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Editing FLAC files?

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I've recently purchased a Sonore Server (fabulous, btw), which I'm running off my IPAD, with MPAd installed. I've pretty much figured out how to change album cover art via the FLAC folder on my macbook, but in one instance, no matter how many times I change the extension to the picture I've imported into the FLAC file (Vortexbox uses the extensions "cover.jpg" and "folder.jpg"), the same album artwork now appears in six different albums. The common denominator among these albums is that the ripper sees them as "unknown," (they are homemade CD's or compilations burned years ago). I've tried going in and renaming the albums using what seems to be the proper format, but they repeatedly show up as unknown, and with the same imported artwork, regardless of how many times I change it. Any thoughts? the Vortexbox forum could very well be helpful, except those guys seem to have Linux degrees I can never hope to attain. I'd really just like to know how to rename and rephoto unknown albums so the same imported cover art doesn't show up for six totally different rips.




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