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Resolution Audio Opus 21 Vs Weiss DAC2

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  • 10 months later...

Wow some comments 10 months later..lol!

Ok I used my iMac into the Opus21 via a Hag USB adapter and later using the optical output of the iMac and using a optical/coax converter...happy to report the mac into the Opus 21 sounded a tiny bit better imho than the transport...certainly not worse..the opus21 is a great flexible player...cd player/dac and pre all at the same time! anyway that started the ball rolling on my CA travels...


I ordered the Weiss Blind and have to say it blows the opus21 out of the water by a long long margin...the opus21 has a charm of its own and if i wanted a CD player I would go back to it as I owned 2 along with an Esoteric X03 and dCS P8i....it works great with valves and above all else sounds natural unlike the X03 and dCS...the Weiss competes with the best of em regarding transparency but retains the natural and real perfromance without the exagerated picture I think the X03 gives....


The rest as they say is history....


System is now Mac Mini/Amarra/Weiss DAC2


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