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  1. Thanks, I believe the USB implementation in the Vega DAC is supposed to be quite good. So that confirms what I thought. I'll check out the AC Purifier.
  2. I own a Auralic Vega (original) and i use a ERC3 CD player and a Intel Nuc/Roon Rock for my digital. Is there any need for the ifi add-on products to my system, would you expect any of them to improve sound quality? I was considering the SPDIF Purifier for my CD player. There are a number of different ptoducts, Silencers, Defenders etc. Thanks for your advice.
  3. I am running Roon ROCK on an 8th Gen NUC and my DAC is the original Auralic Vega. I want to get an SOTM or Sonore (or other equal) I don't know what model to buy and don't want to waste money where it is not needed. Can anyone suggest an appropriate make/model for my set up? Thanks
  4. Thanks, I am currently running Roon on the Dell Laptop and i have been told that is a lousy way to run it. I am just wondering if a NUC sounds better. My Laptop has a touchscreen which I have been advised make the noise worse. However, I was running Femto on it and when I play in that mode it sounds very good. But I don't believe you can do Roon and Femto together.
  5. I currently use a Dell laptop with JPlay Femto and connect USB into my Auralic Vega DAC, I just started using a trial of Roon and love it. I am thinking of getting the Nucleus. Question is should I expect the Nucleus to provide better sound than a laptop? (Note I will not be using Sonore). My instinct tells me a stripped down Linux based device running only the necessary process for audio would sound better but I am also reading that the SQ is not dictated by the Nucleus. Your experience/advice is appreciated.
  6. I love the way Femto sounds (or doesn't sound) Although I have connectivity issues I eventually will resolve it. One this I would love to see is if I could use Roon with it.
  7. I currently am running a dell laptop with JPlat Femto. Sounds excellent to my ears. I am thinking of getting Roon. Will that improve the SQ of my system?
  8. I use JPLay Femto and use an IOS app like FiData. I plan on getting Roon shortly. I just read the user guide and I believe there is a lot of stuff not applicable to me. For example 1) it says to download Foobar. Do I need to? 2) Set to Wasapi. Femto recommends Kernal Streaming 3) an instructions specific to my setup? Thanks
  9. HI

    I have a few questions but first about my system:

    WD NAS---->Lumin---->Auralic DAC

    External HDD---->Dell Laptop w/Jplay Femto---->USB Auralic DAC


    I find playing files locally from HDD (as opposed from the NAS) sound better. Am I imagining this? lol! does that  make sense?

    I would like to keep a computer with JPlay but need to improve it a bit. You see the sound is a little bright, a little edgy.


    My questions:

    How much is my Dell Touch screen Laptop contributing to this? Should I get a small factor dedicated windows 10 machine?

    Should I keep the laptop and just add Fidelizer Pro, how much of the grunge will Fidelizer help with?

    Also I am not computer savvy, so I am looking to make sure that all parts play together nicely.


    Thanks, Jim

    1. jimbones


      Note: The laptop is not multi-purpose it is dedicated so i can do what ever is needed to make it better.


    2. Windows X

      Windows X

      Hi. Technically local storage has lower latency and better performance than networked storage. My friend often told me playing from NAS is better but he was surprised when he tested his server and NAS in my room to find local storage sounding better. I think it also have something to do with system optimizations too.


      If you find JPLAY sounding a bit edgy, you may try Fidelizer software and see if that helps. Changing JPLAY engie from KS/UltraStream to ASIO/Classic or WASAPI/Classic can also help too. If you're serious about sound quality from computer audio, you may consider Nimitra server which is the most analogue sounding server with performance that made raved reviews and lots of awards worldwide.


      Nimitra also comes with remote tech support that I can provide my services from my mobile phone and works immediately as plug and play device. It's a perfect device with easiest way to use without dealing with technical aspects. It also has 30-day money back guarantee too. :)




  10. My current digital front end is as follows WD NAS to Lumin D1/linear PS to Auralic DAC External HDD to Dell Laptop running JPlay Femto to Auralic I compare the 2 and the JPLay is very good just a bit bright and edgy but otherwise it sounds like it has the potential to sound better than the Lumin. I keep the lumin for streaming Qobuz. I am thinking of buying a small dedicated Win 10 server getting rid of laptop. Or do I just get rid of both and get a higher end streamer? I find that the file played locally from HDD have potential to sound better than the NAS. Also I have some 32/384 that SPDIF doesnot support so I have to use USB. Suggestions??
  11. I think I can I will try that. I was wondering if there was a computer like unit and I see there is a sonic transporter. But I will try and see if it sounds as good as JPlay (when it works which is not often)
  12. OK so I am finally giving up on computer audio and JPlay. I am technology challenged. I have compared playing files from a NAS vs playing files from a HDD and I find that the same files played locally sound better. So, I would like to buy a device that allows me to plug in my HDD (or has its own) and I can control from a ipad. Can you suggest some good sounding units that are plug n play without needing a MSCS?
  13. great, thank you for your reply. Seems like it still competes even if there are better DACs.
  14. Considering all the new digital products today, does the Vega still hold it's own against newer competition? It can be had on the used market for reasonable prices and was wondering if it is something one should consider if looking to purchase a DAC in the$1500 price range.
  15. Yes, I was surprised since the PS Audio is 3x the price of the Burson. It holds its own. Like Bones said, it was more of a "flavor" difference. Detail imaging were about the same. Thanks
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