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    Manufacturer: Schiit Audio
    Model: Jotunheim R
    Price $: 799

    Do you have Raal/Requisite headphones? Do you want to ditch the speaker amp and interface box for something smaller and simpler? Do you want a true one-box solution you can carry with you wherever you go? Then you want Jotunheim R—the only direct-drive ribbon headphone amp on the planet. 

    Designed Especially for Raal/Requisite Headphones

    Let’s be clear. If you have other kinds of headphones, this amp isn’t for you. This amp was designed for one kind of headphones only: the Raal/Requisite ribbon headphones. Delivering up to 13A (amps…yes, amps) per channel into the Raal’s extremely low impedance load, and including the baffle compensation needed for the SR1a, the Jotunheim R is completely unique. It means you can leave your speaker amp behind, forget the Raal/Requisite interface box, and, if you buy it with the optional True Multibit™ DAC, you have a one-box system that’s easily transportable.


    Configure To Your Needs

    Select Jotunheim R as “just an amp,” or add an internal or external DAC to tailor the system to your needs.

    No DAC. If you already have a DAC, or don’t need one, choose Jotunheim R without a DAC module or external DAC, for $799. 

    True Multibit DAC module (internal). Choose the optional Multibit DAC Module to get Schiit’s unique digital filter and multibit DAC architecture, for $200 more.

    Bifrost 2 DAC (external). Or choose the all-new, modular Bifrost 2 DAC for even higher performance, for $600 more. 

    Flexibility and Convenience 

    Jotunheim R provides switchable baffle compensation, to ensure compatibility with future ribbon headphone models, as well as switchable passive preamp outputs, and both balanced and single-ended inputs. No power bricks or external power supplies are required; it plugs straight into the wall for maximum convenience.


    Unique Nexus™ Discrete Gain Stage with Ultra-High-Current Output

    Jotunheim uses our unique Nexus™ gain stage that debuted on the flagship Ragnarok 2 integrated amplifier. This inherently balanced, differential, current feedback topology accepts both balanced and single-ended input without the need for splitters and summers. 




    Manufacturer's product page:  https://www.schiit.com/products/jotunheim-r

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    A tremendous value delivering great sound quality for less than the sales tax on traditional amps. Here's my full review: 



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