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  1. I'm using a windows PC connected to my T+A Dac8 and is working fine, so for now I'll stay that way. Thanks anyway.
  2. Thank you One and a half. This is a very valuable information and it changes the whole approach. I'll continued seaching for an streamer that can upsample to DSD512 through my T+A DAC8. Any suggestions?
  3. Luminosa U1 and T+A DAC 8 DSD Hello, I understand that Lumin U1 is capable of DSD128 upsampling. I have an T+A DAC 8 DSD that is capable of DSD 512 upsampling. My question is: Can I upsample to DSD 512 with my DAC and Roon?
  4. Thank you for the recommendation. I'll be using HQP as soon as my i7 6700k is ready. I want to taste the beauty of oversampling to 512DSD everybody is talking about.
  5. I din't know I can leve it on all the time. I'll do that. So far I'm enjoying the music more than ever but I expect it'll take me to a different world as soon as I get assemble my audio computer+NAA and HQP doing the magic.
  6. I got a T+A DAC 8 DSD and USB Curious Cable. Also an Audio Computer + NAA (CL 100).
  7. Could you also please send me a PM with the price?
  8. Look for Crystal Cable (www.crystalcable.com). Fantastic quality. I've been using this cable with my Mac Mini - Minerva DAC and I'm more than happy.
  9. David N, Thank you again. I'll post any news on this issue.
  10. Hi David N, Thank you very much for the splendid information but I have a couple of doubts: 1. "Internally configurable": Do I have to open the amplifier and make any configuration? 2. "Switchable between direct out (no volume control) and variable output": How can I switch between them? Sorry for this silly questions.
  11. Since I'm in Spain and there is no distributor of Crystal Cable, I bought it directly from Crystal Cable in The Netherlands. I paid 492,24€ (including shipping and taxes) for a CrystalFire 0,5m. Sorry but I didn't audition any other high-end firewire cable. Cheers.
  12. I've own the Weiss Minerva DAC since November 2008 but I didn't finished my current setup till December 2008. The DAC was very sad for a month waiting for the rest of the "team". Since they started playing together the Minerva has shown all his potential. I think that the Minerva is the main responsible for the dynamics and the transparency of the music. All I can say is that I can listen to music for hours felling that I want more and more music. I almost can see the musicians in front of me. Thank you to Daniel Weiss for making such an amazing DAC. It has change my life!!
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