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  1. Are used to be an architect and over a ten-year period we built, and I designed all of the radio facilities in New York City. Our tagline was humanizing the media workspace. Davy Jones of the Monkees said that my WPLJ studio was the best feeling studio he had ever been in. I was fortunate to work with a really brilliant acoustic engineer. Once when hiding some big box speakers in a soffit he told me to align the face of the speaker with the plane of the soffit. Doing this essentially makes the adjacent soffit part of the cabinets reflective surface. in the picture below I have used the face
  2. I love the balls in the groove of the bamboo cutting blocks! I am also about to foray into improved vibration isolation. I called them the azure plinths. I used three-quarter inch plywood left over from my other lock down project They are different thicknesses based on what will fit on the rack and still have room for a weight on top. they will be sitting on industrial felt. And old-school, Analog only friend of mine who sells vintage tubes suggested the industrial felt along with the mass of the plinths. has anyone tried industrial felt? I am consi
  3. Did you see that AudioLinux had posted the wrong 2.5 they had posted the 2.5 for pink faun. now they have posted the correct 2.5
  4. I received the SFP transceiver. The way it arrived was strange, I’m alone in my house installing four cabinets under the stairs, with 25 drawers and trays. I started it when it looked like they were going to shut down the world and ordered 11 sheets of plywood. I noticed my front door was open, which was strange because no one else is here, and I looked and there was a package. It is the transceiver, that fast. if the door had not opened it would’ve sat there all day. I installed it, and no light at first. I power cycled it and after a little while, a yellow light ca
  5. Very cool, thank you. I am trying to get my infrastructure prepared for the next batch of the optical modules. from my Verizon FiOS router, this TP Link converter will send to my Cisco switch which has everything else in the house on it including the Wi-Fi. The OM will go from the router to the EtherRegen which will then feed my server. all of this is exciting, but it is very hard work. everything sounds wonderful now.
  6. I will look at the manual to see what it says about factory default, thank you. I will bet that is probably the SFP. At the last minute when ordering, I ordered the TP Link SFP. I was told by TP link that it would work with my switch. And I knew it would be compatible with the TP Link converter. The leadtime for the Cisco SFP was longer, so I changed my mind at the last minute. it took me forever, hours, to determine the specifications for the switch. I got bounced all over Cisco, only to find that they wouldn’t really tell me anything because they don’t support that sw
  7. Thank you. The issue is on the Cisco switch. i’ve had it for a long time now, I do remember holding down the button on the front when I first got it. So I think it has been reset. I used an ethernet cable and connected it to my Mac book pro. I put into the browser , It did not work I tried the consul port and a regular port on the switch. I tried two different ethernet cables. I unplugged it and plugged it back in so that it would power cycle. it looks like I’m doing pretty well here😃
  8. I installed an SPF into my Cisco WS-C2960-8TC-Si and when I hook everything up the indicator LED lights are not coming on. I have been using this switch for a wile and I wanted to upgrade the connection from the switch to the router with FO. I purchased a TP-Link MC200CM Gigabit Multi-mode Media converter. An OM3 50/125 um Duplex FO patch cable. TP-Link TL-SM311LM 1000base-SX MMF Mini GBIC Module. The module is the one recommended by TP-Link to work with the converter and TP-Link said that it will work with my Cisco Switch. I checked the they are both 850nm and the spec
  9. Good Day Audio Friends, I have not used Euphony Stylus yet. I am building a new system and this will be my operating system and player. I am considering putting my equipment rack in the basement, but my speakers are on the first floor of the house, which means that The volume control on my preamp will not be accessible and the remote for my preamp will not work also. Does Stylus have digital volume control and what is your experience with it, please? Does this sound like a good idea to you? Thank you
  10. I get your question. Should you plug your NAS into your Edge router or should you plug it into your EtherRegen. I think it is a very good question. Is it better to isolate your NAS before your FO by installing it on the edge router or after the FO by installing it on the EtherRegen. 1. Does having the NAS on the edge router reduce traffic to the Audio system 2. Does not having the NAS on the EtherRegen help the sound. there are two threads on AS where this would be better placed. EtherRegen and networking
  11. Over on the “what’s best” “ Extreme” thread they’re talking about The latest Roon release making a detrimental impact on sound quality. TA was able to fix this issue with some changes of the system. Do any of the extreme owners know if it was only changes to the Roon operating system? And if they saw what was done, can they share those changes here, please?
  12. I spoke to Verizon about the FiOS ONT. they told me that only the coax is currently enabled and in typical tech-support/sales mode, they told me that my current Internet speed is 75/75 but if I want to upgrade to 150/150 they would enable both the ethernet and the coax. They told me that at 150/150, with the FiOS TV going over the same coax, that the coax would be a bottleneck, but it is not a bottleneck for the current set up. Hmmmm I asked if I could have the ethernet enabled and have coax both running to my Verizon router and they told me as soon as I had the ethernet port enabled a
  13. Good day fine individuals, over on the “what’s best “- “extreme “ thread, One gentleman was working with Romaz to improve his networking. The suggestion was to install a separate dedicated network for the audio system, upstream of his EtherRegen. The product used was a ubiquity edge router. I asked the gentleman if he had to change all of the references to his IP addresses in his system, I did not get a clear answer, but it appeared that he did not. He said that he installed the router after his Verizon FiOS router, that he has all his other devices plugged into. Others suggested that
  14. Euphony playing Stylus, in a one box system directly to the DAC Is a special sauce I want to try. To do it I’m going to change the way I’ve been playing music for years, which is with HQ player. Eventhough it will be high powered I’m still thinking about it as an endpoint. I think people that continue to use HQplayer might want a two box system. Especially in the future if they think they are going to be able to use the EC modulators to DSD512. Who knows what the future will bring, but you might not be able to passively cool it. Regardless, you would not want
  15. That is exactly what I’m doing, putting all my hard earned cash in one place.😅 I was also trying to figure out how to use Roon without the sound penalty. I guess one variable here is that my Roon server would be xenon caps pipeline, with a good PSU. Who knows if it’ll make a difference? If the theory is that the other computer should be faster and a better quality system then it might help?. I really value your judgment, thank you. so you don’t use Roon?
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