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Buy used 2010 Mac Mini or new 2011 w/Lion?


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I had a similar question and have posted the following on Audiogon but have yet to have any responses.


I know there have been threads that sort of touch on this but not exactly as far as I can tell. I found a response from Darrell from Mach2Music on a previous thread that stated


"1) 2011 Mac Mini > 2010 Mac Mini

2) Stock Snow Leopard > Stock Lion"


So it sounds like the best option would be a 2011 mini with snow leopard. However, as far as I know you can only put snow leopard on a 2011 Mini if you already have a mac. I don't have access to another mac so I am wondering given the choice between a refurbished 2011 mac mini with lion or a refurbished 2010 mac mini with snow leopard which would people suggest I purchase.




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