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  1. I own the full version of Euphony on the pipeline computer and I am running it off a thumb drive. Now that I know that I cannot use the Optane for the OS, I realize that I am having an issue upgrading to the latest OS. The manual says to “ complete installation “ but I do not see this as an option. What do I do, please? I have the low power NVME SSD From my original pipeline build, with the SOTM SATA filter, I could power it from one of the rails of my HDPlex LPS. But, then I am breaking two rules one using SATA into using SSD. What would you do? maybe I can b
  2. I installed the M.2 drive on the adapter card into the PCIE slot. I used BIOS to assign EFI to that slot and I was able to see the Optane drive in Euphony. I used the euphony utility to copy the OS from the thumb drive onto the Optane. I was not able to boot from it. Even with the help of super micro support, No success. The tech said if the drive did not show up in the boot utility, it was never going to be able to use that drive to boot from. The good news is now I will be able to store some music on that 32 Gig Optane drive, the bad news is I have to figure out how to reformat that drive
  3. Hi Chopin - thank you for the reply. How I have my OS loaded was going to be my second question. The question I asked above is a basic navigation question. I don’t know my way around Linux/Euphony to find where a hard drive would be. I am inferring from your response when you say file manager, that on a separate windows or Apple computer, when I see my server on the network, I should be able to navigate to any hard drive on it. Is that correct? My current computer/server is in older CAPS Pipeline, with a supermicro motherboard and a Xeon CPU. There is currently n
  4. How do I read or write to a hard drive in Euphony? How do I even see a hard drive in Euphony? my motherboard is older and does not have a M2 slot. I have a 32 GB Optane M2 memory and a PCIE adapter card. I would like to see if I can use it like a hard drive to load some songs, but I am not sure where or how to look. Thank you
  5. Do you use a preamp that has infrared? I use an infrared repeater. Because my system is in the basement and my listening room is on the first floor, I have wired an infrared repeater, which is a little IR light that you tape over the infrared receiver on your preamp or DAC or however you control your volume. These are wired connections and you use your Remote from where ever you have placed a wired receiver, which can be anywhere. It works great for me when I am on the first floor and when I am in the basement using my headphones. And, the real volume adjustment remains in the analog
  6. I just posted this on the “novel “thread, by accident, I intended to post it here. I put in my feature request to have Roon serve up files and URLs to the engine/player of my choice. this is your chance to back me up if you think it is a good idea😁 signed - Johnny Storm
  7. I put in my Feature request in Roon. Here is your chance to back me up. please see below. I put in a request for Roon to just serve up the file or URL. 😎🎶
  8. I went over and asked Jussi how Roon communicates with HQPayer. It sounds like the worst case scenario. Roon interacts with the file or the stream and converts it, if it has to, and delivers it as a stream to HQplayer, no matter where it is. Even if it is in the same server. I asked the question in three different posts, with as much detail as I could, The last question is the link above. Now it looks like the only way to get Roon to just curate the stream or file and hand it over as a URL to a player like you Euphony, would be for Roon two make another product or
  9. Thank you for the answer. if I have Roon core on a separate computer and a file/song on my NAS and HQplayer on my server, then If I am understanding you correctly Roon open that file on the NAS and turns it into a stream, then streams is it over ethernet to my server for HQplayer to process. It does not tell HQ player where to find that file and then HQplayer opens the file? and, it is the same if the file is streamed from Qobuz?
  10. Hi Jussi, Will you please help me understand how Roon communicates with HQPlayer? I assume Roon, with HQplayer as it’s engine sees HQplayer as an internal device? There are two instances when this happens: 1. Roon and HQplayer on the same device. 2. Roon core on one computer and HQ player on your server. also, there are two different file/location instances. 1. Local files stored on your server OR stored on the local network on your NAS. 2. Streamed data from i.e. Qobuz. Are these presented to HQplayer as a file or a
  11. Earlier, some users with low amounts of RAM said that the 4.9 was increasing their ram use to where they had an issue. possibly, 4.9 is doing something different with RAM?
  12. I appreciate all the feedback on how Roon reacts with your server/endpoint and how the added ethernet traffic affects sound quality, Thank you very much. I have still have the burning question, what method is Roon using when it speaks to HQplayer, which it believes Roon sees as an internal process. There are two instances when Roon talks to HQ player 1 when Roon core communicates with HQP on a separate device 2 when Roon communicates with HQP in the same device. Is it delivering a stream or is it delivering an address. I am guessing that it is
  13. Thank you for the response. I have seen some of the interactions over there, and it is surprising and sad. putting that aside; you say that it will not serve URLs to exterior programs, it considers HQplayer and interior program. How does it handle the data flow to HQplayer? In the same Spirit that we are doing a “hack“ that uses HQP protocol for streaming to the NAA, to get around some limitations, couldn’t the receiving software like Euphony do some sort of hack that picks up the data intended for HQplayer and substitute Stylus? Perhaps, and
  14. Is Roon sending a stream when HQplayer is processing the file? Is HQplayer handling the whole processing of the file? Is it that Roon doesn’t serve up the URLs or that they will not give the URL out of principle? If the song you choose is on Qobuz, all it would have to do is point to that Qobuz file. and, I’m not talking about Roon talking to the endpoint it is communicating with the server. With Roon on my Nas and HQplayer on my server, HQplayer processes a file served up by Roon. Or do I have it wrong? Are you saying that my Roon on my Nas is strea
  15. I did try that, thank you. I found that Stylus sending to stylusEP, to sound better than Roon or HQplayer or anything else sending to stylusEP or NAA. So why can’t I use Roon to curate the files. Just point to it and Stylus picks it up and plays it. Roon, or whatever player you like tells your server, for example playing stylus, this is the next file you were going to play. Stylus on your server, waiting for that information, says thank you, and it plays the file that is presented to it. They are all dealing in ethernet URLs anyway. Unless it’s on
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