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travagan bone amp


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Hi all


I have found this little portable amp for ipod and other mobile player. It is very small, a little bigger than the FIIO brand.


ANyone knows that if i want to connect this to the earphone ( not headphone ) will it be sufficient to drive and what kind of in ear specification should i be looking it to suit this amp. and will the amp damage the cheap earphone? what to look at then.



Here are the spec.

No volume control (designed to be used with DAP's phone-out)

Rechargeable Li-ion battery, 100mAH, 3.7V (last 12 ~18 months, replacement plan in future)

Operation over 24hrs in single charge (4hrs to full in first charge)

16ohms / 80mW max on each channels

10Hz~55KHz ; -/+ 1dB (32 ohms Loading)

Fixed gain of 2.5

Charged via mini-USB (w/ overcharge protection)

Switch on/off automatically when headphone is inserted/removed.

Four different colors: Green, red, gray, white.


Thank you u all




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