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Quick question re. ASIO latency....


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....as I understand ASIO latency shouldnt really matter what it is (high or low) if you are using it purely for 2 channel audio output (music listening)?


2ms/4ms/20ms shouldnt make any difference in plain usage. If though you are using it for audio in and out in real time (recording etc.) then low latency is very important.


Is that basically correct?


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For listening to 2 channel according to some (see the Cplay thread at Audio Asylum) very important; the lower the better. Well below 2ms is even desired. Some sound cards will go down to 32 samples which gives a latency in the .7 range.

The latency achieved depends greatly on the interaction of the player used and the drivers for the sound card or i/o device.


In my system using the native drivers for my Firewire i/o and Cmp/Cplay music player I have not been able get below 128 samples and a latency of 1.7ms at 44.1 khz. 256samples 2.7ms at 96 khz. Using ASIO4all I can go down to 64 samples at 44.1 Khz. (ASIO4all limited to 48Khz) Up sampled 96Khz sounds best in my system so I stick with the native drivers.


I haven't done much comparison probably best to just set the latency as low as possible without drop outs, distortion or pops and clicks. I doubt that higher the better in this case.


Hope this helps.


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