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More Fleetwood Mac on HD Tracks Today

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Totally unrelated ...


I assume you know this from emails from HDTracks, right ?

If so, I noticed before that I get these emails later than others. So, at this time I don't have one yet. But I will tomorrow I assume.


You guys overthere are allowed to test for me eh ? haha, good.


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Typically yes, but not in this case. I usually get the emails from HD Tracks later in the evening on Thursday. I know they post new items on Thursdays so sometimes, like this time, I just go snoop around the website. This was listed under New On HD Tracks and I saw a couple of Jazz titles I thought were new from Coleman Hawkins and Freddie Hubbard also.


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But not holding my breath. None of the early stuff has even been remastered.


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when the Peter Green era stuff is available.


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