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HDtracks bogus 96/24 - email non-reply. Please advise.

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In Nov '10, I bought Frampton Comes Alive (FCA) from HDtracks, which was listed/marketed as “96kHz/24bit”.


It transpires HDtracks's FCA is actually 48kHz/24bit - Audacity proves it and, indeed, HDtracks now lists FCA as “48kHz/24bit”:



Last week, Nov 23, I emailed HDtracks customer support, clarifying (politely) the above. To date, no reply.


Does anyone have an alternative email for HDtracks, which does elicit the courtesy of a response - Chesky's, perhaps?




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I'd give it another try, give them an opportunity to give you the courtesy of a reply. They've done the right thing about the SRV album so, hopefully, they'll do right by you. It is really disappointing that they keep letting themselves down; from what I read on here and from personal experience I don't believe they set out to mislead, they just seem rather careless.


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Seems that emailing HDt direct is a complete waste of time.


However, contacting HDt via its webform provoked a response within 48hrs:


"If you are dissatisfied with the album please choose an alternate album from the site.


Let me know which album and I will load it into your account to be downloaded.







Worth noting that any reply email should also be sent via HDt's webform.


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