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  1. If I have gleaned anything from this site, it's this: sound quality is in the ear/mind of the beholder. Jesus is wise to not go there.
  2. I agree. I have more classical music than any other genre, and my jazz collection comprises my second largest genre. You are much more knowledgable about classical music than I. The structure of Idagio allows me to not only find music of my choice, but also serves as a pedagogical tool. I have bit the bullet, and subscribe to both Qobuz and Idagio. Not ideal, but Idagio is helping me to learn more about the vast world of classical music. Qobuz allows one to conveniently choose a specific genre. Maybe Qobuz could develop a schema tailored to the requisite metadata parameters of classical music which would be evoked after one chose the Classical genre. Wishful thinking, I know!
  3. Thank you for the info about Roon's treatment of classical music. I have spent more time than I enjoy organizing my classical music, so I have been hesitant to pass the metadata on to Roon due to concerns about not liking the results.
  4. Actually, I like the way Idagio displays on my Macbook Pro. Also, I am tired of apps that fill small-screened mobile devices with icons and images when text would be much more efficient, displaying considerably more info on each screen. The fewer screens required to navigate, the more cohesive sets of data seem to me.
  5. Yes, I am a subscriber. I asked the question out of curiosity. There are many people on AS who appreciate classical music. I am puzzled by the apparent minimal interest in Idagio's streaming service. I know it has significant deficiencies, but it's not unique in this regard. I also think it is aesthetically inferior to a couple of very popular services I have seen. However, it is the only service I have used that seems to acknowledge the specific additional metadata required to perform meaningful searches and retrievals in the realm of classical music.
  6. I'm sorry Airplay did not work out for you. We share the same concerns regarding Idagio's lack of DLNA and gapless playback support. However, Idagio's unique use of classical music's metadata and related search schema are very strong draws for me. Each of the various streaming services I have used have their own particular strengths and weaknesses, so I find I subscribe to multiple services to fill in some of the various inadequacies. In my opinion, this is not ideal. At this point, I am reasonably satisfied with switching between Qobuz and Idagio for most of my needs. I prefer using my Macbook Pro as a control point. Using the Macbook Pro's Mission Control feature, I have set up three desktops; one for general computing, one for Qobuz, and one for Idagio. Since both streaming services support Airplay, I can use the Airplay emulator ShairPort on the ultraRendu and not have to reconfigure the ultraRendu. Thus, the process of switching between Qobuz and Idagio is accomplished simply by using the Control Right/Left Arrows. I applaud Idagio for taking classical music search and retrieval seriously. Now, if they address the DNLA and gapless playback issues ...
  7. Has anyone else checked out Idagio lately? I'm interested in what other people think about the present format.
  8. Print media catalogers have a long history of addressing issues similar to those facing producers of digital media. Here is a link describing one approach to this difficult task. U.S. Library of Congress' Cataloging in Publication Program
  9. I would love to see qobuz implement a search rational for classical music similar to the one used by Idagio. See on AS: IDAGIO - For Classical Music Lovers From mkozlows, October 14, 2018 "... what really makes the service [Idagio] is how well organized the UI is for classical. It has 'compositions' and 'performances' as a fundamental first-level concept, and that just completely changes the game for finding things. Searching for 'Tchaikovsky Symphony,' instead of giving you a zillion albums back (or, even worse, 10 zillion randomly-ordered tracks), gives you back a short list of compositions. And when you go into a composition, you can see the conductor/ensemble/date for it (and soloist and instrument where applicable)."
  10. Do you run Roon Core and JMRC on the same machine? I would like to do so, but from what I have read, my wonderful C.A.P.S. 2.0 is not up to the task. Can anyone recommend a replacement server that can handle both applications?
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