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When can we buy stock titles in 16/44?

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Is there any plans to be able to purchase “CD” quality music online for mass release. I’m think of itunes offering a better quality of downloadable option as opposed to the highly 128kbps versions available on mass. I’ve looked at the HD offerings from Linn/HD tracks etc but its not the music I would normally buy.


Why I cant I get native 16/44 from on-lines stores without buying the CD and then ripping it myself? Or am I missing something?



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its seems to be behind the times compared to how blueray has taken off etc? If anything we are going backwards?!! I'm not sure why someone like apple with the great thing that is itunes cant provide a basic 16/44.1 option..? So at the moment we're stuck with ripping cd's and HD music from Linn etc?


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