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  1. On a side note, I have found Euphony's tech support to be excellent and very responsive. I have been going back and forth with Željko Vranić on my cover art issue. He has been working OT to try to figure it out.
  2. Maybe I wasn’t being clear. In order to get the Extreme to sound well with Roon, Emile and his team made adjustments to various settings in the Extreme. My point is that people can play with these same settings to fine tune their Extreme to their listening preference.
  3. Emile is a master but his ears are different than everyone else’s. People should learn more about how to tune the Extreme so they can make changes that fit their preferred sound. Just like different tubes sound different to everyone else, computer tuning does too.
  4. Yes, that is happening too. Taiko is in beta testing now for the TAS (Taiko Audio Software) which will be an option for Extreme users to use instead of Roon. In the meantime, Taiko did some tweaking of people's Extremes to help "improve" the sound with Roon. I am in the camp that doesn't feel that Roon has killed the sound. There are so many moving parts with digital music that any change to software can cause audible differences. My understanding is that Taiko made modifications to various Windows OS settings to compensate. I don't own an Extreme so this is just speculation. What is ironic is that for many years people viewed digital music and a convenient, plug and play experience. While that may be true for some, it is way more complicated than analog music based on my experiences with computer hardware, power supplies, network hardware and software. Every settings can make an audible difference.
  5. I could be wrong but I don't think Emile did anything to Roon itself. I believe all the tweaks were to the Extreme (Windows OS). It is possible that some of those tweaks could be applied to other servers but that would depend on the configuration of those servers.
  6. In Stylus, is there any way to sort the artist list by last name?
  7. I had no issue obtaining a license for Windows LTSC. I went through an online company, Advantech.com. First, you have to apply for a CLA license from Microsoft, which is free. The process requires you to apply on line. This part took less than 24 hours. All the information is available on Advantech's web site. After that I purchased an LTSC high-end license which was required since I am running a Ryzen 3700. They have to mail the license to you since the CLA agreement requires you to put a sticker on the case. Cost was about $150 in total.
  8. Thanks Bob. I can live without the temperature readings since I know I am ok. The album cover art issue is annoying and needs resolution.
  9. I just started using Euphony and Stylus and really like it. I have noticed that a lot of my album cover art is not showing up. Is this a known issue? Is there some way to nudge Stylus to re-read the cover art? I have run “update music library” but that didn’t do anything. Second oddity. For whatever reason I can’t get the CPU temperature to register. It always shows zero. The other metrics are fine (CPU utilization, memory, etc.).
  10. You can configure MC26 to start when Windows starts from within the program itself. Check one of the options menus.
  11. What is the power supply requirement for the Buffalo switch? 12V / 1A?
  12. Can anyone recommend an m.2 PCI adapter which takes a single m.2? This needs to fit into a low profile case. While I would love to find a way to make an ASUS Hyper card work, I can’t. I would like to explore what the sound differences will be using the PCI adapter vs. the 2nd m.2 slot on my motherboard.
  13. As is, the Sage motherboard won't fit into the case. If we are going to design something custom, all aspects of the size should be on the table.
  14. I assumed they are using PCIe bifurcation with the card.
  15. You would probably need a cooling riser so the pipes would clear the ATX connector. Frankly, I think the risers are better anyway since they increase the surface area and provide for more cooling.
  16. When I eventually move to a full size case my plan is to utilize one or 2 of these to hold m.2 cards. https://www.asus.com/Motherboard-Accessories/HYPER-M-2-X16-CARD-V2/
  17. This looks promising. We need @Nenon and others to chime in.
  18. I am still interested. My suggestion is that a subset of the interested group hold a discussion among themselves and agree on certain design features (size, cooling, etc.) and then run them by the group. People like Nenon and some others who have been deeply involved in custom builds and know the limitations of the current available cases should participate. One good data point with respect to size would be the Extreme case which we know can hold the Sage mobo with room for power supply components as well.
  19. I would definitely be interested subject to some of the prior comments.
  20. Maybe I haven't kept up with the trend but who has a milling machine?
  21. That’s what I thought. Just making sure I wasn’t missing something!
  22. Can you list the 4 devices you plan on powering with the DC4 and what the amperage output is for each of the rails? So many positive comments about Sean’s power supplies.
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