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  1. My main point was the in version 2.2, even after a reset via the service tool, the prior sound signature and digital filter selections were shown when AO was re-run. If I need to perform a Windows Server update should I first perform a reset, update the system and then rerun AO? That's what I have always done.
  2. Yes. That’s what I was trying to explain. Now, after a reset you don’t get that information. Maybe what i don’t get is why would you run AO again without a reset?
  3. I have reset optimization twice after the upgrade and neither time did it tell me what signature I was using previously.
  4. In 3.0 when you run AO it no longer tells you what sound signature and digital filter you used in the past. Is this an intended change?
  5. dminches

    HQ Player

    Upgrade to 4.x Questions I am currently running HQP 3.X with Roon. When I upgrade to 4.x what should I run, server or client and should I only be installing the one I need? Also, I am running this in WS 2016 with audiophile optimizer. Are there any compatibility issues with WS 2016?
  6. Just so I understand, you are staying that the only real critical section for fiber would be from my fiber optic switch to my ultraRendu? The path from the music server to the switch should is not critical?
  7. Are the advantages of fiber over copper not realized unless the entire data path, NAS to DAC are not fiber? Said another way, are there some advantages of having only part of the data path fiber?
  8. dminches

    HQ Player

    Oh! I honestly did not know that. I have always used an xRendu.
  9. dminches

    HQ Player

    I am installing a new OS on my music PC so I have to reinstall everything. Is NAA still needed? I noticed that I was able to play to my microRendu without first installing it. I can't recall what role the network audio daemon plays.
  10. Thanks. I don't see it on their web site so I emailed them.
  11. Should I be able to upgrade my microRendu to 2.7? It is currently running 2.3. The upgrade process starts and but says there is nothing to do and the SW remains at 2.3.
  12. dminches

    HQ Player

    I think I had the wrong version of qwave.dll. I copied an earlier version and now it works.
  13. dminches

    HQ Player

    I am running Windows Server 2012 R and can't get HQPlayer (latest desktop version) to run. I keep getting the 0xc000007b error. My version of WS 2012R is completely updated. Is there some other .Net Framework that I should be installing?
  14. Just another shout out to Larry at HD-Plex. His customer service is unequaled. I emailed him today with an issue, he helped me diagnose it and determined that I needed a new power supply. It is already shipped. I wish everyone provided this type of response. I will say there are a number of vendors here on AS who also treat their customers well.
  15. I just started using Roon with HQP and I guess my issues are well documented in that when I try to go to minimal server mode Roon control does not see my NAS. I have been running in GUI mode. It works fine and sounds fine but it seems like this isn’t optimized. What are my options here? Should I be changing the shell to HQPlayer? Should I be delaying log in to allow the network stack to load? Or, should I just be ok with the GUI since the sound quality isn’t that different?
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