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Small, iPod-like device that can "serve" hi-res. music files without a monitor or keyboard

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I have a PURE I-20 device that has an iPod connector into it running out to two Audioengine 5+ powered speakers. My iPods apparently only support 24-bit sound up to a sampling rate of 48kHz. Yet, I have a few hi-res. albums I have bought that I would like to listen to without downsampling them.


Short of setting up a dedicated server, is there an extant self-contained device that can output to an iPod connection that can serve up to, say, 24-bit, 96kHz FLAC/ALAC files? If so, what is it?


It would seem to me that both Apple TV and a Mac Mini might do the trick, but I do not have space in the small bedroom for another monitor, so I need a monitor-less solution.


Thank you for any suggestions.


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You can use an app called FLAC-player and output 24/192 via camera connection/usb.




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Were I going to continue down a path creating a "hi-res." set-up, I would not let a $99 DAC/platform limit me... But I am no longer going down that path.


After a good bit of research over the past day or so, I am not convinced any recordings about 44/16 can be appreciated by human ears and am not a believer in the psycho-acoustic possibilities of 96/24 or higher.


I appreciate 24-bit use in recording stages, but I think it's basically snake oil. 44/16, when mastered properly, is all I need. As such, my $469 Audioengine A5+ speakers and iPod are all I need, even when fed a "lowly" properly ripped, 44/16 ALAC.




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