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  1. My only issue with the HDPlex case is that the clearance for the CPU pipes could be an issue. What I like about the Streacom cases is the ability to use a CPU cooling riser which not only gives you more flexibility in selecting a motherboard but I also think it cools better since there is a lot more surface area.
  2. Why not use a larger case, like the FC10, with a modified back panel so that you have more space and can use the cards vertically?
  3. Sorry for the simple question but can you explain why you are distinguishing between ATX and EPS? Can't they both be power from either an ATX PS or LPS plus regulators? I am just trying to catch up on the lingo and distinction. TIA.
  4. Nenon, we need the updated pictures!
  5. I have been ordering Apacer memory directly from the Apacer. This way I know I am getting the right memory.
  6. The current top-of-the-line Extreme comes configured to run Roon only, not HQP. It can run HQP but I don't believe that is their recommendation configuration. The older unit did run HQ Player out of the box.
  7. I also thought that less powerful CPUs would result in lower noise levels. However, the folks at Taiko Audio who produce the Extreme and Evo found in their research and over-powered CPUs resulted in better, quieter sound. I can't confirm this since I haven't heard an Extreme but that's what drove their decision to have a dual Xeon configuration.
  8. I thought this could be accomplished by running the ATX off group 1 and the CPU off group 2.
  9. Are you saying that you can’t power the CPU from either group 1 or group 2 alone? I think I am confused.
  10. How come you split the powering of the CPU between group 1 and 2?
  11. Looking great. Can you explain the advantage of using the voltage regulators vs something like the HDPlex 800W DC-ATX module? I haven't seen another build using those regulators before.
  12. I see. You are suggesting to not use the 800W DC-ATX for the CPU but just for the 24 pin ATX.
  13. Can you power group 2 with only 12V? I can’t tell from the specs. I thought you needed at least 16V.
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