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  1. That's a mighty pretty turntable. But I still question the nostalgia for idler wheel turntables designed post WWII. For that kind of money you could buy something that incorporates all of the latest design elements and that has a wonderful sound. If, of course, that it your goal.
  2. It sounds like you're looking for a DXF file that will give you the information you need - perhaps Allo an provide you with that if you ask them directly - either that or a PDF that you can convert to vector. Alternately, leave enough depth so that cable connections have some flexibility. From what I can see, the Allo can be oriented to suit the best solution for you.
  3. There is a world, one that now seems to be elusive, where with the acknowledgment and acceptance of the facts we discuss with decorum and probity. If, it would seem we've made our point then a less antagonistic position might find more general acceptance. When you win, win graciously.
  4. I was trying to say in a diplomatic fashion that we may be giving MQA far too much credence and too much attention. Other than this site, I see no mention of it anywhere else - other than links back to this site; but then maybe I don't get out much. All good, I don't have a problem with that. If it's going to be anti-MQA all day, every day then I'm fine with that. There have been other issues in the audiophile world in the past few years that didn't receive any attention, or that were disparaged with no counter from people who supposedly knew better.
  5. I was responding to botrytis, who has mentioned a few times recently of his firm belief in data and how that's relevant to what he does. I was simply mentioning that while data can be valid, it should never be regarded as an absolute - nothing more than that. The sun used to revolve around the earth, but apparently it's the other way round. The conversation reminds me of that BBC series a while back - "The Day the Universe Changed" by James Burke. The recurring theme was how our perception of how things are affects our reality, and how science and technology have changed our
  6. As I've mentioned before, data is data until it isn't. Case in point, electron flow. Is it from positive to negative, or the opposite? For the sake of argument, presume this is before the semiconductor evolution and the realization of majority and minority carriers. Scientists performed elaborate and exhaustive testing of current flow using the best tools they had - a spark gap test and visual observation. The results are conclusive, and cannot be disputed. Current flow is from positive to negative. We publish text books for the next century explaining
  7. Hi. I'm confused as to whether you're asking a technical or a sound quality question. I think your question is that you're unhappy with the sound from your Marantz PM7200? In all fairness, that would be considered as a budget integrated amplifier at best, available for maybe a few hundred dollars. Good sound comes from three things. 1. The source material - whether LP, CD or streaming tracks - wherever you find the music, how close is it to the studio master? 2. The playback electronics. You can have the best recording in the wo
  8. Welcome. Audiophiles normally recommend something that's really expensive. I'm guessing that you have a turntable (please, don't ever say "vinyl player") with a small built in preamp that can drive a couple of small bookshelf speakers? I don't know why you would say that you want "warm sounding" because you listen to Jazz. Whether it's Jonah Jones or Meade Lux Lewis, the goal of audiophiles is to have the music play as close as possible to the way it was recorded. There's a lot that goes on between the microphone and the record, or the CD, and that's wha
  9. The data is the data until it isn't. Tuberculosis is caused by people breathing bad air. Oh, wait - turns out it's a bacterial infection. Stomach ulcers are caused from poor diet and stress. Again, it turns out the cause is bacterial. We should never consider or think that we know everything about everything, because we never will. A big moment for me as a technical type person was with visiting Newfoundland and Signal Hill in the capital of St. John's a couple of years ago. This is where Marconi, against all odds and fighting a consortium of the telegr
  10. No issues there. My point was that JA, as the editor of a publication needs to have some assurance as to not only the validity of the data but also of the intent. We exchanged comments the other week on how we both recall Stereo Review and Julian Hirsch. Lowest THD ever measured on any high powered amplifier! Yeah, doesn't sound very good but the numbers look great.
  11. Agreed, but there's two different conversations here - one for anonymous publishing of accurate technical data and another for the academic world of peer reviewed publishing. The former is open to market gaming if readers are not astute enough to question and verify - the latter is a different world that has been criticized for being a slow and cumbersome way of publishing any relevant data. Both comments are valid, but in different worlds.
  12. Botrytis, You're speaking in absolutes, and from your perspective only. As a scientist, I don't need to remind you that consideration for another viewpoint is part of critical thinking. You're speaking of publishing technical data in a technical publication that will be peer reviewed, vetted and then if published you will receive credit. All well and good. JA, not to speak for him or defend him, is describing a world where the article can be used as a sales or marketing tool, and as such is to be regarded with deep suspicion if the author isn't known.
  13. Back in the day, I had a full and complete set of original sealed PJ albums up to Backspacer. I was one of those people who, in the early 90's when it was obvious that LPs were dead didn't get rid of them, but bought more. Sometimes, with bands like PJ, I would buy two copies - one to play and one to save. When it looked like PJ were going to start to reissue I offered the whole collection up on eBay. Fittingly, a person in Seattle was successful in winning that. I always thing of it as the albums going home.......
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