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  1. Thanks for the comment Mitch. I have a DDRC-22D that I have had in and out of my system using Dynaudio 60XDs (the successor to the 600). It definitely fixes the bass, which in my room becomes too wooly uncorrected. I also have run Dirac full range which also works well as the 22D has four presets that allow different curves or cutoff. I was just wondering if it messed up the time alignment but it looks like your review actually speaks about that.
  2. A while back you reviewed the Dynaudio Focus 600XD and raved about this speaker. Additionally you discussed its step response and its importance. Would Dirac benefit this type of active speaker and in doing so, would the step response be compromised?
  3. I do think you're right that it is a function of HDMI and how the computer is interfacing with the internal DAC of the receiver. I assume most folks are interfacing via USB but HDMI offers so many advantages in my opinion that I wanted a solution that could utilize it.
  4. Well, I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I cannot overlay any additional processing on the Audirvana files, as the receiver always sees 7.1. It's not a big deal as I also have a Sonos system that outputs two channel as two channel, in fact, it only does two channel at 16/44. At least bass management works properly so my sub is outputting below 100hz. Thanks for the help on this.
  5. I did and it still reverts to multichannel. It's definitely a result of connecting via HDMI. I'll live with it and listen in the native format.
  6. I emailed the Audirvana developer and he said to try the setting "Use as Stereo Only" when playing two channel files. I don't really like the idea of having to change settings every time a file format changes. Might just be a bug as I wouldn't consider it a feature. And thanks for the welcome, David!
  7. Within AudioMidi or Audirvana preferences? I will need to do it when I get home but I sure can.
  8. Definitely not. Same result, two very different receivers, an Onkyo and a Yammie. it is a setting either in the AudiMidi app or within Audirvana itself. When I use iTunes via HDMI, the problem disappears and the tracks play as recorded.
  9. I may be missing something here, but Audirvana plus outputs a 7.1 signal no matter what the Audio Midi Setup. I only have a 5.1 system. If I play a DSD file with 5.1 channels, it plays the file perfectly. If I play a 2.0 PCM file, sound come out of two speakers, but when I look at the receiver display, it says "7.1 channels". This normally wouldn't be an issue, but I occasionally like to overlay Dolby PLII music on my orchestral 2.0 files, and since the DAC in the receiver is seeing 7.1 channels, it won't allow me to. I am using the latest Mac Mini connected to my receiver via HDMI. Is this a setting in the Audirvana preferences that I am missing? Thanks for any help on this.
  10. Tonygeno

    Audirvana 1.4

    What mood would suggest the use of one or the other?
  11. Tonygeno

    Audirvana 1.4

    For me, since I am controlling the music remotely, iTunes integration is essential. With 1200 albums, I couldn't imagine trying to choose what to listen to based on folders via VNC.
  12. Tonygeno

    Audirvana 1.4

    Well, as was suggested, I relaunched Audirvana+ with iTunes integration and sorted the order of the songs in song view by Album, and lo and behold, it seems to be working perfectly. I am wondering whether I hadn't followed Damien's suggestion perfectly before. Maybe I wasn't in song view at the time. So, to update my original post, Audirvana+ is worth the money and works great.
  13. Tonygeno

    Audirvana 1.4

    So you're not using iTunes integration? That's where I'm having the problem.
  14. Tonygeno

    Audirvana 1.4

    But evidently not unheard of. Damien was not unfamiliar with the issue.
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