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Aiport Express Settings without Internet connected

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Hi I have contacted apple twice and they say it cant be done but i've read 2/3 times you can use the airport express to wireless stream at 16/44. I have internet but its a USB modem as I use it for work etc.


Can anyone confirm and even better give me some step by step instructions how to do this please? Its not ideal but for my ripped cd's wireless quality should be fine. Still waiting on that Weiss DAC2!


Thanks a lot




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Based on my actual experience, you can NOT 'create' a (wireless) network using an Airport Express without a physical 'network' (e.g., ethernet access to internet, or presumably a LAN) of some sort.


However, you CAN 'join' an existing network with an Airport Express WITHOUT needing a direct connection from the Airport Express to that 'network'.






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Sorry..I'll try and explain. i spoke to apple cupport who twice stated you cannot use airport express to connect to my existing iMac and use airtunes. I wanted to use this for my ripped collection. Problem is I use an internet connection which is connected vai USB direct to the back of the iMAC as this is a vodafone mobile device. In other words I dont have any landline or home broadband.


My thoughts were is it possible to connect the express and just create a wireless network between the iMAC and aiport express just to play music through. As clay states I think its a no go but have heard that its possible too.


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As I mentioned on the WigWam it is certainly possible.


When setting up the AEX click the option that says "I do not have a wireless network".


The AEX can then be set up as an access point that you can connect to.


You won't be able to connect to the internet through it unless you buy a modem, but you can certainly communicate between the iMac and AEX to send music.


This is a method I use if ever I take my AEX and speakers to a friends house: the AEX is effectively my "router" and the iTouch and laptop connect to it.


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As long as your iTouch is connected to the same LAN as your computer with iTunes is, then you can use it to control the music.


Obviously you won't be able to use the Touch for web-browsing, email etc.


An alternative to all of this would be to setup an ad-hoc network with your iMac and share the internet connection. I think speed is limited though - at least it is when I've done it before with my XP computers.




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I don't doubt that it can work as described above. Early versions of documentation refer to use of Airport Setup Assistant for doing exactly as is described and I can recall doing this myself in a vacation house years ago.


BUT it's sure not obvious HOW to set it up.


I just re-initialized a spare AE (802.11G variety) and used the 'assist' features built in to Airport Utility to try the setup.


Perhaps it was because I have an Airport network already up and running (multiple networks, actually), BUT, I was given the option of either joining an existing network or connecting via ethernet, but NOT setting something up SANS network.


I did NOT want to shut down all of my networks just to see if their existence was the reason for NOT being given a choice, but perhaps it is.


Try the Apple Support Forums.


good luck,




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