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  1. Thanks. The issue with these Intel cards is that there are so many counterfeits. It is hard to know what is legit and what's not.
  2. Can anyone recommend a cooper Ethernet NIC that has drivers for Win Server 2016? My ASUS mobo doesn’t have any drivers for the onboard Ethernet controller so I am forced to use an add-on card. Any recommendations?
  3. dminches

    HQ Player

    Are you using CUDA off-load now?
  4. dminches

    HQ Player

    That is good to know. Sometimes a driver install won't work if the inf file requires the OS to exactly match the file.
  5. dminches

    HQ Player

    Cuda Off-load I am running HQ Player on a PC running Windows Server 2016. Nvidia is saying that there are no drivers for the Geforce RTX Series 20 products for the Windows Server OS. How are others using a graphics card for cuda off-load while running a windows server OS? Do I not need a driver since I am not using it for video? Will the Windows 10 driver work even though they are saying it isn't supported? Any guidance here would be appreciated.
  6. I did but it isn't 100% clear. First, John says "We found this issue in the opticalRendu development." Why wasn't this seen with the micro or ultra? This comment led me to wonder if this was fiber-related. I realize now it isn't. Second, I didn't understand what the oM had to do with this. It is part of the discussion but it seems like the oM is just passing data. This is why I asked my question.
  7. Thanks. Hopefully this means that if I move from my ultraRendu to an oM plus opticalRendu I won't have issues since my current setup doesn't.
  8. Are this flow control issues limited to fiber optic? If not, why don't people have these issues when just going ethernet to a microRendu?
  9. Is the 5V Channel Islands Audio power supply ok to use with the oM? I am asking because I already have one of those and would like to start there is it is acceptable.
  10. Are you saying that the uptone ultra cap LPS-1 at 5V isn't well matched with the oM?
  11. dminches

    HQ Player

    Should I uninstall desktop 4.1.0 before installing 4.1.1? Is this the preferred procedure?
  12. Just to confirm, you are recommending a chain of Ethernet -> opticalModule -> opticalRendu?
  13. Phil. I have 2 PCs as part of my setup. 1 PC runs Roon server. The other runs HQ Player. I have AO on both. Should I use the sames options for AO on the Roon server PC as I do on the HQ Player PC?
  14. I run Roon Server on one PC and HQ Player on a 2nd. What is the value/advantages of running AO on the Roon Server PC and should I just use the same settings that I am using on the HQ Player PC?
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