3. Thanks! He likes wearing anything from sunglasses to hats! Excepts sweaters or clothing, he obviously has a furry jacket he has to carry with him everywhere!
  4. This picture is probably the best ive ever taken. Im no photographer and own no good cameras, just a simple point and shoot camera. This is my buddy, Bobby, he's here with me listening to dire straits as i type this. He is always moving and it is impossible to get a good picture of him. I was able to take this picture when something caught his attention! luckily i had my camera on hand, on and ready to take a picture! Hes my best friend!
  5. Thanks a lot Blake for the feedback! Ill definitely check out the SVS and Gallo TR-1D! thanks for the recommendations. I just want something enjoyable, i dont want the floor to rattle and make stuff fall off the shelves! So i think either the SVS or the Gallo will do a good job, Thanks again!
  6. Blake, how do you like the svsound subwoofer? I'm looking to get one and I've been eyeing the one you have, I actually didn't know you had it until I read your SIG. Awesome set up and gear you have, very lovely place as well!
  7. I have an HRT music streamer II and it does have that noise but at nearly max volume on my amp, other than i dont hear it at all at idle. The Schiit Modi does make a little more noise but not by a lot, its only $99 so i cant expect it to sound or be as precise as a Schiit Gungnir ($800). I say its your computer creating all that excessive noise... By the way, the Modi beats the HRT at sound quality, check out my review i did on the modi!
  8. I have a Modi and I do hear noise at idle with no music playing, but this is at nearly max volume on my amp. When playing music i don't hear it at all. Plus I don't think I'll ever have to turn it up at such volume to care about that noise.
  9. Why don't you give a dedicated music player a shot at on your Mac? I also noticed iTunes alone to sound a bit dead... But that all changed when I got Amarra Hi-FI, it made iTunes come alive. Then when I got Audirvana plus it got even better. Check out Audirvana plus, you can get a 15 day trial for free and it works along with iTunes or can be a stand alone player. Amarra also offers 15 day trials, check em out!
  10. I've never understood why people mix whiskey with coke.... Seems like a waste of whiskey to me! I don't usually drink... But when I do, I'll have some bourbon over ice. Preferably makers mark or buffalo trace.
  11. 1. Audivarna + (best music player at a reasonable price, excellent performance) 2. Schiit Modi (the best DAC hands down for $99) 3. AQ Dragonfly (the best portable DAC with great performance)
  12. Where do you obtain your DSD music from? i am trying to get into it but cant seem to find how to get a hold of it...
  13. Thanks Bill! it just keeps sounding better and better without a doubt. I just got it to try something new out, and i am glad i did since its better than what i had. I will be saving up this upcoming year to hopefully get the Gungnir DAC or the "statement" DAC they might announce.
  14. Thanks! i actually have that DVD! they nailed it on that performance! just excellent. AS for the DACs i only have the HRT so i cant speak much about the dragonfly... i assume the dragonfly is targeted for people who want great sound quality on the go with their laptops, but it has been reviewed very well. Even tough i would like to know how both stack up against one another.
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