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  1. Folks, let's try to stick to listening experiences...
  2. I wanted to wait at least 2 days and after 4-5 listening sessions to post my initial feedback. The biggest difference I am noticing is a big drop in the noise floor. Whatever was there before is no longer masking some of the finer details in the music. While one can play the music lower because of this, I am finding that I want to play the music louder because it is that more pleasing and there is zero fatigue. It goes without saying that the “bang for the buck” with the EtherREGEN is extremely high.
  3. No. It wouldn't go to sleep a minute after finishing an album. Plus, then the DAC is off and it is no longer attached to the end point following the ER it does not occur. As I mentioned, I don't recall it happening before inserting the ER.
  4. Just another data point. Here is my setup: What I have been noticing is that I am periodically losing a connection on my IOS app with the Roon Server. This isn't happening when music is playing, only when I have paused the music or when the playlist or album has ended. The connection is eventually re-established within 10 seconds or so. I am not saying this is due to the ER but I don't recall this happening before I added the ER.
  5. As someone mentioned (I think), having feet underneath the ER should also help with air flow which may keep the unit slightly cooler.
  6. Perfect. I have been listening for a couple hours now with just one of the "A" ports populated. Tomorrow I will load the rest and report back in the other thread.
  7. Alex, did you guys do a good amount of testing to confirm that having multiple connections on the "A" side, including one to a wireless access point that I have in my room, should have no effect on the B-side? I know there is a "moat" and that's one of, if not the, main attributes of the ER. I just don't know how much these ethernet signals in a switch "contaminate" one another. I will do some of my own testing but if the answer is yes I can pull one of the switches from my main room.
  8. The pumps that are used to cool the entire case can be noisier. The pumps used just for the CPU are small and quiet.
  9. I used the Corsair Hydro Series, H100i PRO. You just have to check compatibility with your socket and your case. You need to check the size of the fans and associated radiator and what your case can fit. Which case are you planning on using?
  10. Kal, the fans are much louder than the pump. Frankly, I don't think I have ever heard the pump itself.
  11. I have used liquid cooling for over 5 years in multiple systems and have never had a leak. I supposed anything can occur but most gaming and high end computers use liquid cooling. I would not try build a system without it as this point. I find the air cooler to be too restrictive in terms of the height of the memory and the width of the case.
  12. I have used liquid cooler for the CPU in the last several builds so I don't have to worry about the height of the ram sticks. It is also much cleaner inside the case. Have you considered that? I use the Corsair Hydro Series.
  13. All things being equal, if I decide to use an LPS to power the ER, what would be preferable, a 7V DC which puts out 2A or 9V DC which puts out 1.5A?
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