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  1. I started the promotional free month yesterday. I am unable to launch the desktop app on either my mac mini or my macbook Pro. I have the latest version of Catalina on both. Downloads fine but when trying to launch I get the message "Unable to check application for malicious software. Please contact app developer" Anyone know if there is a work around for this? I can use the web player, but it's a bit glitchy. Thanks Neil M.
  2. I've been enjoying the music on my home system and have just now realized that I haven't really tried to upgrade it for about 5 or 6 years. I am thinking of looking into a better DAC than what I have now. I am currently using a Musical Fidelity V-DAC and a Musical Fidelity V-Link 192 spdif converter. I have not kept up with technological advances over recent years, so I was wondering what it might cost me to get a noticeable improvement over my current DAC and what you all would recommend I try out. I'd be interested in suggestions up to +- $750.00. Thanks for any help Neil M.
  3. Hmm, it appears that I am even more confused than I already thought I was, lol. The reality is that I like the JRiver interface, library view, etc. From the sound of things, I may be placing too much emphasis on this aspect of things. I certainly want gapless playback, a more robust, centralized storage system for my music and movies, etc. I felt that moving away from the Mac Mini would be the next sensible step and the Selekt offers several benefits, including a streamer, pre-amp, DAC and possibly amp in a one box solution. Whilst it may not be alone in providing these solutions, it also contains a phono input for my turntable with moving coil, which is very important to me. Being sensible, it sounds as though I need to investigate the software options for the Selekt and see what they actually are, rather than predicating a decision on +- $7000.00 purchase decision on $100 worth of software. I appreciate everyone's input. Neil M.
  4. I am planning on purchasing a Linn Selekt early next year and I want to connect to a QNAP NAS which I will also be purchasing. The NAS will be replacing a USB hard drive and the Selekt will be replacing my Mac Mini and my current MF DAC and the spdif converter or whatever it is. I want to continue using JRiver Media Center, as I have gotten used to it and I like what it does. Can someone help me understand how I implement JRiver into all of this and whereabouts it lies in the system, etc? Sorry if this seems really obvious to many of you, but my head is about to shrivel up. Thanks so much for any insight. Neil M.
  5. Thank you very much for your help. It is greatly appreciated! Neil M.
  6. Here's my set up. I have a 2014 Mac Mini as my main music server and player in my main system. I also have an older MacBook Pro which I take to work with me and use it's onboard music library rather than using the Mac Mini's library. Both of these set ups work well and do what I need them to do. I have an additional MacBook Pro and use this in different parts of the house, using the Mac Mini as the library and streaming music to the MBP. All 3 Macs are using identical versions of JRiver (19). The problem that I am having is this. All my music files are either FLAC or ALAC (M4A). On the Mac Mini, JRiver shows that whatever file is playing is M4A, which is correct. The older MBP shows it's own music files as playing M4A too. Perfect. However, when streaming music to the newer MBP from the Mac Mini, the M4A files playing show up as MP3's (In the JRiver "file path") Does anyone have any insight as to why this might be happening? I don't actually own any MP3 files and have never created any, so how are they being changed or seen by JRiver? I should point out that I have checked and double checked the original files on the Mac Mini and they are most definitely all FLAC or ALAC (M4A) Like I mentioned earlier, this might not be the right place for this question, but any assistance would be most appreciated. Thanks Neil M.
  7. Okay, got the JBL's and they're everything everyone said they are. I'm mightily impressed.
  8. I voted 75% subjectivist. When I have the means or interest to attempt an upgrade, I first identify the component I would like to upgrade. At this point I look to see what options exist in my chosen category of component. Next is as much reading and/or research as is reasonably possible to find reviews or user comments of an item. I use this procedure to at least narrow down the potential items. I consider both subjective and objective reviews and/or comments to reach this point. I then locate a vendor where I can audition components and make my final decision based upon my perception of what improvements I may or may not hear. I have neither the necessary technical equipment or time to perform any objective analysis of potential purchases so I go with what I do have, my perception. Sometimes I have made mistakes purchasing like this but for the most part I have been and remained happy with the choices I have made.
  9. I've owned several Wadia components and always found them to be top notch. I'm looking forward to seeing what this thing looks like and how much it is.
  10. My bad, I didn't realize I was supposed to contribute to resolving controversies in an AES article.
  11. Okay, I've decided to go for a pair of the JBL LSR305's and the mini phono-XLR cable mentioned by alexwgoody above. The quest now is to find the best price. I'm going to take some previous advice and include guitar stores in my search (I would never in a million years have thought of this). If anyone already knows where the best deal is to be found, let me know. Right now it's looking like $240.00 plus shipping for the pair. (plus the cable, of course)
  12. Thanks so much for the various suggestions. I had no idea there were even this many options. I definitely need something that is active as these will be used in an office at my place of work. Not a private or home office, per se, but an office which I have to myself but doesn't belong to me. Therefore, bringing in lots of gear isn't an option and taking these speakers with me at short notice is also attractive. I shall more closely investigate the JBL, Alesis M1 and Audioengine options. I really appreciate the fast and helpful response from all of you.
  13. I would like some advice regarding some speakers. Now I am not talking about anything esoteric, just something better than the kind of junk that is often shipped with a desk top PC. These would be for a computer at work and will be connected into the basic audio out jacks that are common on pretty much all PC's. I'd be interested in any options up to +- $200.00. Again these are just for the office and mainly for listening to Spotify while I'm at work. Fire at will.
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