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Anyone using Tuneup?


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Anyone using Tuneup?


Recently released for MAC OS X (Intel only for now), this looks like a great timesaver for those of you who may want to add files to your iTunes library but NOT import them (in iTunes).


The program will go through your library and update your music's metadata, so, if you want to rip in another program (e.g. for chasing ghosts, or upsampling, or just so you can get in on all the tweakiness that your XP/Vista brethren get to wallow in), don't worry about losing metadata, just add it later ... at the click of a mouse.




caveat emptor,

this is a 'for-fee' application after 500 tracks have been updated.






PS, as for 'chasing ghosts', it's been said that copying AIFF files direct to hard drive sounds 'better' than importing within iTunes - this from an early proponent of Amarra - Vincent of VRS Audio Solutions

PPS, presumably for those with very high resolution systems. :)




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yes, I did try it last night before my post - it worked quickly for the handful of songs for which I had only track info (due to ripping Trinity Sessions Revisited via Wave Editor).


Just tried it again now with indie songs that my daughter gave me (burned on CD-ROM) as part of a holy-daze music-sharing ritual. As you may know, home-made dupes easily elude Gracenote CDDB even when using iTunes. In this instance, Tuneup got 10 out of 11 songs on the 'burned' CD (out of 13 on the original 'bonus tracks' CD release).


It also was successful with 26 songs (burned to a single CD) that comprised two separate releases by the New Amsterdams (indie pop, it says), but came up short on two 'orphaned' Ben Harper songs - by orphaned, I mean, there were only the two songs being analyzed - perhaps Tuneup is more successful if it has all of the material on a release (as you may know, this is how Gracenote works - it uses track numbers and track lengths as CD sonic signature).


BTW, Chris, I am a BIG fan of your moderation style.

For example, in your comment about my 'sarcasm', you've both noted that there is a place for a sense of humour here AND you've pointed out the sarcasm so that it not be taken too seriously by those who might take easy offense. And, of course, I made the mental note to avoid excessive sarcasm, in the future.







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