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Weiss Minerva software update

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We are releasing a new software version for the Weiss Minerva DAC. The software can be downloaded to the Minerva via the Firewire link.

New features are:

- Volume Control: In volume control mode the two rightmost switches are assigned to volume up / down control. The volume control is done in the digital domain and is zipper noise free. The switch in the middle becomes a 20dB dim switch.

- Insert Mode: This mode allows to insert any external digital audio device between the XLR AES out / AES in connectors of the Minerva. I.e. the signal path then looks like this:

Firewire or RCA or Toslink --> AES out (XLR) --> external unit --> AES in (XLR) --> DAC


Email me at [email protected] if you would like to get the update.






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Hi Daniel, as you may recall I've been asking and waiting for a built-in volume control, so this is really welcome, certainly because it also works in the DAC2!


I just have a few questions:


1) Is the 20 dB dim switch digital or analogue?

If it is analogue, that would be great because I need to attenuate -50 to -60 dB for a reasonable listening level from my active monitors, and to do that in the digital domain would mean losing quite a bit of bits ;-) in 24 bits recordings.


2) Is the digital volume control dithered?

You once mentioned that not all digital volume controls are created equal; could you elaborate a bit on how sophisticated this volume control is?


Thx! Vincent


VincentH, Pro Audio and Headphone enthousiast. Currently using Vista + Foobar + WASAPI bitperfect --> FireWire --> RME FireFace 400 DAC --> Vovox unshielded balanced XLR interconnects --> Focal Twin 6Be active monitors + Focal Sub6 active sub; Grado RA 1 + Grado RS 1; Etymotic ER-4P.

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