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Problem with flac tagging in Jriver and Eac


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I have tried ripping to flac with jRiver and EAC. I haven't been able to get the tracks tagged automatically. I'm hoping there is a good free solution out there to rip bit perfect with the ease of auto tagging/album art. Is there a solution to make either of the above programs work? I was also consider Media Monkey. Does MM rip bit perfect in flac? What should I do? Thanks!


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Given the right settings, JRiver and EAC will retrieve tags. I know that JRiver can retrieve cover art. I don't remember whether EAC retrieves cover art.


For JRiver MC 16, in Tools/Options/CD, DVD & BD dialog,

under Rip Complete Options


check "Get Cover art from internet after ripping"


MC should be looking up tags in its online database. This fails if it can't connect to the online database. Some CDs may not be in the online tag database.


In older versions of EAC, you had to supply an email address to get it to retrieve tags from its online database. I have not used the current version.











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