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Le Noise (DVD) Neil Young

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Neil Young is Warner Brothers right?


I just went through my DVD-A collection to rip all the 2.0 streams for portable listening.


EVERY Warner Brothers album I looked at - all of which claim to be 24/96 - gave me similar results. Specifically, the albums I looked at were:


R.E.M. - Automatic for the People

R.E.M. - Monster

The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin

The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Talking Heads - Remain in Light

Talking Heads - More Songs about Buildings and Food


Anyone have knowledge of other WB recordings? I'm really bummed out by this.




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You got some bad ones. Some good Warner (Rhino) DVD-As off the top of my head:


American Beauty Grateful Dead

Workingman's Dead Grateful Dead

Harvest Neil Young

On the Beach Neil Young

Homecoming America

If Only I Could Remember My Name David Crosby (Haven't heard this one myself yet, but supposed to be good)



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