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  1. PPA v2 card use uPD720202 chip, but should works...
  2. @ristretto, Thanks for your suggestion... @Superdad, Thanks for the info...
  3. @Superdad, what amperes or power USB Regen uses when connected to a 5V LPS? Thanks
  4. @LHCommSquad, thanks a lot for your "reply"!!!
  5. @LHCommSquad, When will we start to get the rewards, from the Pulse campaign!? I already asked that in Facebook, few months ago, and until now I didn't get any reply!
  6. It doesn't work after disable driver signature enforcement. My driver is a Thesycon 3.26.
  7. Yes, my DAC show up in Device Manager. en-US. Already sent you an email...
  8. I did a fresh install and still have the same issue. I'm using a Windows Server 2016 Standard Core with updates until July. Could this be the issue? I can provide a TeamViewer connection...
  9. Hi, When I installed Windows 2016 Core, I forgot to format the partition. I will install it again, but now with a format. Thanks
  10. I'm try Windows 2016 Core with AO 2.20b5 and JPLAY, but after enable KS on AO, I can't see the Kernel Streaming option in JPLAY. What can I do?
  11. They doesn't seem to be dead... https://www.facebook.com/geekbylhlabs
  12. How can I get my previous Audio System page details?
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