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  1. Print media catalogers have a long history of addressing issues similar to those facing producers of digital media. Here is a link describing one approach to this difficult task. U.S. Library of Congress' Cataloging in Publication Program
  2. I would love to see qobuz implement a search rational for classical music similar to the one used by Idagio. See on AS: IDAGIO - For Classical Music Lovers From mkozlows, October 14, 2018 "... what really makes the service [Idagio] is how well organized the UI is for classical. It has 'compositions' and 'performances' as a fundamental first-level concept, and that just completely changes the game for finding things. Searching for 'Tchaikovsky Symphony,' instead of giving you a zillion albums back (or, even worse, 10 zillion randomly-ordered tracks), gives you back a short list of compositions. And when you go into a composition, you can see the conductor/ensemble/date for it (and soloist and instrument where applicable)."
  3. Do you run Roon Core and JMRC on the same machine? I would like to do so, but from what I have read, my wonderful C.A.P.S. 2.0 is not up to the task. Can anyone recommend a replacement server that can handle both applications?
  4. +1 It seems to me a choice between a video and written review is unnecessarily restrictive. Each medium could be viewed as having its strengths and weaknesses, and a review could be constructed in a way that the two media are used in a complimentary fashion. By the way, Chris, I like the form-factor of the mysterious 1 TB USB drive. I want one.? What is it?
  5. If verifiability was critical to this avocation, I would not find talking about it very interesting.
  6. Everyone, Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and expertise. It looks like there is an alternative path I need to investigate.
  7. Hi All, I live in an area that has frequent power outages. I am considering using a Brickwall Eight-Outlet Audio Surge Protector in conjunction with a Hypex NCore NC400 stereo power amplifier. Can anyone suggest a reason(s) not to do so? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I read somewhere it's a modified flux capacitor designed for the Eiffel Tower. Or maybe I just dreamed it, not sure.
  9. Neck and Neck [ATTACH=CONFIG]32942[/ATTACH] +1 A charming recording. Wonderful interplay.
  10. Chris Connaker posted the following article on October 2009: Computer Audiophile CD Ripping Strategy and Methodology It think it is still well worth reading seven years later. From the article:
  11. I don't know what you are considering when you state JRiver has "no flexible library management." If you are looking for a specific set of functions, it may not provide those functions out of the box. However, if one is willing to explore JRiver Media Center's expression language, there is not much one cannot accomplish in terms of library management. The J River tips and techniques: user experiences repository thread on this website is a testimony to both the configurability and complexity of JRiver Media Center. In my experience, it's not unusual to find a proportional relationship between a specific software's flexiblity/configurablity and its learning curve. This has been my experience with JRiver Media Center.
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