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  1. Bryston BCD-3, without question. I had a BCD-1, and if you can find one of those used that would truly be a bargoon. https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/bryston-bcd-3-cd-player/ The best CD player that's ever been built, and ever will be. Leaving out the glass portholes, blue LEDs, $5,000 milled aluminum cases whataya got? A transport - bought from people who do that sort of thing. A Digital to Analog converter on a chip - bought from people who make those by the gazillions. And - the knowledge, experience and expertise to design and tweak
  2. Deleted.
  3. In looking through my files I realized that I had written a long winded article on this very topic a number of years ago. I just posted it up on the Canuck Audio Mart, being Canadian, but it may be of interest here as well. The photo is outdated, but I'm reluctant to do any edits - just because. The Pros and Cons of Buying New LPs TL; DR: If you want great sound, maybe buy a CD. If you like LPs just because, that’s OK. A bit of background – I’ve been buying and playing LPs since the late 70’s. I consider myself an audiophile and have a system that is highly r
  4. It's a tenuous connection, so please bear with me but in this case I vote for Brigadoon, from 1954. My wife loves musicals, even better if there's lots of dancing involved. I was listening to The Waterboys, The Whole of the Moon from This Is The Sea - released in 1985.. "I saw a rain dirty valley, You saw Brigadoon...." Turning to my wife I asked her what's Brigadoon? Well, nothing would do but that was quickly ordered and then cued up for Friday night at the movies. It was a good movie, if you like that sort of thing. Lots of singing
  5. You know, I can't say that I blame most folks for getting rid of their turntable. And I've always wondered how many of them were ever setup correctly in the first place. Over the years I've accumulated all of the test and setup tools that I need to do a proper setup, but it takes time, skill and patience - and a budget. I despair at the kids buying those cheap $100 turntables and playing their $30 records on them. One play, and it's likely ruined. For me, even with all the albums recorded I can't think of why I would want to get rid of my turntable. It
  6. I suppose we all came at things from a different angle. My motivation for recording all of my LPs (about 1,500) was twofold. First, as part of a downsizing exercise I didn't want to move them ever again. Secondly, sometimes being a bit lazy and not wanting to play an LP I found the convenience of a music server and remote control a highly attractive option. I also found that the sound quality from the LPs was better or certainly no worse than a CD of the same title. From a cost savings perspective, being able to record an LP I already had as opposed t
  7. If you use Roon on occasion, then you might want to consider going to a NUC and storing your music on an external USB drive rather than using a NAS. It's a simple and direct way of accessing your music without a lot of network jumps for the music to get from a server to your DAC. If you have hardware that is Roon Ready that will certainly optimize the sound quality, particularly if you have Roon Ready hardware. Let us know how it works out for you!
  8. Edit: Sorry, the Monitor Out jacks are for video, no audio. For audio, use the CDR/Tape Out jacks. What you may want to do is pick up something like this NAD unit: https://www.amazon.com/NAD-PP4-Digital-Phono-Preamplifier/dp/B00DUJRGNC/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 It's designed specifically for what you want to do.
  9. It would be better if you used the Monitor Out jacks, that's what they're for - to record anything that's being played without the volume control and other processing having any effect. Without getting into the technical stuff of things, how many LP's do you have and what condition are they in? At the end of the day, the quality of your recording is dependent on your turntable, cartridge and phono stage. There's nothing wrong with your turntable or receiver, but there's nothing magical about 24 bit digital either. Going back to before the Ne
  10. You can be as insulting as you like, it makes little difference to me and unfortunately is becoming only too common here. Disagree with someone? Insult them. It's cheap and it's poorly done. As I mentioned to others, my bona fides and experience with design/build of anything was never intended to be a topic of discussion and won't be. Case closed, because it just doesn't matter. If you, and so many others actually went back and read the OP, it was with a detailed and specific focus on outboard linear power supplies only, not that you seem to know or ca
  11. I'm guessing pedantic is your middle name. Whether ferrite core or bead for RF filtering, there is also a choke coil as part of an RC network to filter the output of a power supply. Edit: It took some doing, as I've never done it before, but i managed to add you to something called an ignore list. Ah. Peace, blissful silence. The birds twittering, the chipmunks chirping, not a care in the world.
  12. Gentlemen, I think we're talking about two different things. A ferrite bead is a passive device installed on the outside of an interconnect and that will absorb RF interference. A choke, or choke coil is part of an active RC circuit generally used in power supplies.
  13. I threw mine away, had about 1,000 of them and didn't want to move them yet again. I'm in Canada and the laws are a bit different but along the same lines. However, my thought is what was the intent of that law in the first place? I rip the CDs that I bought, throw them away and keep the music. Who's been harmed? The record labels, who lobbied to have a blank cassette tape tax and a VHS tape tax, and laws that "if you don't own the physical copy you can't keep the music?" Those guys? I couldn't care less about them or their protectionist self interest
  14. Alex, Max and Jax have been on a raw meat diet since about a year old. Pork tenderloin and chicken breast, cut and frozen with Performatrin Ultra can in the mornings to make up for what not eating a mouse doesn't provide. Maybe we should start a thread about suitable diets for cats? Be well, Stephen
  15. John, Always appreciate your thoughts. My father was a Mining Engineer and retired as a Mine Manager. The most telling point that he ever said and that I remember is that "An engineer is someone who can do for 10 cents that anyone else can do for a dollar". Know your materials, do your calculations, extrapolate a finite lifespan, determine a cost and then work out a build plan. A designer essentially can be the same person without the legal liability. Stephen
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