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MAC Audio Midi Set-up

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Sorry if this is me being thick but when changing the midi settings to 64000.0Hz and 24 bit its fin ebut I cant get any output with any music from itunes above this i.e. 88200 or 96000.


I'm using the digital out of the iMAC into a cheap optical/coax convertor into my Resolution Audio Opus 21. Am I missing something?




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I'm new to this site, but I've been using a Mac Mini / external HD's as a music server for a couple of months. I've been looking into the best way to configure the Mac / iTunes for optimal sound quality and I read that I should try setting the digital output to 24bit/96KHz. All is well until I set the output to 96KHz, in which case I get no sound. The prepro I use (Classe SSP-800) is supposed to accept 96KHz via toslink, but the unit has had other bugs related to digital signals. I don't know how to troubleshoot if this is a problem with the Mac or my Pre/Pro. Any suggestions?


Great site BTW. Many good, level-head audiophiles here. ;-)


Cheers,[br] - Tim

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I set all mine to 24/96 as soon as I heard you could do it and it all worked immediately, I have three Apple Computers, so I'm sure Chris is right and that whatever you're plugging into doesn't support the higher sample rate.


I'd set it to 16/44, make sure it's okay and not worry, because I'm pretty sure you won't hear an advantage if you could switch to 24/96. There are some technical benefits, but bearing in mind the source material and much more serious flaws in other parts of the system, it's got to be insignificant.


When we designed our last DAC, we up-sampled to 24/96 because it gave us the best analogue filter design, however we did try 192 and decided against it because the DAC runs hotter and draws more current! In our opinion changing a 24 Bit file to 16/44, as iTunes does when it streams to an Airport Express, doesn't make an audible difference and if you think about it, it probably wouldn't.


It seems to us that Audiophiles worry so much about the minutae (which is what we and other manufacturers must do) that it might spoil the pleasure of listening to music. The things that you should concentrate on being rid of in hi fi are boomy bass, spitting treble and congestion in loud music because they do spoil things. As Tim Farney (the Wise One!) has said, the differences between most DACs are quite small now, you just have to make sure you don't get a lemon.


Just my thoughts.




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I don't think so because it literally is only a change of socket. On the ADM9.1s, if someone wants a coaxial socket we take out the optical one and pop in a coaxial. Otherwise there is no difference. We do tend to encourage them to use Optical though because it's so much more flexible, almost everything uses it now.




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