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Solved - - - Weiss Minerva and 64-bit Vista?

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Hi all,


New to this forum, kind of anyway.. haven't posted anything since now.

I got an Minerva this weekend for evaluation and got some trouble since I (stupendously listened to my friend.. ) and installed Vista 64-bit sp1 on the audio computer. It seems that 64-bit drivers only are in beta but is there a way for me to get a hold of the betas or do I miss out some detail?


I am really curious about the Minerva which I planned to evaluate very thorough. I'm sitting with 3 dac converters and a second firewire soundcard that I'll throw interface conversion comparison on and a couple of friends on the way to join in on the digital end of anal hifi'ism %-)

What do I do??




I took one of my other computers with 32-bit OS and installed the Weiss drivers..

Not my first choice but a rather good audio computer it proved to be :)


Now I have some interesting notes on Minerva da converter I'll share

with you.

I'll put in a new post called "Weiss Minerva da converter measured and weighted!"




AshTray [br]aka Jacob (Sweden)[br]Dedicated tech lover with deep roots into music..[br]All into the low power triodes right now, if half a watt would do the trick I\'ll be there..

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