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Screwed up Metadata WMP!!


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I have been fighting wav metadata for a year. I screwed up and ripped 500 cds into wav through Windows Media Player. I know that was a huge error on my part...now! I ripped everyting from my everyday laptop, into an Exteral hard drive. It worked fine with 98% automatic album art/info. But often the albums get all screwed up with no artwork, zillions of Unknown Albums, and messed up tracks. I have managed to get the metadata back and everything looks good, but I am not sure what I did to "fix" the info. I have the basic questions:


1 I now understand that when my original ripping system crashes, I can not transport the metadata and albums to a new computer. I will have to re rip everyting ( in a different lossless file format). When that happens I will use dBPoweramp or JRiver.

AM I still correct on this....or has someone got a program that will take my ExtHDrive and tag everthing?


2. I want to just listen to my music on my original ripping machine, using WMP11, but need to get the artwork and unkown albums put back in order.. How can I do this. Or will someone's third party software do this for me.


Right now I am just playing a backup harddrive through my PlayStation3 and VDAC, at leastit displays the albums and song names to play....but no genre, album art etc.




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