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  1. When I eventually move to a full size case my plan is to utilize one or 2 of these to hold m.2 cards. https://www.asus.com/Motherboard-Accessories/HYPER-M-2-X16-CARD-V2/
  2. This looks promising. We need @Nenon and others to chime in.
  3. I am still interested. My suggestion is that a subset of the interested group hold a discussion among themselves and agree on certain design features (size, cooling, etc.) and then run them by the group. People like Nenon and some others who have been deeply involved in custom builds and know the limitations of the current available cases should participate. One good data point with respect to size would be the Extreme case which we know can hold the Sage mobo with room for power supply components as well.
  4. I would definitely be interested subject to some of the prior comments.
  5. Maybe I haven't kept up with the trend but who has a milling machine?
  6. That’s what I thought. Just making sure I wasn’t missing something!
  7. Can you list the 4 devices you plan on powering with the DC4 and what the amperage output is for each of the rails? So many positive comments about Sean’s power supplies.
  8. The Taiko Audio Extreme is very expensive but when you start adding some of the top available power supplies for the mobo, EPS and cards, the cost of a DIY server is going to exceed 10k. That isn't $25k but the gap continues to narrow. I wouldn't be surprised if Nenon's dual Xeon setup will exceed 15k if he powers it with 2 Sean Jacobs DC4s.
  9. Great points and something I have found to be the case as well even though I am not running an Extreme. My biggest roadblock now is that I would love to have my files loaded on a card inside the server and not pull them from my NAS. The issue is the amount of music I have.
  10. This isn't a direct comparison but I had a huge step up in sound quality going from: a single HDPlex 400W ATX powering the mobo and CPU to the HDPlex 400W direct to the CPU and a Keces P8 powering an HDPlex 800W DC-ATX.
  11. Where do the HDPlex 400W and 300w (I guess this is new) fall within the units you mentioned?
  12. Are there many other linear power supplies that are rated for more then 8A? I though the Sean Jacobs builds, like the DC4, are limited to 5A. I didn’t think that the Keces P8 was underpowered at either 19V or 12V.
  13. I have been trying to figure this out for myself as well since I have always had my music on a NAS. I have an 8 TB library. That would require a standard mechanical drive. Would that be quieter than a NAS given the HD vibrations and the fact that the SATA controller attaches to the PCH while my network card goes directly to the CPU (I think)?
  14. Can you post the Apacer part number for the RAM you used?
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