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  • Musica Pristina A Cappella III Reviews

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    Manufacturer: Musica Pristina
    Model: A Cappella III
    Price $: 3995

    A Cappella III
    Musica Pristina's roots are firmly planted as computer audio pioneers. Their purpose is to connect people with a breathtaking musical experience in their home. One where selecting what to play is nearly as enjoyable as listening to it.


    They started building music servers with computer parts, Windows, and linear power supplies ages ago. Today, they use top-of-the-line digital circuitry and cutting-edge clocks.


    The A Cappella III is a third-generation network player. It's built with an oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) to deliver PRaT. I2S output for interfacing in “native audio” with many high-end DACs. Several other outputs, including AES/EBU and Galvanically Isolated USB.


    Manufacturer's product page: A Cappella III - Network Player / Streamer - Musica Pristina

    User Feedback


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    Owned the A Capella II, was so please with the purchase ( after auditioning other units before purchasing ) that I upgraded to the A Capella III. Check out Audio Analyst episode 39 on YouTube to view it “in action” in my system. Highly recommended. 

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    After several iterations, I have settled on the Musica Pristina A Capella III streamer. I'm a long-time analog bigot, but the AC III has nearly caused the gap to close for me.  I have a PS Audio DAC connected to the AC III via an Audioquest Dragon HDMI cable.  Speakers are Vandersteen  Mk 7 II powered by Vandersteen M7-HPA amps with an Ayre KX-R 20 preamp.


    Since installing the AC-III I have found myself listening almost exclusively to streamed music via  Roon and Qobuz--almost heresy for me until recently.  The soundstage depth coupled with crisp attack/decay produces a magic, holographic sound that glues me to my listening position. Kevin Welch, the designer, has knocked it out of the park, in my opinion.


    But I'm not a reviewer, so I would point anyone interested to the website and take a particular look at the 'Design Principles' tab.  I think you will be impressed with Kevin's approach.  And if you have questions, you can actually speak with him directly.  But beware, if you do this little research, you may well end up a customer!  


    Oh, and if you are already a Roon lifetime customer, Kevin will deduct the cost of that from the price as it is included.


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    WOW!!! About a month into using the Musica Pristina A Cappella III and I am simply delighted at the improvement in sound quality this has brought to my system. It has bumped up my system a couple of notches from using a Bluesound Node 2i. Maybe the best $ I spent on my audio gear. Now I understand why audiophiles say that the source is critical to sound quality. 


    I use this with the I2S connection on my Denafrips Pontus DAC. I run a Fisher 500C with Cornwall IV speakers. It just sounds wonderful. Very natural, detailed, analogue, open sound with no noise.  


    Kevin, the owner, was super helpful in helping me get the unit up and running and was/is always available to answer questions. These units are clearly a labor of love for him and it shows in the quality of product. 


    Obviously, I am very happy with my purchase : )


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    I recently purchased the Musica Pristina A Cappella III music streamer to use with my PS Audio Directstream DAC. I wanted to leave my impressions after a month or so of use.  I had searched for some time for a streamer and Roon endpoint that supported i2s which the A Cappella does. Another benefit with the A Cappella is the modular nature of the hardware and the upgradeability of its operating system.  I communicated with Kevin Welsh, the developer, before and after the A Cappella arrived.  Kevin is a super nice guy who patiently spent time walking me through setup and answering  my questions. I could tell he really believes in his product, and genuinely cares that his customers are fully satisfied. You're not going to get this level of access and help from other companies. 
    I have the silver model with galvanically isolated usb and i2s options. The A Cappella case really looks great and is solidly and well built.  The streamer works perfectly in Roon, and you have the option to make some configuration changes by connecting to Cambio via Roon.
    The first thing I noticed when listening with the A Cappella in the system was the drop in noise floor, the opening up of the soundstage and more accurate imaging. The presentation of the A Cappella is very musical and effortless, and vocals and instruments just sounded right. I've been astonished at the refinement and improvements that the A Cappella brought to my system. It's an extremely capable and high quality streamer, and I'm totally satisfied with my purchase. I highly recommend the A Cappella III.  
    One last note.  I upgraded the Directstream DAC's firmware to Sunlight version a few days ago.  The combination of the A Cappella and the new firmware has been outstanding.   The music is exquisite, with a more expansive soundstage and pin point imaging.  The Directstream DAC has never sounded better.  I've been flabbergasted and gobsmacked at the level of improvement the new firmware and A Cappella have made.
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