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Which Front End?

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It took me about 45 minutes to have everything hooked up and installed. I am glad to say that wide wire mode on AES16 works like a charm with D-05 dual XLR mode. Right now, I have the AES16 upsamples everything to 24/176 and have the D-05 output clock at 176 to AES16. So far so good. D-05 convert everything to DSD for now.

I'll keep this parameter for awhile and enjoy myself before experimenting with sample rate, etc etc :)


However, using Lynx cable is a bit of a let down as I am so use to the garden hose variety of cables that I use pretty much everywhere else in the stereo system :)




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Mike, I believe only the SRC version can upsample.


"Sample Rate Conversion

Eight channels available with support for conversion ratios up to 8:1

Dynamic range: 142 dB

Multiple-input SRC phase matching

Available on AES16-SRC model only "


See the spec sheet from Lynx studio site:



Maybe someone with AES16 or AES16 XLR version can confirm!




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I ordered a D05 as well and want to connect it to my server via the Lynx card. Can you tell me what cable interface you used to connect the dual XLRs and the clock input from the D05? I see some Dpin thing for the Lynx, but how does this work? Does it have everything to hook it up or do I need something else?


My D05 will be about 35 feet from the server with the PCI card on it, so I am looking for best connection.


Thank you


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Lynx has a CBL-AES1604 cable which has DSUB/HD26 on one end and XLR/BNC on the other end. However it is only 6 ft long.


Basically, you can connect either single XLR or dual XLR from Lynx to D-05. I have been using dual XLR mode to connect at 176 kHz (wide wire mode on Lynx) but just found out accidentally a couple of days ago that D-05 can accept 176kHz with single XLR as well.

Clock output from D-05 go to Lynx via BNC cable.


Your biggest problem is going to be the 35 ft distance. I am not even sure if it is a good idea to have digital cable that long. You can custom order cable for your lynx to D-05 at www.redco.com if you really need 35 ft cable.

Is there a way to move your server closer to D-05. In my room, I have the computer next to my stereo and I run 10M HDMI cable under my carpet to the monitor next to my couch with 2.4Ghz wireless keyboard/mouse.


By the way, I am using AES16-SRC version which can upsample 16/44.1 and 24/88 to 24/176 so I have my D-05 clock output set at 176 kHz and output everything from my Lynx at 176 KHz. This way, I don't have to keep manually adjusting clock output on D-05 everytime I switch from playing 16/44 to 24/88 or 24/176 tracks and wait for everything to relock again.


Hope this helps.





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Thanks....I mya start by getting the standard cable from lynx and just put the server in the main room. the real issue I have is the server (when I get it) I am assuming will make a ton of noise....so I wanted to get it out of there.


knowing what you know now would you do the dual XLRs or just one?


If using duals, how do you know which cable coming off the lynx left or right? Or does it not matter?


If using single, which input on the D05 should it go into?


Thanks again......also looking at the RME sound card someone else recommended......


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I really have no problem with noise from my computer. I sit about 9-10ft away from my speakers. I picked a computer case that uses large fan and heatsink on CPU with large quiet fan to minimize the noise. When the music is playing, I can't hear the computer at all. I only just recently discovered the single XLR option a couple of days ago and have not had time to really sit down and make a comparison.

However, I did order some custom made cable, both dual XLR and single XLR so I hope to be able to make some comparison soon.

For single XLR, using either XLR1 or XLR2 on D-05 should not make a difference.

For dual XLR I use output 1 and 2 from Lynx into XLR1 and XLR2 accordingly.


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I looked at the back of the D-05 online and there is no indication how to connect dual wire in terms of whic cable from the Lynx breakout cable. My guess is to use Lynx output 1 for the left channel and 2 for the right channel (or vice-versa) and obviously the BNC for wordclock. Esoteric doesn't offer a Manual free of charge online :~(




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The rear of D-05 should have 2 XLR input labeled 1 and 2. Just connect 2 XLR from breakout cable ( channel 1 and 2). Then from the input selection on the front panel of D-05, you can select XLR1, XLR2, dual, RCA, iLink or optic. Then the menu button, keep pressing the button until you get to clock option, then you can select clock in, clock out, pLL mode etc, if select clock out, then it will let you select the frquency. When in pLL mode, you get this little green light, if in clock out mode, you get a nice blue light instead when everything is in sync!


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What software are you going to use for music playback?

I am using mediamonkey and prefer waveout over asio .67 something

that mediamonkey has in its plugin option.

Asio has a bit more midrange emphasis in my system, nice on certain vocal

album but could bit a bit too glaring on some less than great recording.

waveout plugin (came with mediamonkey) is a bit more neutral, a bit more low

level detail over all.

I also have some occasional clicking noise when using asio which is not too bad

most of time but when playing 24/8 or 24/176 tracks, I get a bit more clicking as well as stutter with

asio as well. Changing all kinds of setting in configuration

menu of asio helped reduce some of the problems but did not get

rid off it completely. No problem whatsoever with waveout though.


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Great question on the software to use. I am totally confused on what I should use. My biggest thing is remote control, I dont want a monitor or keyboard so I have been looking at an iPOD touch or Squeeze product. I had plans on using Squeezecenter and softsqueeze. I planned on running softsqueeze so I can use the PCI card and squeezecenter so I could use a squeezebox for another room or two. It would all be controlled by their slick controller, but I am not sure if it will work the way I envision it.


But I am concerned the fidelity may not be best with Squeeze softare.......so I looked at Media Monkey and j River......and possibly using an iPOD touch for the client.....but now heard there is no browing capability for the iPOD touch......only play lists...? I dont know.


Any suggestions are welcome.


Also for ripping, did u rip using EAC or Media Monkey?




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Hmmm.. I am not familiar enough with Squeeze product so I could not help you there. There are a number of music servers coming out now that should fit your criteria such as Arcam, PS Audio, Linn etc but at a price.

Alternatively, would you consider touch screen instead on handheld remote, at least for your main listening room? I was thinking of going touch screen route initially but here in Thailand, touch screen is rather expensive and only smaller size are available. Then you can have an almost home made version of Sooloos music server!


I use mediamonkey for everything from ripping, tagging to playback. I tried EAC but gave up on it. Frankly, I am not sure if I could hear significant differences. In mediamonkey, there is an option to use jitter reduction and make MM go over things more carefully but at a cost of speed. So far, I have over 20,000 tracks in my music server and I am not done with ripping all my CDs yet. Using EAC for these many tracks and going through all the tedious steps would be too painful for me.




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Thanks Suteetat, I am trying to replace my beloved Esoteric X03SE player with a PC setup so I am looking for utmost best fidelity. Which is why I considered building my own server with the Lynx card. If I can get the same quality out of a server/D05 setup as my X03, I will be happy.


I also looked at stuff like the Olive servers (www.olive.us) . They do everything I want, but I am not convinced their digital output sound quality will equal the Lynx card with clock input from the D05. If someone can prove me wrong, I will jump fast on that Olive machine.


PS AUdio will not be making a server, they are only making a DAC and transport made to hook up to a NAS. I appreciate all your help, since I will most likely do a similar setup as you I appreciate it. (My D05 comes today!)


As far as remotes, I confirmed with Squeeze that I can use their remote (approx $300) to control their software remotely with cover art etc. I will also be able to use the same remote to control other rooms. SO basically, squeeze will also do exactly what I want........assuming I lose no fidelity running their softsqueeze front end on the NAS........Softsqueeze will run out of the Lynx the way I want it to..


One last question on the cables, I order both the XLR dual outs and the clock cable on the same Dpin? I noticed the lynx cards have two dpin outs.....will redco.com know what I need? Thanks


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Redco should be able to figure out exactly what you need. When I ordered mine, I did mention using it with Lynx AES16 card. Just to be sure, I also sent them a link to AES16 manual.pdf on line and page number where there is a diagram of the cable/card configuration (the diagram really means nothing to me, hope they can make sense of it) but

they did not really say or ask anything else so I assume it is ok.


Hopefully Squeeze will work out for you.


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Just received cables from Redco today. Looks good, the wires are still quite thin in comparison to the usual audiophile garden hose variety :) No complain on the finish especially considering the cost.

I got the dual XLR with BNC connection. Each XLR was labeled but of course I made a mistake and reversed input one and two. Luckily Esoteric D-05 was smart enough to figure this out and gave me a little warning with L R flashing alternatively on the display. Pretty neat. Anyway, so there should be no confusion if you plug in the dual XLR incorrectly.


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Did you order dual AES plus a BNC clock cable? If so, can you advise the part number and cost?






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You can contact Chris directly at [email protected]

I just told him that I needed 6ft cable with HD26 at one end and dual XLR for channel 1 and 2 and BNC out for clock input to use with Lynx card.

He wrote back and suggested Mogami W3160 2 chanel AES cable and 75 ohm Ultra miniature HDTV coax VDM260 for BNC cable, Neutrik Gold XLR and gold contact BNC for termination. Total cost was $45. This is by far the cheapest cable in my system :)

One good thing, Lynx stock cable came with female BNC terminal which was a pain as D-05 also has female BNC terminal so I need another BNC cable to hook up between the two. Redco cable came terminated with male BNC so

I can just connect it directly to D-05 without using another cable.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, you decide) Redco does not carry those $100 a foot cable type things and no exotic Furutech terminals or the like. First time using it, the sound is a bit more forwarded, soundstage is not quite as wide as

the well broken in stocked Lynx cable, may be a touch rougher, I'll see how it sounds after a few days of frequent use.


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Hi Guys - Just a quick note, Mogami is pretty much what I've settled on as well. I've tried many others and the Mogami always came out on top.



Hi Guys - One major correction here! I misspoke when I said Mogami was the wire I am using. The wire I am using and the wire I decided worked best in a few different systems is the Gotham wire. I did many A/B tests of Mogami v. Gotham and it was Gotham every time. Your mileage may vary.


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What was your exact procedure for:


"... A/B tests ...".


How do you define that term?

I ask, because "A/B" tests have little to do with SPL equalized

and rapid switching essentials ( AB*X*) that scientifically verifiable

*audio* testing requires. No one has an audio 'memory'

of any consequence, this has been proven over and over again.

My former colleagues at very large US tel-co, showed me their

methods of documentation and conclusion. These were pursuits

not taken lightly, given the mega-bucks on the line.

Casual swapping of cables, with a significant time gap,

is not a test, in audio terms, any more than a bonfire might launch a NASA rocket. Not that there's anything wrong with bonfires.


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IMO some of these statements are nonsense and infuriating.


“No one has an audio 'memory' of any consequence, this has been proven over and over again”.


Whether an A/B test is conducted over seconds, minutes or hours, what blindfolded audiophile cannot discern the differences between Maggies and Avantgarde horns?


What – a musician or conductor has no audio memory of instruments?


What – there’s no point in swapping tubes in my custom amp because there’s no way I can remember what the previous set of tubes sounded like?


With statements like this what’s the point of arguing?


Uh oh, someone threw up already.



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... to spend some time on the intertubes -- actually

expending some time and effort, in doing some homework, to

ferret out history, rather than assuming you know it,

which many of you simply do not. If any of you want

to make up terms, acronyms, words, or repurpose them

freely to suit your arguments as we go along,

it's a free world. Just keep us up to speed with your loose

usage. Otherwise, those of us who assume a dictionary

has any value, will be lost in your creativity.



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That was not very nice of you to change your comment like that :)

Anyhow, I ordered 2 pairs of the cable and am using one right now. After breaking in, the sound is quite nice. A bit more forwarded still (which I like) and soundstage is getting bigger and sounded a bit richer.

I showed a 2nd pair to a local guy who does quite a bit of DIY, modifying and tinkling with audio stuffs. He suggested that he could try replacing Mogami wire with braided Audience AWG 21 OHNO wire and Furutech gold plated XLR, BNC (he was going for the Rhodium one but currently out of stock) and keep Redco coax for BNC since he could not find other 75ohm coax that would be small enough to fit in the HD26 plug with the Audience wire. Well, this will get to be a bit expensive very quickly but I should get my hand on these cables sometimes next week. Keep my finger cross.


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