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Paradigm Mini Monitor V2

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I have an older pair of Paradigm Mini Monitor V2 speakers and one of the tweeters is damaged. I was going to have it replaced or repaired but was wondering if I should try and upgrade all of the speakers in the cabinet to something newer / better. Is this even possible or recommended and if so could someone point me in the right direction.


Thanks So Much




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... check whether you should replace the tweeters in both speakers. someone much more in the know than I once told me that if a tweeter goes both tweeters should be replaced.


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There is a lot more to it than just swapping drivers. I'd just replace it and sell them if you are looking for something different.



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It certainly is possible to use the cabinets as a starting point for a pair of DIY speakers. You´ll probably have to add a new front panel to fit the new drivers, but this will only strenghten the cabinet. While you´re at it you may want to add bitumen pads to the insides of the side panels to further reduce panel resonance. The following DIY pages will provide you with plenty of examples of high quality kits for cabinets of comparible size: http://www.humblehomemadehifi.com/download.html and http://www.zaphaudio.com/


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I doubt it is a unique tweeter. If it is try customer service to see if the factory can send you two replacements.

Tweeters failing is very common. A hot recording, oscillating amp, rfi, or other issue can cause one to fail. The internal wire used looks like 40 ga or smaller. Smaller than human hair. An ampere would vaporize it.

Do not spend too much on replacements. Fifty dollars buys a nice tweeter.






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I have repaired the tweeters in some Paradigm Studio 100 mk2's. The Australian distributer used to sell either (1) the aluminum cone with voice coil attached or (2) the whole tweeter. I just went for option 1. Not hard to do but you will need a small Allan key for the 3 screws that hold the tweeter together. The only other problem I had with the Paradigm tweeters was developing a rattle at certain frequencies. This was caused by the fero fluid drying out and forming a hard brown crust like stuff. Took the tweeter out undid the 3 allan key bolts, carefully cleaned the dried fluid out of the voice coil slot an all fixed with no problems for many years.


The new tweeter dome/voice coil from Paradigm was not too expensive. Because of the design of the Paradigm it would not be easy to fit a different tweeter.





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