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I've been playing lately with iTunes/iPad Remote and while It is really the most natural-like one so far, being used to JRiver on Splashtop, there are some quirks for me.


My preferred method has always been Artists folders, then to choose whatever artist album I feel like listening. Remote (or iTunes?) works differently than JRiver which I less like. You have to scroll down to see every albums where in JRiver you see all the covers already.


For example, my Björk artist folder has 84 different albums. That's a lot of scrolling to find whatever I want. Is there a way to change that? Options perhaps? Haven't seen any so far.


I know I am nitpicking here but still...






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I am using the 'remote' app and I like it. But I know what you mean ...

Why don't you use the search option in the top right corner? E.g. you want to listen to Bjork, sometimes you already know the name of the album. Search would help you!


Sometimes I really don't know what I want to listen to. Then I choose the album or the genre view.


Enjoy listening,



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I know about the search... but... you know... utter pure laziness...! Using the keyboard is so 2002!!!




Remember the scene in WALL-E where everyone in the spaceship is sitting glued to their screen fat and careless?




Remember not so long ago when we use to have to move our asses to change cd's EVERY TIME?!!?!?!




Remember LP's???


Double Outch!!!







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Wow, that is a lot of scrolling. Unfortunately there is no way to modify the Artist view or any other that I am aware of. I wish that the Remote view and function were a little more like Front Row.


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