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  1. In your examples Roon is still running and that (negatively) affects sound quality.
  2. For what it's worth, there are many ways to configure Roon with respect to how it process your library. You may have some "bad" Roon setting which is making decisions about your library that are contrary to what you want. It isn't as though there is only 1 Roon approach. In the end, Euphony will sort your music based on the tags. In many ways it is much simpler than Roon which tries to apply its own view of your music into the library view.
  3. Apacer 75.B93GZ.G000B is an option. It is not wide temperature like D31 but it should work.
  4. I am not sure why having multiple albums in a folder is an issue. That’s how my entire music collection is organized. I have a folder for each artist and within that folder I have folders for each album. Euphony has no issues with that. My only pet peeve is that if you have a CD1 and CD2 folder they will appear as separate albums even if all the tags are the same.
  5. Why is Euphony at fault if the tags are wrong? Every software program manages tags differently and has its own convention. I have had issues with Roon at times as well.
  6. Is it possible to register your HQ Player license for Euphony if you have an existing license? I have a license for 4.x. The Euphony process seems to imply that you are getting a license to use in Euphony. Maybe I need to get an embedded license.
  7. I thought this would be easy... I installed the new card and send the new fingerprint via a support ticket. I was sent a new voucher code. When I enter it on the registration page I am getting an "incorrect voucher code" error. I emailed them about it but I haven't gotten a response. Hopefully this gets resolved quickly. My error. I wasn't entering it in the right place. All set.
  8. My guess is that your tags are different and that's why they files show up as different albums. If they are in different folders they will show up separately as well. Any chance you can put 2 tracks that you think should be in the same album in dropbox and we can look at the tags?
  9. And where do I get the fingerprint? Does Euphony produce it?
  10. What is the process for moving a license to a new net card? I am upgrading to the JCAT XE.
  11. It uses JL Sound. Drop Fred a line and see what he says.
  12. I just tried a 192k file. No click. I have a Lampizator Pacific.
  13. I was playing a 16/44.1 file and then went to a 16/48 file. No click. My experience has been that this is always the DAC. One of my DACs doesn’t like changes in sampling frequency. I don’t get a pop but I have to cycle through the inputs to get it to re-lock on the signal.
  14. Isn't that what I said (with a type of "is" instead of "if")? Even many of today's high powered Intel motherboards have onboard graphics support. Many AMD don't seem to.
  15. No matter how much Emile contributes to this effort I don’t think what people end up with will be the equivalent of an Extreme. That doesn’t mean the final product won’t be great, but the only way to get an Extreme (hardware, customer service, some upgrade options, etc) is to buy an Extreme. Buying one costs over $25k so spending $15k is quite a bit less, albeit still expensive. I certainly understand how people would consider a commercial product if they were laying out $15k.
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