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  1. Is the Spotify app also applicable and will run with the SMS-100?
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    Thanks bibi01
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    Will HQ Player work with Windows Server 2012 R2?
  4. A network + Bluetooth streamer (similar to the SOTM SMS-200 or Auralic Mini Aries, but better)
  5. What's the most stable AO 2 version that should be installed todate?
  6. Was not able to check the task manager, but, both the AO shell set-up and the JR MC auto-load setting were both active. When I deactivated one of the settings the problem went away.
  7. Hi Phil, Finally solved the problem on the intermittently stopping audio and hanging. JRiver has a setting to automatically load upon start-up. Likewise, AO automatically start JRiver MC upon start-up thru the shell set-up. In order to prevent the problem, you only need to pick either AO or JR MC to perform the auto load. Having both to make the auto start-up will give you the problems I experienced. It appears that there will be 2 MCs loaded and competes with each other. For me, I selected the shell set-up of AO only and the problem disappeared. I also tested to have JR MC to do the auto load and it is also ok.
  8. Thanks Phil for the quick revert. I already have disabled the automatic library scan/import of Jriver previously. Is it possible that there are 2 JR MC running? One that is launched when JRiver MC was assigned as the shell during the AO setup installation? And the other which is in the shell registry?
  9. Dear Phil, I still am having problems with running AO 2.0 with Jriver MC22 wherein after a few tracks, the sound disappears and then when you stop the playing it hangs which will need to reboot. This happens in any mode even in GUI. Just to give you a history/background: 1. Previous to AO 2.0 I had the problem with running MC 21 which prompted me to edit the registry key to make MC21 as the shell. This worked well. 2. When I upgraded to AO 2.0 and JRiver MC22 I now have the problem where the sound will disappear after a few tracks or after a few minutes into the first track. I did not do any re-edit on the registry thinking that the new versions would have solved the shell boot process Now, last night, when troubleshooting to resolve the problem, I tried this ..... Once a fresh reboot of the system and MC22 completed, I quit MC22. Then at the status tray where there is an MC icon, I launched MC22. From hereon, I played MC22 and did not have the problem. What could be the issue here? and what can I do launch MC22 without having to exit and re-launch thereby making MC22 as the shell with no problems.
  10. So far so good. Thanks for the advise Phil. Regards, Joey
  11. Thanks Phil. Will look in the background library scan and see how it goes.
  12. Hi, Hi I am using AO 2.0 with Windows Server 2012 R2 and JRiver MC22. MC hangs intermittently. It either there will be no volume while you can see that it is still playing. Or, playing suddenly stops and you can see MC buffering and it does not play. When you stop it, it hangs and needs a reboot. My motherboard firmware is updated and I use MC for audio use only. I currently run on core mode. Hardware is CAPS v3 Zuma and Light Harmonic Geek Pulse Dac (DSD capable). Is there incompatibility between AO and JRiver MC? Please help. Thanks
  13. Just purchased AO 2.0 to upgrade my AO 1.4. While reading the manual for the upgrading procedure, following was stated: If a new version of the AudiophileOptimizer is released, run the new version of setup.exe over your current setup. What does it mean? Will setup.exe be run in a USB stick? Or will it be run in the music server folder where the old setup.exe is located? Please advise.